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  1. I’ve not seen it. I think an offer has been made. Seems it wasn’t enough. We will await the evidence of this rift meaning a move to Cats is out of the question meanwhile.
  2. Huddersfield are on for him. Seems plausible given the Watto link https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/theo-fages-saints-huddersfield-giants-20592362
  3. He has earned the right to be earning in the upper brackets now. Do you have a link to these statements regarding the alleged rift? I doubt Guasch would get in the way of good business for the Team.
  4. Where is it being peddled other than here? I think I could count on one hand the Catalans link in the last 4 years.
  5. There are a couple of halves at Catalans on big money that he could replace in a heartbeat. He’d get the money he is worth. The fans at the Dragons would love it too. Very underestimated player.
  6. I believe out of contract now and there is gossip that a team in the NRL are in contact. I would imagine there are a few teams in contact but he could become the mainstay at Catalans for the next 5/6 years if he signed for them. Seems the obvious place if he doesn’t stay at St Helens. Probably a full house at Brutus as well for his debut.
  7. There has always been an issue and always will be but we have a lot more expert knowledge available to the game now to prevent a big percentage of long term injuries. The main problem we appear to have is that talk about player welfare is trumping positive collective action. imo we could cut a big percentage of the risk by tackling below the shoulder.
  8. It could be a smart move on his side. Palau season finished, League 1 just starting and playing in a team that could with that League, I can see him scoring a good few tries if he performs to the levels he’s capable. All brings his performance into the eyes of Frayssinous. Plus, he will be getting paid.
  9. Infrastructure across the Pennines is shot here mate. What can seem a straightforward journey of 1 hour can quite easily turn into several hours.
  10. Caution history. Ok, I can understand that. Doesn’t hat also apply to Taylor then? Or is it 3rd time lucky? I have no doubt the Powell tackle went more against the knee hinge whereas Brown was unlucky in that both tacklers pushed the player over backwards as he tackled him. Both should’ve been yellow though and as has been mentioned earlier in the Hull/Wigan thread, the Law states that no tackling to the lower leg by any 3rd 4th etc player is allowed.
  11. I can’t find that but either way, i disagree with the initial ban. The yellow card dealt with it in my opinion. Same game, Taylor is issued 2 cautions for the same Law as Watts. How many does it take before these warrant further punishment? Hull game, two illegal tackles to the lower leg. The initial tackle (Powell) aimed more across the natural bending angle of the joint than the Brown tackle again, in my opinion based on experience. Only one player given a yellow card. I thought we were supposed to be cracking down on contacts to the head? The Farrell hit on Griffin recei
  12. Just watched this incident back. We have seen worse with just a penalty given let alone 10 minutes in the bin. Several incidents last weekend left me scratching my head on the decisions given.
  13. The argument that Australia have strength in depth does not follow that England have no chance anymore. Granted, that strength might ensure the team performance doesn’t get too affected but Australia can only field 13 on the pitch. Secondly, watching the NRL can sometimes give a false impression that its ‘all’ Australia, when many putting in hard work will represent other Nations. Barring ability (and I accept Aus have some exceptional players) I believe our biggest challenge is the mental strength needed.
  14. Just watched the STE v Avignon game and I’ve got to say it was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. STE discipline with and without the ball was nothing short of diabolical. Avignon defence was quite good at times but STE’s errors made it easier. That performance reflects on the coaches. They had the opportunity to address that standard at half time but nothing changed.
  15. Referees are just giving what they think on these 2 issues plus the PTB farce. Personally, I believe the ball steal is a dangerous option. The wrong Ref and it’s a penalty. Clubs will know who’s allowing it and who isn’t but it’s taking a chance. The PTB is simple enough to understand and a tackling Law, ‘below the shoulder and above the knee’ would be clear enough.
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