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  1. That's frustrating again from Cas. In good position with tackles in hand and cough up errors and give away possession.
  2. Such a shame that this could be the turning point because Cas are well in this and now they're up against it. Tempers are going to go more I feel throughout.
  3. I'll get to watch some of the pre-season games this weekend, starting with the Roosters and Sea Eagles.
  4. Hope all is good, RE. Best wishes to you and your family. It is a shame that you can't defend your title but do keep us updated on how you're team is going this year
  5. The difference in speed and awareness is so clear. Saints speed at the play the ball in the Broncos half, finding gaps in defense easily and team mates off the shoulder with those nice little short passes to send them through. Broncos giving it their best but lacking the imagination and creativity to get past this solid Saints defense.
  6. @Graham You subscribe to watctnrl.com eadh year, don't you? Is it worth paying up for the whole year? Will save money doing it that way.
  7. Watched the first two episodes. Really good watch. Just shows you how hard the players work during pre-season so that they're at or close to peak condition for the start of the season. Enjoy seeing the banter between the players and how they help each other push themselves through the pain and struggle of the training camps. The Manly documentary is also excellent.
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