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  1. I’ve made the constant babble point a few times. It’s speaking for the sake of it and not informative sometimes. Warren is a champion commentator though. I can’t see anyone on uk tv delivering to his level right now.
  2. I doubt it. I’d be chuffed, in a way, if he was signing but he’d have to move to live in the area. The M62 is too problematic. I think it’s more true that SCR have been approached by Hull with no further comment from either club.
  3. Can’t believe there are no comments regarding the TWP submission yesterday and Bob Hunters LE piece? Am I lost in time?
  4. Going from bad to worse, according to this. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/exclusive-wakefield-trinity-chris-chester-22877692
  5. I would’ve thought having a couple of weeks off was enough, versus Hulls five days, for Cas energy to be refreshed, not sapped. Makes the result all the better imo.
  6. I didn’t listen to the game having too much work on but sounds a great win and I hope it gives the Hull team a lot of confidence now. How did the Connor/Sneyd partnership go, anyone?
  7. Do you have evidence to support that Jon? Genuine question as I don’t know.
  8. We are talking feigning injury. It is rife in Aus and has been in our game too for many, many years, although not so commonplace. Foolish to think it will ever be eradicated but for some of these, Refs should be seeing through the majority.
  9. How long were Saints going down for minimal contact? Laughed off over here, but similar creates a storm in Aus.
  10. Unsure exactly what you are suggesting Robin. My argument is that the detailed ‘criteria’ has not been published. If this criteria is loose then questions will continue and continue, wasting everyone’s time until an outcome or even no outcome ends it all. If a detailed criteria, covering all SL CEOs fears, requirements, contingencies etc etc had been given, then there is no excuse for TWP not to deliver in a presentation. It seems that criteria has been loose and now even further questions are raised, which is an amateur approach.
  11. Quite the opposite. If as I expect TWP have been given a loose criteria, not detailed, then this will go on and on. As I said, a most amateur approach and the longer it goes on, the less chance any Championship clubs have of being ‘promoted’ in their place for 2021.
  12. Supplementary questions, as reported by TRL today. TWP will keep supplying answers, SL will keep asking questions. Never ending story and the most amateur approach in the book. “As a result, Super League have provided a string of questions they want covering in their revised submission. Most of those questions are understood to be supplementary financial questions as well as contingency plans should the Covid-19 pandemic continue to impact the competition next season.”
  13. Many have packed it in for those reasons, and more, but it doesn’t apply to all. Those going into trades aren’t affected as much as those looking for more senior futures. Availability will be a key requirement for RFL academy audits, but the level of quality is being ignored and has been for a long time.
  14. That’s not wholly the case though. Many clubs are ties into colleges for education these days. That option may not suit all though when said College does not offer the requires course for Uni progression. None the less, further education is offered.
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