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  1. But not always for the best. Like spitting out their dummies to force the cancelling of the World Cup.
  2. Wakefield have Asus too which I can never quite believe, no offence intended - it just seems an odd fit. Asus have even renewed their initial deal too so they are obviously happy enough with the deal.
  3. A nice read but there seems to be lot of guesswork and some of it seems a wish list. Things like a 2nd NZ side in 2024 isn't going to happen. I would love it if the central premise came true though. It is about time the NRL aggressively targeted NZ to expand both the NRL and international game. They should really start by stop placing the All Blacks on a pedestal in their own articles and eulogising over them whilst talking down their very own Kangaroos.
  4. I actually don't think people outside heartland areas realise what a grip RU had at times, and still has, in schools even in places where RL was king. PE teachers really did use their positions to brainwash and force kids into playing RU. At other schools headmasters point blank refused to let RL be played. When people criticise RL for its limited geography and even lack of infrastructure in its heartlands its impossible to ignore the fact that there are very good reasons that contributed to that which were beyond the games control. Even many RU clubs in the heartlands were formed off the back of ex grammer school pupils where RL lads had been forced to play RU. RL has never had that kind of network to fall back on and has had to fight for everything it has got.
  5. Good post and I absolutely agree. I know that creating an event has become the go to post in recent times but it now seems to have become an awfully vague term and is now fairly meaningless. I absolutely agree that our premium events such as finals and internationals should be huge events with all the money and razzmatazz that we can throw on them. As you rightly say the week to week club games are different. The club needs to focus on doing all of the small things right and giving the customer, i.e the fan and sponsor, a great experience. Community work and fan engagement is key too. Some student tribute band does not create an event and comes across lazy and cheap. I don't think we can get away from the fact that the most important elements are the standard of games and competition, star players and perception. In terms of perception I'd throw in staleness, repetition but I know others see that differently. Games need to be meaningful and crowds and atmosphere matter more than anything. They are what create that vibe. We need the big clubs getting big crowds and the games between them need to become must see events. The game needs to get that vibrancy back. There are a lot of small improvements across the board that snowball as you put them together. That's what gets people through the doors on a weekly basis. In short I see this problem as a competition wide issue and needs addressed as such. I think its clear the powers that be and clubs realise that too. At the moment a lot of the create an event talk seems like trying to polish a ###### and misses why people have become less interested in SL and going to games
  6. Quigs used to post on here. I remember him getting in touch with me on here ages ago, probably early 2000s, to use some stuff on his site.
  7. That doesn't mean no transition is needed. As we have seen time and again even RL players that have gone to Union and come back have been largely terrible and pale imitations of the player they once were. This is a guy who wasn't good enough to get a gig in the NRL the first time around who is again trying to make it.
  8. The key difference is that Salford had no chance to build and capitalise on their success due to Covid. Their Grand Final season was followed by a season decimated by Covid with months of no fans and even their Challenge Cup final appearance at Wembley was in front of no fans. Yes Catalans have done great building over a number of years but the argument you are applying to Salford is a little disingenuous.
  9. Indeed. England v France is just made for playing at a venue in London like Brentfords new ground or QPR. Decent sized stadiums in London and sell the game to people that just want to see England play. As we even see on here England v France is a hard sell to even some RL fans in the North, due to competitiveness as much as anything. Rather than being content with 5k sell it to different people instead. Play it where people want to watch internationals and where people will appreciate some great tries and skills and an England win even if it's by 40 points.
  10. This is an interesting watch from 1901, Oldham v Swinton. An impressive crowd too:
  11. Not at the same time. I'd say about 3. For years when I was a kid Wigan may have only had 1 or 2. I can't recall more than 4 at any one time and even that was the exception.
  12. I agree and that is what I was alluding to. I think with a good 80%-90% of converts we have plugged the gap or produced better ourselves. The real gems from RU would still enhance our game though.
  13. This is it really. Some of the greats of the game came from RU but there were also many complete flops and many who just turned out to be average RL players. Clubs not being able to sign RU players as simply as before has certainly made them focus more on youth development, which is no bad thing.
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