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  1. Murray to the edge is a huge worry so I may trade him out. Hetherington was extremely disappointing and looks like getting the chop too.
  2. Lovely weight on that kick there from Latrell for Johnston .
  3. All-star game on soon. Making breakfast now before it starts.
  4. He may well have to share minutes, but I still don't think that is a major negative to not starting with him. He's going to be in a much better attacking team and that will result in him getting more chances to improve on last season's attacking stats. I think even when he played reduced minutes last season, his average didn't drop off too much. I was initially torn between him and Cook, to not having either and going cheap, to thinking it may be too much of a risk not going with a gun from the off. If I do go with a gun then I may well look for POD options in my 2RF.
  5. I am currently thinking of going without a gun hooker to start with, to balance things out elsewhere. If I had my last fiver and you asked me to place a bet on who will be the highest scoring hooker in 2021, my money would be on Grant.
  6. It's a shame that Payne in the Haas are not competing again this year. From what I remember, they set the benchmark in this league and finished in the top 100-200? in Supercoach.
  7. Cheers. I'll try WatchNRL then. Not got Sky anymore as it's just ridiculously expensive. I've checked and it's £25 per month, which is a good price for what you get to be honest.
  8. What's the best website/app to watch weekly NRL games? I don't mind paying a monthly subscription.
  9. Ideally you want each person available at the same time. You can have any amount in a draft league I think
  10. If I had more time then I would definitely take part in the draft version of the game. You would need to do your homework. I love the idea of each team being unique and nobody can have the players you have picked.
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