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  1. Well done Kevin and the BOD for recognizing Carl Gibson’s phenomenal achievements as a Batley player, one of our own. Turnstiles at the Glen Tomlinson Stand to be named after him. Hopefully this can be formally done with Carl present at the next home game.
  2. Following Kevin’s Facebook video prior to the Barrow game, it is a possibly that our flying international Centre might be about to be one of the new ‘names’ at the Mount! game
  3. Totally agree with you DD, and I am sure Carl would be honoured by having part of the Stadium named after him. He was a total product of Batley the town and Batley the Club, to which he brought International honour in a very competitive environment.
  4. Is that Keith Toohey Silverback?
  5. Thanks Tom. Your image is an even better one of Carl, with Brian Cartwright in the background. I think the time to honour Gibbo at our Stadium is long overdue.Has the 9 ‘oyle been named?
  6. Great action shot of Carl Gibson on his Great Britain debut v France at Headingley https://images.app.goo.gl/GwmRnRUkQdwmDuqJ6
  7. It was a game that confirmed the pre match talk of a young talent who was something special, and a local lad. From that game Carl gave us great entertainment and pride as supporters, eagerly anticipating each and every game he was involved in .
  8. Also in support of Carl Gibson’s naming claims at the Stadium, he is a native of the Town, attended Batley High School, and one of our own, who represented his hometown Club, County, and Country at the highest level.
  9. Gibbo had that unique and elusive running style, that excited the crowd. I stand to be corrected, and I remember watching what I think was his debut at Lawkholme Lane against Keighley, when our supporters were excited by his performance, his dazzling runs, , and at the sheer talent we had unearthed. Definitely worthy of a naming at the Stadium.
  10. The referee was a young Colin Morris, who created controversy every time he officiated at the Mount!
  11. TBH Roger, I think some specifics from the Club might be useful relating to where the Half time Draw monies will be applied.
  12. I have also had this problem SB. Purchased tickets for 1st game by setting up an account/password, and for past 2 games has not recognized my log in details.
  13. I would hope so BSJ. Kevin runs a tight ship, and along with additional revenue from the weekly half time draw which has exceeded £5K to date, should be in a reasonable state when the season re commences.
  14. How will this be filtered down to the Clubs, specifically how will Batley Bulldogs benefit from this initiative?
  15. RIP Gwen, and condolences to Ken and family. Gwen was a true Bulldog, and did everything in her power to improve the Club, with a massive personal effort.
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