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  1. we can beat the combined aussie pacific islands team, burgess to rain supreme .
  2. definitely up for a good future, if can stay off the booze and away from the dance floor.
  3. bring back the biff
  4. Here comes the haka, we will stand strong in front of the war dance
  5. Its alot cheaper in England, so my guess is, his coke habit could get worse.
  6. its a recreational drug in OZ guys.
  7. the future is bright
  8. The Somoan Australian War dance shall take on our English boys, but guess what we shall triumph over all. Burgess will dominate and after take them to Bondi for a soy late
  9. What happened at Newcastle mate ?? When he had to do some work ??
  10. Bennett has only coached successful teams. Brisbane he has the pick of all Queensland, Snt George gave him the cheque book. And well we all know what happened to Newcastle. Brian noble back for coach I say.
  11. My wife says I'm boring but I never make her cry. Get it ?
  12. Me heart is broken big time, we needed an Aussie ref. Good It's day light saving so I can have 3 more brandys