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  1. I think the main reason Steve Prescotts name was given to that Trophy was not just that he was a very good player but that he never gave up in his fight to beat cancer, raised terrific amounts of money for his own foundation and other trusts and continued in that vain until his death. Even at the end, (3 weeks before his death I think) he went under the surgeons knife 5 times, for pioneering surgery aimed at helping others. Many others would be waiting for the hammer to fall. Not him. I cant think of a single reason why someone showing such grit and determination to never to give in would not be welcomed as the name on such a trophy as Man of Steel.
  2. Probably, if you knew the bloke and the efforts he made.
  3. Declared as part of normal IR procedures but dependant on how long(if at all) they stay out. Dont know the Canadian tax laws. Dependent on what Visas they have, will dictate whether they can have a Canadian bank account (I dont know Canadian rules but this is normally how it works). They could be paid into that bank and keep it in the account, or transfer the money to the UK from there. If they didnt have an account, they would be paid in cash to transfer themselves from any Bureau de Change.
  4. I thought they had always been operating as a Canadian Company. I doubt the British players will be paid Dollars in cash or cheque. Most likely they will be getting paid in Sterling after conversion from Dollars through Bank Transfer.
  5. Where I am some have to leave the Country every month and then return to satisfy the requirements of their Visa (Multiple entry). This has been relaxed by the Govt for the period the virus has been about as it is none of their fault. Eventually this will change but who knows when.
  6. This happens a lot with such people. They have a fleeting influence and do what they can in the limited time they are engaged for. Hopefully, at the end of his time, the powers that be need to keep him connected to the game so his influence can be greater. We need people like this with strong stature. Its strange but if we were commenting on Pearce and Adams, we would probably say that Pearce appears to have more influence yet has very little direct link to the game other than he's an avid Wire (not sure of connections with Wire) and RL fan.
  7. They might still do that. Nothing to stop either considering leaving and using their circumstances of being but under pressure, stressful situation, feeling of not being supported by the club etc.
  8. They weren’t similar at all. Union was a pushfest and RL was as loose as it’s ever been. I would also argue that players are not ‘much’ no bigger today than yesteryear, although I accept ‘much’ might be a couple of kilos. I couldn’t see isolated practice in binding, body positioning and pushing being easy to introduce. I wouldn’t like it to revert to the boring carry on that RU has but with a quick feed it shouldn’t be a mess of a scrum.
  9. We paid 7 Kuwaiti dinars each - approx £17.50 per item. They are indicative only and what the government want us to use, but not recognised alone as an accurate symptom of Covid.
  10. These temperature guns were mostly used for babies and cost pennies. They are not an accurate measure and would not be deemed professional ‘testing equipment’.
  11. Where would that 20% go then, Dave? The reasons why players are complaining are simplistic enough. If you are doing the work, then you should receive full pay, unless you've agreed to take a reduction on contractually agreed wages. Not agreeing and receiving reduced wages is then an issue.
  12. Doesnt really matter. Shaun Wane will want a get together and run out before 2021 is possible. I doubt either could provide the same level of competition that the Exiles would.
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/six-super-league-clubs-still-22343752
  14. One player asking for a strike at Wakefield, according to press.
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