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  1. They could do with some at the Black Horse in Wigginton! Barring Guinness, the beer ain’t good.
  2. I’m in agreement regarding the ‘controlled’ rucks. If the tackle is deemed ‘held’ then all the players should just roll away, not slowly peeling off in a slow sequence.
  3. Mange tout G, mange tout.
  4. France. Can’t find it.
  5. Can’t find it anywhere here.
  6. This now appears to be a done deal. I wonder where this leaves some of the remaining imports, specifically Okunbor and Pele (and maybe Sao, who’s been more than good value) , as one will have to go to facilitate this. In addition, Balmforth, who has been tagged by Grix as not being able to give his all for some of the games he’s played and is also on loan at Swinton. Both Okunbor and Pele on loans to championship clubs. Both have come through well organised and structured set ups in Australia. Sure, not all Aussies hit it off when they come here but both are shadows of what we expected.
  7. I think he went back to London, then to Batley and Doncaster before Leigh! I thought he also played for Newcastle?? This is where the loan scheme fails to deliver. A young 20 year old lad comes up north and ends up being pushed around all over the place. If your head is not in the right place you will never play well.
  8. Yep. I don’t think he was looked after as well as he should have been at Hull. Naturally big frame, decent hands and quick.
  9. We (RL clubs/RFL/Communities etc) should be actively doing this. It is not begging but being smart I would think that many Community Clubs have parents or associates that are well aware of the processes and what ‘boxes’ need to be ticked before even applying. The initial application would be their ‘interview’, so it’s important to be right. Identifying these would help as would any pointers from the RFL or other awarding bodies.
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