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  1. Yes, that exactly fits with Scotchys points system. Go for it.
  2. Agreed. It’s a bit like spending up at Christmas and then asking shops to give you some leniency so you can buy some more because you’ve no overdraft and the credit cards maxed out. I think we have a lot of good things to learn from TWP though and I suppose if you don’t ask you don’t get!
  3. What about his quote, not other historical quotes? Hunter has mentioned an ‘inherited’ system but this is the same deal originally negotiated. Also, buying SBW for 3 million, running with 23 or 24 players and then asking for more leeway it seems a quite sensible message of cutting their cloth to suit the coffers. Both well worthy of TWP being called out imo.
  4. Misunderstanding. What number do we start from? Clubs already have players or do we give them a tariff retrospectively? Never going to work this.
  5. I agree that’s nearer the mark. So Leeds, bringing through 4 under 21’s into the 1st team squad would have 12 points but Salford, buying 4 of Wires academy just 4. Also gives Salford a free pick of a Victor Radley or a Jack Wighton. I know your going to say it doesn’t but that would actually benefit the club without an academy, to buy other clubs academy players.
  6. Exactly. I said the same. A little loyalty would’ve gone a long way. When you look how long Catalans held on to Duport. He was well past SL standard for a couple of seasons.
  7. I think Harry’s move will put him even more in the limelight. The more we can encourage him to get behind RL the more positive exposure we’ll get.
  8. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-live-transfer-news-3756591 Sorry, HDM. Scroll down. YP was the medals for the 1970 Ashes winners.
  9. So, SBW is injured and BMac saying their focus is on him being ready fir the final third. Some interesting comments in the Yorkshire Post.
  10. I cant remember what we discussed before TWP came along. If theyve done nothng else, theyve brought more publicity to the game. Only time will tell if buying Sonny Bill was the right thing to do and if an injury comes along, things might change. Its going to be interesting to see Clubs attendances compared to last season.
  11. Yes, there is some good content on the NRL site. Comparing it to the RFL and SL websites is like comparing a Porsche and a Transit van.
  12. Good player. Split between 2nd row and LF and had a good offload that’s for sure.
  13. Yes, Stockton also. All on free running good road infrastructure. A push by development in all the Schools around, free tickets to the games etc just has to happen. We have to take advantage.
  14. I get that many didn’t and don’t want WB as coach from the off. I was one, but whoever gets the job has to be backed. Anything can come out with interviews directly after the game. We’ve plenty of evidence of that with our own coaches. If that’s all he’s criticised for then I wouldnt worry. On the pitch is where it matters but I don’t think we’ve made the inroads we could have.
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