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  1. Hi Graham, unfortunately I won't be able to help now with updating of tables etc as I have a load of projects on at work and just won't have the time to help. Really sorry buddy.
  2. Good to see Barba over here. He looks happy and dedicated. Should have a big season.
  3. Has anyone signed up for the Telegraph? They bring out a lot of Supercoach content daily.
  4. Seeing as we'll all be competing against each other in Supercoach, can we still talk about Supercoach? As in which players are you looking at getting in, without confirming who you'll get in and who you may avoid?
  5. I've joined too and my team name is again McKnight's Marvels. I've created a tsam but I have a lot to think about and research. Need to decide how I'm going to watch this season's games also.
  6. Boom! Obviously it's still a bit early to pick a full team, but we all have players on our radar and are doing our research. I tried logging in with my Facebook account, like previous years, but I couldn't see an option. I've logged in with my email address that I think I've used before, but I can't see any history details up. I wonder if they are working on this?
  7. If this is to be his last season, I also want him to go out on a high. Incredible talent.
  8. I actually hope Sky/BT show the NRL as I have both and won't have to fork out the extra cash for PS, although I do enjoy their coverage.
  9. Congrats James on claiming the trophy! I'm still kicking myself as this week I scored over 1300 points. Damn playing Roberts over Semi!!!
  10. Poll - Sea Eagles vs Panthers Winners - Broncos, Eels, Roosters, Panthers, Storm, Sharks, Dragons, Tigers Aways - 3 Points - 308
  11. Congrats to Graham and James on making the GF! And good luck! ?? I'm still kicking myself for not starting Semi over Roberts, otherwise I would be in the GF...and I really wanted to win it! ?
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