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  1. Absolutely fantastic news. Its great that the majority of chairmen have the foresight not to make a rash short term decision, for once anyway. Its great to see the players finally standing up for themselves too.
  2. Absolutely fantastic news. Its great that the majority of chairmen have the foresight not to make a rash short term decision, for once anyway.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-52843846
  4. Its great to have the NRL. I must say I am most impressed at the level the games have been played as so far, all things considered. It comes across pretty well on TV too even with no fans.
  5. Thats a blast from the past. I never realised blancmange was spelt like that, you learn something new every day!
  6. There is a large element of supply and demand in that though and its comparing apples and pears. Software Engineers, developers and I.T staff are generally in high demand and companies offer a lot of perks, and salary, to attract the right staff. Its a different world to unskilled work.
  7. Yes agreed and that is why I said about them being in a much better situation in the first place to open them and then deal with any issues. We are trying to implement end goals whilst missing out the key requirements and processes to get there.
  8. Worrying to hear the news of some schools being closed again in South Korea so quickly after opening. If a country, that was in a much better position to open them in the first place and deal with issues as they arise, has been forced to do this then it doesn't bode too well for here. This is in addition to new restrictions again on the use of public spaces and tightening of social distancing due to spikes to cases. When South Korea are having these issues you know that things aren't going to be back to normal for a long, long time unless we get a vaccine.
  9. This is interesting and has many implications: Coronavirus infection without symptoms might be more common than previously thought, according to a study of people isolated on a cruise ship during the pandemic. More than 80 per cent of the passengers and crew on the unnamed cruise ship who tested positive for Covid-19 were asymptomatic. The prevalence of the virus on affected cruise ships is therefore likely to be "significantly underestimated", the study published in the journal Thorax concludes. "Strategies are needed to assess and monitor all passengers to prevent community transmission after disembarkation," the Australia-based researchers said. Professor Alan Smyth, joint editor-in-chief of the journal, said the study's results could have implications for the easing of lockdown restrictions if more people than previously thought have already had the virus. Of the 217 passengers and crew on board, 128 tested positive for the virus and of those, 104 patients - 81 per cent - did not have symptoms. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/05/27/cruise-ship-study-shows-80-per-cent-covid-19-cases-board-asymptomatic/
  10. I completely agree but to be honest I'm guilty as hell of using them, out of habit as much as anything. I forget about the whole tax and working conditions stuff until it hits the news then its long forgot about by the time I need something again. Finding and getting almost everything you want is so easy with minimal searching compared to shopping around and in a few clicks its got with little thought. I actually must make a more conscious effort to avoid them when I can.
  11. Nice line here: Rugby league is the lesser-known but infinitely superior form of rugby, and if you like your sport high-octane, occasionally violent, endlessly authentic and frequently spectacular, then you need to tune in this Thursday for the National Rugby League (NRL).
  12. Terrible news. Hope he recovers soon.
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