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  1. I'm not sure why we must always look to tweak the game and perfectly good rules that have caused no issue for decades. Many of the issues in the game come from the unintended knock on effects of previous rule changes or a completely ignoring existing rules to speed up and simplify the game.
  2. With the latest developments this was inevitable.
  3. Several NRL clubs have got rid of cheerleaders so its hardly an unfathomably English thing.
  4. I think these days with Union being openly professional the drugs thing would be completely different now.
  5. Its funny because I'm having similar thoughts and the same kinds of decisions and am swaying heavily towards number 2. I'm definitely getting to the stage where I want to enjoy life more and have more holidays etc rather than forking out a large percentage of income on a mortgage and loans.
  6. Super League tried that once. They then found no one else was interested and had to go back to Sky with their tail between their legs and accept a worse deal than the one they had originally turned down.
  7. That sounds like great news. I'm surprised that French RL could finance this but its great that they can and could really help the game.
  8. 99.79kg for me this week. Sub 100kg again so very happy!
  9. Interesting that you quote another RU troll formerly of these parts, JCXV - I'll add that bit as you deleted it. Is this one of your previous aliases?
  10. Its totally understandable to have this contingency in place. Sometimes though its hard not to think this sport is cursed. Every time it seems to be going somewhere something happens to spoil things.
  11. He reminded me of Andy Powell too and like Powell just looked so off the pace. I have no doubt these guys are fit in their own right in the gym but the demands of Rugby League are far different.
  12. I think for us to have overreacted would be doing something wildly out of proportion to what the vast majority of the rest of the world is doing. As far as I can see we aren't and our response is broadly similar.
  13. I think QoS has been awful for years. I used to love it years ago as a kid but it just seems like its trying to be a lame copy of other comedy quiz type shows now.
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