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  1. There is a certain amount of 'soul selling' involved Graham, but in modern day sport and rugby league you can still retain a community spirit whilst showing some ambition and positivity by using all means to hand to improve the playing personnel, including ploughing money back into that area.
  2. Karl Harrison can only advise on appropriate signings Phildog - he cannot fund them. IMO Featherstone have been a good model of how to progress as a Club on the playing front. Every year they improve the quality in their squad by reinvesting prize money into better quality players, thereby improving their league position/share of the spoils. Yes, there are some risks involved, but that is the nature of business/sport to remain competitive.
  3. Can't see any DR deals in place for these 2 SL Clubs BB. Salford partnered with Oldham last year.
  4. Thank you DD. Do we have any remaining options for DR? Have Toronto contracted with Widnes? It appears that the majority of agreements were tied up by October / November.
  5. On the theme of DR, I understand that John Kear has beaten us to the post at the 11th hour with a DR agreement with Hull FC. Anybody heard anything on this?
  6. .........and pray for a reasonable wind speed to keep those turbines moving for the free 'lecky!
  7. Totally agree with your argument BSJ, and as posted I stated that it has to be the right DR agreement, negotiated and implemented in the best interests of the Championship Club, and therein lies the skill to prevent the soul being ripped out of a Club, that has taken in some cases 120 years to create within a community.
  8. TBH there is no 'moral high ground' any more in Championship RL. Unless a Club has big money backing and Directors who are prepared to take risk for reward, DR is a necessary survival option, based on a Club's skill in negotiating, implementing, and developing the right DR contract.
  9. Despite all the aforementioned comments about the quality of our squad, they definitely looked a happier bunch, and the team spirit and the working for each other ethic was definitely evident. Our 6 looked promising, with a reasonable kicking game that will improve with game time. Overall a fair result, with evidence of the returning Bulldog spirit on show
  10. Good, solid kit design (both Home & Away), evoking memories of the stand out moment from the past decade. From last night, there appears to be a good team spirit building as the squad is starting to be put through their paces pre season. The NRC Cup success proved what a squad working hard for each other can achieve, without massive budgets, and my hope is that we build that type of mentality this season.
  11. Excellent signing for the Club - Shaun can be that leader we need on the pitch, dictating play and the tempo of the game. Also a good mentor for the young talent in the squad. Well done to all concerned.
  12. I'd settle for leaving Hull with Doncaster, and signing Watson Boas from the Keepmoat. He certainly did a job on GB.
  13. It does look like the Bulls are starting to build from a solid base for the first time in many years, and the pulling power of a Coach with the pedigree of John Kear has a huge part to play in attracting SL/ ex SL players, who are able to improve their game under him. I do have doubts about the 'Chinese Wall' with the Sawyers between Dewsbury and Bradford, but good luck to Bradford in the new venture to resurrect a sleeping giant of the game. I just hope that we can attract some additional players of quality before the season ( experience required) to lead the young talent on the pitch.
  14. I would go as far to say Colin he is the best Coach we have had in living memory, and he also gives the fans something to believe in - he's a transparent and genuine guy also, something which our sport badly needs.
  15. Interesting dilemma if Bradford need to beat Dewsbury to qualify for SL play offs next season Wonder how that might affect any shareholding values !
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