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  1. At one stage his company were defending players at tribunals. Bit of a gamekeeper turned poacher scenario. Not sure he’s still into that.
  2. I think he’s had his shot at the NRL. IMO he got slotted in as a FB with Cats but just hasnt worked for whatever reasons. Sam Tomkins on the scene seems to clash with Gigot. I still maintain he’s an out and out centre.
  3. https://www.zerotackle.com/wiliame-set-for-return-down-under-50805/
  4. I find Scotland a strange one. The tribal rivalry is there (Glasgow) and can’t help but feel the same feelings would reflect in any amateur RL clubs setting up. Basically across the West-east corridor.
  5. Personally, I’d leave Spain to themselves. I doubt very much the game will grow, or be stimulated to grow, in any of our home nations unless there is concerted effort. Shame as they are the closest and seem so obvious.
  6. I think Burgen was involved with much in South America.
  7. Imo one of the main reasons was in 2017 he had a mixture of ‘wingers’ outside him in DuPont, Thornley. Neither prove a threat in attack, so sides gave him a hard time. A bit of that, a bit of his young age and an injury. 2018 was better and injury free ish. He scored even less but a CC medal probably made up for that! 2019 was his best year for scoring. He really looked the part and will be missed at Catalans. Good Centre.
  8. I’ve no issue with a Ref summarising but a guy gurgling into the mike and changing his mind on different angles isn’t good viewing or listening. Far from decisive or thought provoking either. Players are ridiculing him but it’s not easy behind the mike. The commentator, summariser should be able to improve on the visuals, but Stuart doesn’t. Ray Warren, Voss do. Dave Woods ain’t bad either and Mark Chapman has the enthusiasm. Sky need to find a commentator with the enthusiasm of either Warren or Voss plus having a neutral English accent. We should be able to close our eyes to the game and still be on the edge of our seat through commentary. Close your eyes when Stuart comments and you’ll be asleep quickly.
  9. From what I’ve seen, he’s been very consistent being inconsistent. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke but shouldn’t be on TV.
  10. I can see Swift playing in the forwards at some stage. Will be good value though. Handley for as long as Hurrell stays fit.
  11. Not sure I understand mate, but with the opportunity to kick it would put pressure on the defending team to cover that kick, thus taking out 3 or 4 players from the line. I never always thought it was the right thing to do, to get too close immediately. Normally the defending team are chasing their arris off to get back in position, that’s why the quick tap where possible.
  12. They get 5 seconds to choose. Yes, the walking/running was my query. That and the shotclock.
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