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  1. Poll - 3 teams Winners - Broncos, Sea Eagles, Cowboys, Titans, Raiders, Sharks, Roosters, Storm Home wins - 3 Points - 326
  2. Poll - Roosters vs Dragons Winners - Raiders, Broncos, Eels, Cowboys, Sharks, Doggies, Roosters, Storm Points - 301 Away wins - 2
  3. Poll = Raiders vs Warriors Winners = Doggies, Roosters, Broncos, Storm, Raiders, Dragons, Panthers, Tigers Points = 299 Home wins = 4
  4. Any news on JT's injury?
  5. Poll - Cowboys-Tigers Winners - Broncos, Doggies, Rabbits, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Cowboys, Eels, Storm Away wins - 4 Points - 283
  6. Poll = Raiders vs Eels Winners = Broncos, Roosters, Cowboys, Sharks, Raiders, Storm, Warriors, Dragons Points comp = 298 Home wins = 6
  7. Souths did themselves no favours in the first half with so many errors. They showed more promise in the second half but the Roosters defense stood firm.
  8. I need some consistency in my forwards so i've traded in Mannering.
  9. Hopefully RTS is cleared to play this weekend. He has to pass concussion protocols.
  10. Poll = 2 teams (Knights and Warriors) Match tipping comp = Roosters, Panthers, Raiders, Doggies, Eels, Cowboys, Storm, Dragons Points comp = 310 Away wins = 5
  11. Think I'm going to have to start upgrading players sooner than expected. Not scored past 1000 yet. Thinking of trading in Walker and Norman.
  12. Do you think it's the errors made by the Tigers that are punishing them more so than anything else? Are certain players lacking passion and commitment?
  13. I'm out ahhhh. Well done to those who survived. Good luck. I like this style of competition.
  14. I'm not as sure about Tom. With Gurgess, he's back in the headlines. Reportedly not seeing eye to eye with Maguire. Could be a personality clash perhaps. Was placed in reserve grade then given game time with the first team, now this. Pure frustration.