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  1. 1. Inglis 2. Offiah 3. Hanley 4. Meninga 5. C.Sullivan 6. Kenny 7. Murphy 8. Ward 9. Roby 10. Lazarus 11. Morley 12. Farrell 13. Price Bench: Beetson. Roach. Peacock. Crane
  2. He was in the 2nd row too mate, but biggest percentage at centre.
  3. At least the lack of crowd will give Harry a clearer view of which Australian has failed in a GB shirt.
  4. Kuwait. John is finding the same, on the match thread.
  5. Same here John. Bloody frustrating 15 minutes going around in circles.
  6. I’ve been trying to find a way to pay for it but I can’t. It could be my location but it shouldn’t be that hard.
  7. Maybe it’s my location and the iPad, but I’m following the link to my OL app and just can’t find the link to pay for the game tomorrow.
  8. Bit of indiscipline, bit of feeling sorry for themselves but quite a lot of disorganisation in the Wales team. England played a pretty straight forward game plan, so it was just the intensity and directness that Wales had to contend with. They didn’t. Impressed with Roby.
  9. Theres more than enough on here to engage in debate with you Parky, but cant stand the groundhog day syndrome. If you dont like it, then dont give it out. At times its been a laugh reading your stuff, so I appreciate your efforts. Leeds Carniegie 27 Oct.
  10. We have had one media guy post on here saying he had asked for news/info/announcements from the Clubs or RFL,( I forget which), and was still waiting. Clubs are keeping in touch with fans but could be a fault for not giving info to more than the local newspaper. Maybe John Drake could give better detail, but I know that the 'media guy' I mention, was crying out for info. IMO we have to accept that many 'journo's' feed off the internet and dont do the hard digging anymore. If they have to be spoon fed RL should do that. By the way, Hull have signed Joe Cator
  11. All Parkys clippings are in a line, with added Lenegan detail, ready and waiting for tomorrow. Not in the same sequence though.
  12. This board is riddled with criticism of commentators, so it’s going to be difficult. The quality isn’t great, I agree, and I share Jons sentiment but if it doesn’t get support it’ll never develop. The RFL haven’t the money. I would love to see a similar arrangement that the NRL have and that is good quality. A few years ago we had Sky and BBC, now this is supplemented by other, minor broadcasts.
  13. No idea. Just repeating what’s in the press. No matter what, agents will be looking at the money - of course, in the best interests of the players.
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