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  1. I know I commented on the previous page about not knowing how Parish seems untouchable as Samoa coach based upon his record but I do think the Johns brothers are completely out of order with what they are doing. I could understand this a little more if they had played for Samoa or shown strong links in the past but this smacks of opportunism with a World Cup coming up. Even SBW never turned out for Samoa and stuck with the Kiwis. I do think that Parish is holding them back and needs to be replaced but are the Johns brothers and SBW going to stick around for years like Parish has done or w
  2. Oh yes, I forgot and missed some of those
  3. I don't think its been that bad and much of the debate has been quite good. I think probably 90% of posters are singing off pretty similar hymn sheets in that the ban is about right, maybe give or take a couple of games. For some whatever action was taken was never going to be enough and we have seen this by whatever has happened or come to light they still want more or something else should have been done. Others don't particularly think the words were offensive, which I personally think is irrelevant if they caused distress to Savelio and the wider world. Two quite extreme perspectives that
  4. He had a good game against Gold Coast last weekend. No defensive mistakes and big and strong taking the ball into contact. A nice finish for a try too. I see more than enough to show that he offers more at international level than much of the other contenders. Those weak teams in the NRL are also a damn site better than many SL teams.
  5. So we have a minimum but cant use it in case it looks bad? Under what circumstances would anyone get the minimum or should it just not be allowed as a punishment? That seems daft.
  6. The full line is as follows: The RFL’s Match Review Panel had considered the incident a Grade F offence – the most severe grading available and one which carries a minimum punishment of eight matches. I think this makes it perfectly clear that they have taken it seriously and that it has been categorised as severely as possible. They have also explained why the ban is 8 games and how they came to their decision. I don't really see the big issue from a PR perspective.
  7. A pretty good statement that answers plenty of questions in my opinion. I did think that the character statements were probably provided by Leuluai and Lam. If they are happy enough and comfortable enough to testify that Clubb is not racist then that is good enough for me.
  8. Hardaker has never been accused of racist abuse. Courts take into account past offences and much of the disciplinary process as been modelled the way it is after legal advice. It seems bizarre that the RFL wouldn't take into account past disciplinary history. You seem to want the entire process changing for one particular charge.
  9. His disciplinary record is certainly not meaningless, its a factor in any punishment that is given. Just because you think it is meaningless doesn't make it so. If say Zac Hardaker had done the same with his ban history I would have expected a sterner punishment than what Clubb got and certainly not the minimum.
  10. No one has said they carry enough weight to automatically get him minimum punishment. In isolation they are pretty meaningless. However, much like a court case, they are used as part of a wider defence as to someone's character.
  11. My first post on this thread was on what grounds did he deserve more than the minimum sentence for this offence and I have yet to see a reasonable answer beyond it just being opinion. Its his first offence of this type, he has a good character and good disciplinary record. For any offence in any category this would be taken into account and very likely the person involved would get a minimum ban. I think we have to be careful not to get too carried away based on the facts that we know.
  12. Indeed, its not up to others to judge if it had a negative impact or not.
  13. Oh dear, is that the best you can do? If Clubb had got 10 games you'd still be moaning.
  14. It wasn't 18 months ago, the sentence was 28th February 2020. It was the last example in English football. You are selectively using an example from elsewhere to moan and let's face it 10 games isn't a great deal different from 8 anyhow.
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