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  1. Exchange rate going south for the Ozzy dollar and is predicted to continue into 2018 does any body ever factor this in?
  2. Michael Maguire

    Hes relaxing for a year,
  3. Klemmer and Sam to come to blows again.
  4. I bet he has a blinder now i bagged him
  5. NRL needs team in Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Second Team in Brisbane and english super league all star side as well, Tongans, and Somoans to get a run with the Darwin Team
  6. 13. Josh McGuire. i dont really rate him, compared to Frizell. Am i missing something with him?
  7. NSW to incorporate NZ. Queensland to incorporate somoa, tonga, fiji, papau we then have a super origin of nations and state.
  8. The islanders are big powerful and large. we need to breed em big first then train em hard
  9. Can someone explain to me what the hell Ozzie s did before the game. It was the Ozzie haka well I hope they give it a bit more passion next time. If your gonna get on the dance floor, give a good go. My nan always said
  10. i got big money on me blighty boys to win.
  11. He must have plenty of cash to throw away 50K match fee for 3K
  12. Jason taumalolo

    He will now need to learn the new haka, i prefer the Tongans and toa somao to the NZ haka. bring on the stand off and let the English boys shine through