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  1. Sammutdrop goal 79 minute! Just keeps sneaking up on ‘em this bloke.
  2. Looks like it’s caused a few problems. Would be interesting to see him in sunglasses.
  3. Yeah, I thought that. The incident seemed chaos on the match thread.
  4. Miloudi facing a long ban (or reduced, long ban) for trying to pick a Bulldogs player off the deck ala Luke Gale. Inappropriate language used by Batley players against Miloudi and vice versa. Both clubs appealing. Been quite an incident.
  5. Mick Crane at 13. He had more skill than Westerman and Knowles combined.
  6. Looks like Ferguson has turned his nose up at Leigh. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/blake-ferguson-leigh-centurions-update-23636603
  7. Whatever his situation now which SL forwards have we that are better than Sutton?
  8. Shows several things in no particular order. Lack of opportunity to develop, unsuitable learning course opportunity (college/Uni), unsuitable Club system, pay, sunshine. I am guessing the London lad is continuing his learning with Keebra Park due to the link with Wests.
  9. Looks like Newcastle Knights are now seriously interested in Pearce-Paul and Pryce. Also that they are looking for a 2 way agreement for their older players to find options to play in SL. Has it come to this??
  10. Reading the aussie press, Kyle was taken out of first team action as Gould thought he needed to 're-set' himself and his game but now he is ready to play. Then Gus drops a load of pressure on him by saying the Dogs will revolve around what Kyle does. If its a confidence thing, which imo is a massive percentage of an RL players make up, then to say nothing wouldve been a better option!
  11. I panicked then. I thought you were going by Taxi.
  12. I dont 100% agree but near enough. The main consideration, regarding the OP, is whether he would make the squad and you have to look at potential & existing injury risk during a long tournament. Unfortunately, for me, Joe fits into the higher level of risk. Our pitches will be getting firmer when/if the summer arrives and a run of good form at the back end might justify reconsideration. Edit: To Joes credit he is 13th in metres gained from 113 carries, so he is getting plenty of work and hasnt pulled up to my knowledge.
  13. Do we know what decision Victor Radley has made? Eng or Aus?
  14. He was down as No29 in their squad beginning of January so between then and now LB have lost an international representative at Academy level for a 3 year contract with Wests. I think we’ll see more of this.
  15. Amazing eh? England youth Rep too. I guess we could call this the DOMino effect.
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