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  1. Have to take it on the chin but I don’t know the real reason, other than to fill the Thursday slot. These short turnaround for all clubs are just daft imo. If you want to see more injuries in the game this is one if the ingredients.
  2. At the request of Sky. Wigan have no game next weekend. Hull play Warrington on the Saturday followed by Wigan Thursday night. 2 weeks notice. Strange changing the dates at such short notice.
  3. Curious, I thought the thread was Leeds DR movements to date.
  4. Nottingham used to have a high ratio of women to men. If that’s still the case, losing the RL community does have other benefits
  5. Been replaced by S.O.Else these days. I’ve been both!
  6. Pre seasonHull did that for a few years and the crowds at CC ground were always good.
  7. I thought he gave the game away when he said he hadn’t heard anything yet on Sky, which I took to mean from Saints. If I’ve read that right that could be a straight shootout between what he wants and what Saints have to offer.
  8. Maybe, I’ve only seen him play 3 or 4 games this year. On the carrying the team thing Hastings seems stronger to me but I think your point is fair to say of any half back. They’re 2 completely different styles imo and good leaders. I would have Hastings over Austin but very little between them. The question will be whether Widdop ever gets back on the scene.
  9. For me, Hastings is the better half back but he might have not even been considered. We don’t know. Austin in a firing Wire side has been tremendous albeit not so when they’ve been up against it. IMO WB wants a player that suits what WB wants to do.
  10. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/titans-make-move-for-holbrook-21216/
  11. I think the whole point of it was to continue these so that players can be assessed how they fit if, how they are improving with goals they’ve been set etc etc etc. McNamara was doing it but seems it only started after the WC in this form. Good to continue it and it was widely reported that Austin was going to be considered on form, which for the most part has been electric.
  12. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/911/austin-in-england-performance-squad
  13. I don't think Sky will be so naïve and as RP says, they have just allowed C4 to show the Cricket WCF.
  14. When channel 4 did the NFL it was presented really well with a great intro and great music with the game segments. They chose pretty good presenters too. The problem might just be the fear of choosing a different partner could influence Sky with SL. Will be a tough call imo.
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