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  1. They don't have the rights to the RLWC, neither do Fox Sports. I can only conclude that is why they are giving this huge event the coverage they are.
  2. Another myth debunked, all players could be vaccinated if they desire:
  3. As I have previously said they don't have to have 8 weeks. In seasons gone by this has been waved due to international competition.
  4. Gould really just continually repeats himself even though everything he says has been debunked on social media. Yet again he can't keep up the pretence and always returns to the next NRL season. It's pathetic.
  5. I already commented on this earlier this morning on the World Cup thread but who can blame him? The RLWC was the only thing that may have kept in RL until the end of the season and the NRL and NZRL took that away. The thing that really takes the Michael is that he wants to tour the UK with the All Blacks in the autumn. Players want to play international sport and world cups and V'landys has taken that away.
  6. It's so nonsensical that it makes it impossible to reason with people that think it's a valid excuse.
  7. They don't have to have 8 weeks. In previous international tournaments players have foregone the full 8 weeks. It's just another excuse this time around.
  8. V'landys just keeps at it. I hate what this man is doing to the game. He sounds like a dictator always telling players what they should think. Everything he goes on about is a result of the policies he has subjected players to for the last 18 months. Where was the concern for players welfare then?: V'landys has not spoken to International Rugby League officials about his request for the tournament to be postponed following the ugly fall out from Australia's exit last week. But the ARL Commission chairman doesn't believe Australian-based players will want to head to the tournament onc
  9. With a slight alteration I've saved the NRL the bother of writing their next release.
  10. And to try and tour the UK this autumn. It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious for the game. Would he have stayed for the RLWC? I'd like to think so but I'm sure the withdrawal certainly made this decision easier and certainly meant he had nothing worth staying in RL for.
  11. The worst thing about all of this is that every cancellation is just another stick for the NRL to beat us with to justify them pulling out of the World Cup.
  12. The one sided reporting of all this beggars belief. James Graham's comments removed from Fox Sports and one sided articles with barely a mention of any opposition when there are so many against this decision. It's all pure propaganda.
  13. This seems pretty detailed to me, contrary to the NRL and NZRL claims. Another excuse debunked: RUGBY League World Cup players would be banned from shaving in certain places, sharing boots, shampoo and strapping, spitting, chewing gum or going to a gym. But Australia and New Zealand still said no, citing a lack of detail. Covid-19 vaccinations would NOT be compulsory but tournament bosses would have paid for Australia-based players to quarantine on their return in facilities to state government standard after charter flights to and from Down Under. https://www.thesun.co.uk/
  14. This is more like what I am wanting to hear from the Kangaroo players and coming from the captain carries a lot of weight: And RLPA President, Daly Cherry-Evans, who is also the incumbent Australian captain, has added his voice to those objecting to the ARLC decision and especially the lack of consultation with the players. “The players wanted to go and the game probably knew that, which is probably why they didn’t want to consult us,” said Cherry-Evans. “So, of course we would have loved to have been given a bit more of a heads up on it but we do understand the game’s acting within t
  15. Indeed. I have been pushing on here for some time to get the PI nations to tour and think that it would be every bit as profitable as NZ, who seem to be the default option. We need to get these countries into the fold and reward them.
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