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  1. The role of Rhino in next season's restructuring is still a grey area, perhaps not to the Club, but to supporters, sponsors, etc. Maybe some communication dealing more specifically with his role would be useful.
  2. I was initially against appointing Craig Lingard, but this could work for us if Rhino has anywhere near a significant impact with the players and training routines. Bearing in mind his contacts as a players' agent, his role could be effectively considered as Director of Rugby. There is much rebuilding of both personnel and morale required, so a 2 year contract would be sensible under the circumstances, for both parties.
  3. A backward step IMO. Too close to players, and too compliant with BOD.
  4. That just about sums it up Colin. As the great sporting ad slogan says 'Just Do It'. I'm sure there's nothing else anyone can say to the owners of the Club.
  5. RIP Archie, and thoughts and prayers to his family.
  6. Absolutely Colin. We are currently in a backward stage, that I sincerely hope is being looked at with a very proactive attitude within the Club. I admire DFs lengthy and numerous posts defending Diskin in great detail, but I think the discord between Coach & Players has been an issue for 3 years, with a constant cycle of leavings and signings to paper over the cracks. If he was so committed to rectifying the errors of the past 3 years, why put himself in the frame for the Salford Assistant?
  7. I take on board your point about risk DF. To expand on this, the whole sport of RL is becoming a 'risk', where Clubs have to take 'risks' outside their comfort zones to progress, develop, and compete to attract people to their stadiums. Quite simply, it has now become a risk not to take risks, to achieve any realistic level of funding/prize & placement money from the pot offered to the game by TV & sponsors.
  8. As I replied to you earlier DF, not interested in how Bradford, Toronto, or anyone else are performing, the focus of these posts is around our performances over the season. Are you saying that the Club & BOD have accepted this level of performance as the norm, also accepting that there is no better Coach out there that could replace Diskin and improve performances? Maybe it is all about low cost/lower quality, but surely it is a no brainer to invest in a Coach that could get more out of a squad that has quality and development potential,? By the way DF, and I don't see many postings on our forum advocating the appointment of Alan Kilshaw!
  9. I respect your viewpoint DF, however the 4 players you quote may have other motivating factors other than Diskin - maybe they like what the Club stands for, which is far bigger than any individual Coach. My point is focused on the quality of coaching, which is not up to a top 6 Championship Club standard, where we should be with the players. In our squad. We took a gamble on Diskin (I suspect for reasons of economy) which has not paid off over a fair period of 3 years, especially when you consider where we were at the time of his appointment.
  10. I can't speak for the other teams DF - the ones you mention are more successful than ourselves - I am concerned about Batley Bulldogs, who over 3 Seasons have been underperforming with players who on paper have been of reasonable quality, with some good young players ripe for development. The stats speak for themselves under Diskin, and it would appear that after having turned down/been rejected for the Salford Assistant, has decided to continue with us, all subject to official confirmation. I believe he is still struggling in a part time environment, and certainly in 3 years has not improved our playing standards. This situation needs sorting, and fast, to reverse the decline, as many concerned supporters are waiting with baited breath.
  11. Fair point DF, and something I've looked at over past 3 seasons with all players involved in the squad. It is similar to being bullied at work - the basic skill sets and common sense go out of the window when fear and self doubt come in. It does appear that fear and a blame culture exist under Diskin, which is why good players are making basic errors and not developing confidence (and a positive approach to games,) Under these circumstances it is very hard to develop a winning mentality. We have some good young players with plenty of potential - these need to be coached and developed in the right way ( as a certain Alex Walmsley was at the Mount).
  12. Fev have obviously seen something in Jouffret, with the additional incentive of an 'in' to Leeds Rhinos.
  13. ......just underachieved for their potential, and under coached.
  14. Some good points PD, which bring more questions. Are these a bad set of forwards, or forwards who are not coached to believe in their own abilities and strength, or coached in the skills to make tackle bursting breaks, which have not been seen at the Mount for the past couple of seasons. Even Alex Rowe's impact on games began to falter under Diskin. It would appear that Diskin has been retained, looking at his 'recruitment comments' in certain publications today, and also has an idea on budget. I don't think his comments (probably intended to talk himself up prior to any announcement about his future at the Mount) will do anything other than to persuade his critics that he has failed to achieve any semblance of success in his 3 years at our club, and is looking for headlines to cling onto a position that in the majority of Clubs iwould have been untenable.
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