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  1. JT's Final Season

    If this is to be his last season, I also want him to go out on a high. Incredible talent.
  2. I actually hope Sky/BT show the NRL as I have both and won't have to fork out the extra cash for PS, although I do enjoy their coverage.
  3. Congrats James on claiming the trophy! I'm still kicking myself as this week I scored over 1300 points. Damn playing Roberts over Semi!!!
  4. Poll - Sea Eagles vs Panthers Winners - Broncos, Eels, Roosters, Panthers, Storm, Sharks, Dragons, Tigers Aways - 3 Points - 308
  5. Congrats to Graham and James on making the GF! And good luck! 😊😉 I'm still kicking myself for not starting Semi over Roberts, otherwise I would be in the GF...and I really wanted to win it! 😥
  6. NRL Round 25 Match Thread

    Decided to play Roberts over Semi. May prove to be a costly mistake.
  7. Poll - Raiders v Knights Winners - Broncos, Raiders, Tigers, Titans, Storm, Sharks, Sea Eagles, Panthers Homes - 7 Points - 341
  8. Poll - 1 or 2 teams Winners - Eels, Bunnies, Broncos, Storm, Roosters, Sharks, Panthers, Sea Eagles Aways - 4 Points - 333

    Johnston continues to score tries but he just doesn't translate to Supercoach.
  10. Poll - 1 or 2 teams Winners - Rabbits, Eels, Sharks, Dragons, Storm, Cowboys, Raiders, Tigers Points - 322 Homes - 5
  11. Good work Graham. Just noticed though that Ash n Jake top scored this week with 1161 points.
  12. Where will the Eels finish?

    I think they're a good bet now for the top 4, but I can't see them winning all of their remaining games. Think they'll come up short against the Broncos. The Manly game will be a tough one, especially as they're fighting for a top 8 finish. Games against the Knights and Bunnies won't be too easy either as they have pride to play for.
  13. Gambled on a couple of games in an attempt to get closer to the top guys.
  14. Poll - Sea Eagles vs Roosters Winners - Eels, Dragons, Storm, Warriors, Broncos, Sharks, Roosters, Tigers Points - 310 Aways - 6