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  1. A 10% share would be £7 million, he has spent way more than that. He had spent over £20 million some years ago.
  2. Beggars can't be choosers, anything is better than nothing. Hughes has put a small fortune into London. If he'd put that money into a ground and a permanent base then they'd be far better off today. I'd also have no issues with the RFL assisting such a move.
  3. That looks really nice now compared to the last time I was in there before this refurb, probably about 5 years ago, when it looked a complete dive. Great to see an old pub on the up again.
  4. O'Brien needs to find his kicking boots for the final. If it's a close game and he kicks like today it could cost Toronto dearly.
  5. Like last year? If they go up it's not going to be the exact same team, they will strengthen as every other promoted team do.
  6. It's not, it's a quite obvious. A coach will pick the best team, Burroughs wasn't part of that. If they are good enough they will play. Blaming it on a quota issue is a complete red herring.
  7. If he was good enough he'd have been playing week in, week out, quota rules or not.
  8. Looks a fantastic day in Toronto. Toronto v Toulouse does have a fantastic ring to it.
  9. If play offs are sudden death then I see little incentive to finish higher up the table. Home advantage certainly isn't the be all and end all.
  10. So you have nothing to back up anything you say with regards to what is paid for Magic and Sky love it no more than any other match they show based on your criteria. That's fine, we'll just disagree on this.
  11. So are Warrington fans saying this is all down to the coach? They still have some quality players, maybe not as strong a squad as 5 years ago but still a strong squad none the less.
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