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  1. It's 100 posts, not 100 topics, for cross code.
  2. Great news, well done Caitlin. Is this a public vote whereby we can mobilise the RL masses?
  3. Brisbane v Wigan 1994 World Club Challenge. A fantastic win in a packed ground against all odds in Australia. Wigan v Manly 1987 too in the World Club Challenge.
  4. Player who should have never been picked in wanting coach to stay shocker.
  5. Toronto back in. I wonder if the bond idea has gone by the wayside now.
  6. An international like what was asked for.
  7. Surprised there is no Ian Watson option.
  8. I had mine a few weeks ago. I cant get it for free but can luckily claim it back from my employer.
  9. England v Tonga in the 2017 World Cup semi final and England v New Zealand in the 2013 World Cup semi final are both fantastic matches and occasions.
  10. Its odd that you seem to think the two are mutually exclusive. One thing for certain though is that SBW was an out and out Leaguie growing up.
  11. Fantastic news. Clubs having a permanent home and facilities is always something that Rugby League lacks in expansion areas.
  12. Well various RU teams couldn't at the top level and had to move out of London. Those that remain in London have huge backers and lose vast amounts of money.
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