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  1. Indeed. It is completely different having group games with teams from other countries in genuinely international competitions. Does any domestic cup have group stages?
  2. Games like this do the game no favours. It's like a training exercise.
  3. Ok so I was genuinely intrigued by your figures and everything I have found shows them to be false. There was certainly no drop from 5 million in 1995 to 2.8 million in 1996. There was a drop of 500,000 from 3.3 million to 2.8 million which is hardly on the scale of what you are talking about. There was indeed a much bigger drop from 1992 to 1993 or from 1998 to 1999.
  4. Strange you replied to this and not my reply to you which showed you were talking nonsense. To many he is a nonentity, few have even heard of him and those that have have done so for the wrong reasons or are Cricket fans and/or strangely besotted Cumbrians. You disagree and that's fine.
  5. You obviously aren't if you are asking the question again!
  6. He's a nonentity so why would I like him or not?
  7. Far more people have multi channel TV these days than in 1995. There wasn't even digital TV or streaming then and many still had only 4 channels in 1995. Barely anyone had even heard of the internet. It was a completely different time to now.
  8. As does the FA Cup final. Moving with the times and catering to all tastes does not mean the game has to abandon all traditions and abandon all the things that many people actually enjoy. They are not mutually exclusive. The Grand Final is the polar opposite to the Challenge Cup final and is far removed from any Rugby League stereotype.
  9. Players at 23, 24 and 25 will be playing in the reserves bar injuries in the first team. No one in their right mind would think that a club is going to sign a player for their reserves who is going to get paid more than someone in the first team squad.
  10. The SOO rules are as they are for various reasons. There will always be strange quirks and strange edge cases with any set of rules but its better to have strict rules in my opinion than allowing the vagaries of judgement calls and bias. If you change the rules to allow Keary then you potentially risk not allowing another to represent the state that they consider home and where they have played Rugby League in from the age of 6 or have lived in from the age of 1.
  11. That thought had crossed my mind too, its a classic PP stunt.
  12. The jury is still out on Lomax at test level. He has far from proven anything and offers absolutely no threat or pace at that level.
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