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  1. He’ll have to have a coaching qual to get the job.
  2. No, that won’t happen. At the moment local players, plus whoever don’t make the grade at Catalans make up the semi pro sides. A few also have the ability to take on imports. I think what will happen though is that as TO develop, their unwanted academy will also end up more and more in the semi pro game. Sure, some will go elsewhere but I think the bulk of existing Elite clubs will take some benefit from it. TO have to get promoted yet and if successful, have to sustain it.
  3. Just watched Kears interview with Mick Gledhill and when asked how Bradford could have won v Batley, Kear said by going down the middle more. Just keep battering and battering. The Batley coach knew that mindset and took the Bulls away from it. I think you’ll find, the better coaches don’t always criticise errors if the pass, gap or chance is there but ‘unforced errors’ are another thing. ‘Errors’ really are a poor metric without context.
  4. Batley are a better side now than they were under Kear imo. They play very well as a collective, which is what it’s all about. Bradford will not change under him.
  5. Do Lezignan run, arrange any fund raising events or do they just rely on sponsorship?
  6. For YouTube, is that £6 per thousand, per ad, per video? i.e 2 ads, 2000 views (clicks?) = £24?
  7. I see the French Prime Minister is attending the SL semi final.
  8. Went over your head that one. I get what your referring to though I doubt it’ll stop the flow after another year or so.
  9. I don’t think Ferguson would turn his nose up at any SL offer.
  10. Hit and miss. Thought the Champs were a good option for Our League and an initial freebie or 2 on a YouTube channel.
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