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  1. Which higher value audiences want to stand under an uncovered stand and get wet though in inclement weather? It would certainly give them an experience, but not a pleasant one.
  2. It’s changed 3 times since I was involved mate!
  3. I think when Parky used to criticise clubs for pinching expansion areas he forgot Hunslet had a good few from those areas too. I know he supports Leigh as well So, in some instances I think your right but in another way these lads are getting a potential shot in the big time. The downside is they don’t make it and pack up playing, thinking playing at a lesser level is below them.
  4. The two 'tips' i could give would be, firstly, not to revert to the ways you were coached but choose your own path. If you just use former coaches ways you are already regressing. Blend your ways with what youve been taught (RFL) and some innovation. Like I said, be patient, use idiot cards/notes as not everyone can remember what the aim is or what they have to coach to do in a session and focus on fun. Secondly, you will only progress as a coach if you recognise how to get small gains. 'Winning' in other ways in training and match day. A player putting in just 3 or 4 tackles a game will not go from that level up to 20 in a heartbeat. Work on technique, positioning and then getting 5 tackles. Million ways to do it and it takes time. Good luck anyway and it will be good to see what your progress has been in a year or so.
  5. Thanks mate. Good post.lts changed since I was involved and I could write a book on the characters we used to get. It sounds like a bit of the old L1 added to L2. Do not worry about the gradings or what anyone else does. I can assure you, a big majority do not carry out what they’ve been taught never mind adding their own sway on it. Just review what you’ve learned and put it into practice but be patient and if you don’t try and drill the players to death and focus on skills and fun, you will do ok. Good luck.
  6. He was exceptional in my view. Wasn’t afraid to take the ball up either despite being light. Iirc his most memorable try, across the line with 3 or 4 steps, bamboozled the defence. Just one of this blokes you knew were going to step, and which way, but they still got you.
  7. We have to consider whether Lockyer or Slater have been stand out playing in a losing team week after week? I’m sure they would’ve stood out but not as often as they did playing in two of the top Aussie teams. Australia opted for speed and built the Full Backs defence up, whereas we went for the defensive FB barring Radlinski and Davies. (Tait had good pace though) Its a key position now but we’ve rarely had speedsters knocking on the England door. On the other hand Australia has Tedesco and one of the Turbos plus Mitchell could end up there. The position is certainly neglected in a similar fashion that our half backs are now.
  8. Are all the SL clubs really together with Hetherington? Clubs with strong squads maybe, but i doubt not all. Hull showed what can happen with their injury list after just a couple of games. There will also be the question of time required to field a fit side for the start of it all - that would be an easier thing to agree on. IMO the product needs to be better but we will only get that with a less is more principal. Big events with a big game and plenty of hype. We could end up flogging all the players to death with the end result being a really poor standard on the pitch. I wouldn't want to see that personally.
  9. One reason I’d like to see a back get the coaching job.
  10. How many games a week will he recommend to pay for the uncovered end? I agree with Wolford but some players will be volunteering to play 4 times a week after another 6 weeks of not playing.
  11. Seems a lot of theft going on in the North West. Never get that at Cas.
  12. 15 men in a line would be difficult to break down. They’d end up awarding 11 points for a try and still be certain of a low scoring game.
  13. Phil Larder was a loss to the game in that respect. Things stepped backwards when Kear took over.
  14. You would have to be associated with a club and coaching. For anything other than L1 that is the criteria. Like anything else, if you are a good coach and can actually show it, applying to become part of a high end amateur or even professional club is well within bounds.
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