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  1. It happen in 2003 against York City Knights.
  2. KISS

    play off dates & knights tv

    Having a Knights TV channel could have an adverse effect on attendances why would the fair weather fan pay to watch the game when he/she can stay at home and watch the game on the internet.
  3. KISS

    Sean McVean

    Some more Australians Peter Fitzgerald scored a hat trick of tries three games in a row and Steve Bleakley good loose forward nick named "Blankets" . I remember Gary Hambly who played 4 games in 1983 before going sled riding in the Artic used to wear tights to keep warm.
  4. KISS

    match day

  5. KISS

    What's happened to
  6. KISS

    Dual reg
  7. KISS

    Record Breakers

    World record 144 points in a game York City Knights 144 West Wales Raiders 0 29th April 2018 Previous Huddersfield 142 v Blackpool Gladiators 4 (Regal Trophy) - 26 November 1994
  8. York is a city with a population of over 198,000. Two Universities with a student population of 21,000. 7 million tourists a year. 3 Radio Stations a local TV station and a Daily Newspaper. A new leisure complex is currently being built on the site of Huntington Stadium which will include a stadium for both York City Knights and York City FC at a cost of over £40 million Not bad for a small town.
  9. KISS

    Newcastle Away

    An hours drive in York is Acomb to Huntington !!
  10. KISS

    One Club Men

    Scott Yeaman played for York
  11. KISS

    Fordy take 2
  13. KISS

    Front Page News