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  1. There is a chance that the Knights will be playing at the Magic Weekend.
  2. Chisholm The Physio who was on the field longer than Chisholm and gave the Knights head and feed in the scrum by being on the pitch and not getting out of the way of a Knights kick to touch.
  3. Peter Martini was a great help in the campaign "Keep The Wasps Buzzing" from which the Knights were formed in 2002. When we were trying to raise money to ensure admission back into the league it was The Press and Peter who brokered a donation from John Smiths. His support to KSS has been invaluable in promoting our events and activities. Many thanks for your support Peter. Without your help the Knights may not have got off the ground in 2002.
  4. KISS

    New stadium

    Coming home to the same location we played for 25 years, with much superior facilities and no athletic track.
  5. Last chance to get your tickets on Sunday.
  6. Todays wind Forecast not much difference to Sunday
  7. See attached recorded wind speed today from nearest weather station to Rochdale.
  8. Because Hornets were unable to fulfil the fixture it should be classed as a 30 - 0 walkover with the 2 points awarded to the Knights along with all expenses to be paid by Rochdale.
  9. It happen in 2003 against York City Knights. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/7893461.Doncaster_Dragons_24__York_Knights_4/
  10. Having a Knights TV channel could have an adverse effect on attendances why would the fair weather fan pay to watch the game when he/she can stay at home and watch the game on the internet.
  11. Some more Australians Peter Fitzgerald scored a hat trick of tries three games in a row and Steve Bleakley good loose forward nick named "Blankets" . I remember Gary Hambly who played 4 games in 1983 before going sled riding in the Artic used to wear tights to keep warm.
  12. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/16309302.knights-team-news-james-ford-issues-warning-ahead-of-keighley-cougars-test/
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