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  1. What happened at Newcastle mate ?? When he had to do some work ??
  2. Bennett has only coached successful teams. Brisbane he has the pick of all Queensland, Snt George gave him the cheque book. And well we all know what happened to Newcastle. Brian noble back for coach I say.
  3. My wife says I'm boring but I never make her cry. Get it ?
  4. Me heart is broken big time, we needed an Aussie ref. Good It's day light saving so I can have 3 more brandys
  5. Shut that haka down the go back to sheep land
  6. Bboyd has depression. Not happy with his life, need I say anymore. He should walk a mile in my shoes and I'll play rugby for a living. #bboydhasdeppressiongetarealjobthen
  7. How do you think the English forwards will fare against the kiwi pack? It's gonna be a fireworks
  8. Freddie said it was a full house at the start of the game
  9. NZ are a big team I think the Ozzies stood up to them well. Burgess boys take note size don't always count
  10. Fafita should have been included he dominated Bromwich in the grand final.
  11. Im from Ireland and would represent the mother country if asked god bless
  12. got tickets to the eng v ozzy game in london, we had to wait for a bit due to high demand. ooh oooh ooh