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  1. I am not surprised he doesn't get the squad out early... hallett on the wing? Breth centre? Where's cowling... squires... reittie ainscough? Hope London go down the middle and not the edges cos we are screwed..
  2. I'll be there only because I have a season ticket... if I had to pay on the door I would be thinking twice.... we have sacrificed our defence to play this exciting brand of rugby.... and after yesterday's debacle it seems we have neither... we do not have the players to play how he wants us to play especially the centres/wingers so he needs to get back to basics...
  3. Faz is great news coming in as he has been one of the most consistent performers of late and has seemed to be controlling himself a bit more these days... not to bothered about reittie as I thought he had a bit of a shocker last week but brambanI is a massive loss... he should be playing whatever the occasion, he didn't need to be rested last season so why this... not happy
  4. 52 tries and only 36 conversions some of which would of been penalties.... need to start upping that conversion rate!!
  5. Lilycrop James Brown Davey
  6. Sorry.. just noticed the squad and didn't see no links posted hence the hoped bit... apologies!!! Who's Danny cowley? 🤔
  7. Hope some of these changes are forced as no one should be dropped from last.... leak Smeaton and farrell had massive games last week... would of like to of seen a bit of continuity after the last couple of games....
  8. So many to choose from today which is fantastic news... but overall.. Patch mom for me.... Brambani... And haywood... but really needs to back himself more and he will score plenty...
  9. Thought Toronto are playing all their challenge cup games in England?
  10. After watching on periscope Faz Smeaton Walker
  11. Although he had a couple of uncharacteristic errors Scotty had a belter.... lilycrop made yards every carry and young will maher had a great game... all in all tough conditions and great character to come back. So.... Scott Lilycrop Maher
  12. Holmes Farrell Southernwood.... Top top performance... the Sheffield hoodoo is well and truly over!!
  13. Currently 44 6 up so the changes has clearly worked... need to crank up some more points and claw some of that goal difference back.... how did Sheffield beat toulouse by the way?
  14. Struggling this week.... 1. Brambani 2.ainscough 3.Smeaton. . Not a good day and no stand out performers. ..
  15. Same 3 different order..... Davey Scott Manning But could of been anyone of 17...