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  1. Any figures I have seen for the cost of reserves have been no where near those amounts and any club that I have seen quote amounts have always been in double figures and sub £100k. For example Wakefield said it cost them £30,000 for a reserve team this year. Wigan said a reserve team would only cost them an extra £60,000.
  2. Sorry that is a completely different argument to that what I had replied to which was that clubs could not afford to. Clubs that receive £1.8 million in funding, of course they can afford it. These are the same clubs that still said they couldn't afford it when their funding was increased by £500,000 in the latest TV deal. Its a very lazy, convenient excuse from clubs. I completely disagree with your second sentence too. There certainly isn't anywhere near as much extra expense as people, who are against reserves, are trying to make out. Most clubs already have many, if not all, the coaches and a good portion of the necessary players anyway. Allowing clubs to retain their players in house, receiving top quality training, being taught good habits etc and playing to their systems and coaching is priceless. As is squad players being able to return from injury in a reserve competition or new signings being able to be introduced in a lower key environment. That is before you even consider the development needs of young players that can develop in a higher level than the u19s against more mature and more physical players.
  3. The development of players like that, and the proper pathways to facilitate that, are what I like to see. When done well like that it is one of the major benefits that the lower leagues and its clubs bring and justifies their funding. Its also a reason not to contract and to have as many clubs as possible covering as many areas as possible.
  4. None of those questions have anything to do with my post or your post that I replied to.
  5. It actually is. If Fev and Keighley can run reserves this season after all the issues that you describe then anyone can. There is certainly no excuse for Super League clubs that receive £1.8 million a year in funding.
  6. Yes I completely agree. A strategically important area and club that can fuel further development in the North East region. It would be great if we could get a few more areas covered in the same way.
  7. That's good to see. Newcastle are obviously a very progressive club who are continuing to grow.
  8. I understand Sky requesting changes but such short notice is ridiculous. In any future TV negotiations Super League should certainly look to regain more control over its schedule and the notice given to changes like this.
  9. The Sydney based players, clubs, coaches and media will obviously do and say anything to maintain their status quo of clubs. More teams outside of NSW please rather than just shuffling one of the few existing ones, in the sixth biggest city too, elsewhere.
  10. Adams speaks well in that interview and correctly points out the issues within the game and particularly players excessively using painkillers like Tramadol.
  11. Absolutely fantastic news which is long overdue.
  12. I can't say that the stadium that Ottawa RL will play at, the Ottawa Redblacks stadium, looks any better than several Super League grounds. A decent stadium no doubt but hardly anything special.
  13. The trouble is that for every Justin Holbrook that comes from the NRL there is a Royce Simmons.
  14. Wigan by some distance Leeds Saints Bradford The biggest disappointment for me has to be Hull. For such a Rugby League hotbed it seems to punch way below its weight.
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