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  1. Jamie Ellis and Liam Harris could be a very exciting combination just what the Knights need.
  2. I suspect that there is an ulterior motive for not disclosing the figures.
  3. Corey Hall is not in the Rhinos' squad for their game tonight. Hope he is available to us.
  4. Adam Quinlan (shoulder surgery) and Jordon Abdull (broken thumb) both out for Hull KR so I think Mikey Lewis may not be back with us for quite a while,
  5. I really thought that Jon Flatman would have had this sorted out by now. This Stadium Management Company are not only costing the Knights financially they are losing the patience and loyalty of the paying fans by their complete incompetence!
  6. The York City Knights website is a complete shambles. It is an absolute disgrace to the club and the way they have treated season ticket holders and all other York fans will only bring shame onto all the hard work that has been done by the Knights Staff.
  7. Sheffield Eagles very quick in reimbursing ticket sales much to their credit. Hope this is a postponement and doesn't get to be cancelled altogether.
  8. I rang the Doncaster booking office yesterday to try and buy a ticket for the Doncaster v Hunslet game and the Sheffield v York game as I was a York supporter, the lady told me in no uncertain terms if I wanted to watch Sheffield v York then I should buy a ticket from the Sheffield site, so I did but still not sure if this covers both games
  9. Does anyone know if the game is going to be televised for us unlucky fans who are unable to go to Wembley?
  10. Please can anyone tell me if or when the 2021 Fantasy league will begin?
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