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  1. Some clubs offer a reduced renewal price to existing season ticket holders, has this not been considered to encourage faithful York supporters. My premier concession membership for this season was £244, for 2023 they are charging £310. That is a massive increase of over 21% Not acceptable!
  2. Not very convincing but a win never the less.
  3. Just a question, why is it that some clubs ie Leigh, Halifax, London have so few of their supporters contributing on this forum when other clubs like Fev, Dewsbury, Workington, York, Batley have so may more. Leigh, top of the table 9 posts. Workington, bottom of the table 74,000 posts. Why is that?
  4. How come 5 offences meriting bans and not a single card shown?
  5. Mikey Lewis was the best half back we had, albeit on loan, but Fordy played him at full back!
  6. The analogy relating to Ellis being like an American football kicker but contributing little on the field really made me laugh but, unfortunately, is oh so true.
  7. Agree O'Hagan was the best of the three but yet again in so many games this season our half backs have been second best. Jamie Ellis should be having much more of an impact in games but it just isn't happening.
  8. Good idea, could work well.
  9. Good point By Nige Arro about opposing half backs pulling us to pieces as happened against Barrow. Halifax next with Keyes and Jouffret to contend with. I still don't know which combination of our three O'Hagen, Harris or Ellis, when all fit, is best for the team, thoughts anyone
  10. Agree but not necessarily in that order
  11. If Chizzy is as good as a lot of fev fans are saying, why is he now playing at Keighley?
  12. Agree, think it is time for Ellis to start pulling his weight.
  13. This is why such an astute signing of Bailey Antrobus was so important to us and it should pay big dividends in upcoming games because of his ability to play in various positions.
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