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  1. There was a lot of talk about Andre Savelio being picked for England this year after his 2015 season. What happened him?
  2. From Dungannon to Essendon

    AFL poaching young Irish players is not a major issue for the GAA. After the big success of Marty Clarke at Collingwood around 06/07 there has been an increase in the number of ones. Cant blame them really, live the life of pro athlete in a good country. Usually a handful of players go over ever year, some make it, most come back after 2/3 years. Pearce Hanley is rated as one of the top Irish imports along with Stynes & Kennelly. Heres an interview with him thats worth a listen (mentions about living in the rugby league mad Brisbane):
  3. I'd say most other teams would be familiar with what Smith said but for mere mortals like me it was very enlightening.
  4. Wigan-Catalans in London Over 1500 sold.
  5. Marquee players

    What about James Tedesco? Looks to be behind Dugan, and maybe Moylan, for NSW at fullback.
  6. Very good video. Love the bit from the Catalans player.
  7. Was thinking recently that a good way to grow RL in Ireland would be through universities. Tons of young people away from home looking to meet new people and try a new sport. Couldn't see any reason why most major uni's couldn't gather at least 50 people willing to give it a go/start a team and then build from there.
  8. No Coke in Belle Vue

    I do find it strange that a 'family sport' like RL allows people to drink alcohol inside grounds but not those with soft drinks (in cans).
  9. Rod Studd prevented from watching the Wakefield game today as he had a can of Diet Coke.
  10. Someone tell that eejit in the crowd to shut it. "Get into him" shouted at least 20 times!
  11. Agree with most of what has been said. There are tons of Irish men that have the physicality, mentality and basic ball handling skills that are perfect for rugby league. How to get more people playing the game is the tricky bit. The GAA club season in most counties is from around April-Late August / Early September. So some sort of league comp from September-Feb/March would be the best bet imo. Re: Semi-Pro team- I think that should wait for now, and build up the grass roots first.
  12. Jon Wells

    The good thing about Wells is if it was your 1st time watching or your 1000nd you'd still understand what he's saying (and find it interesting).
  13. Born and live in Northern Ireland. Fell in love with the game through watching it on sky. Never played or watched a game live. Finishing uni as we speak, so hopefully will do both in the near future. Really is no other sport like it.
  14. Anyway of watching this on sky go?
  15. Toronto-based rugby league team in talks to join England’s League 1. Link: