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  1. I think it is noteworthy too. RL has a long tradition of leaks and unhappy parties speaking to their chums in the media. The fact this isn't happening bodes well and indicates that the vast majority are singing from the same hymn sheet.
  2. That's good because it's boring debating with someone who consistently makes false claims without any basis.
  3. That obviously works both ways though and still doesn't back up the claim made. The Sydney Swans still lost money in 2019 and Penrith and Parramatta still made money and had greater revenue.
  4. If you wish to pick and choose income streams to suit your view that's fine. It doesn't back up your claim though.
  5. This doesn't seem to tally with the financial reports. I thought I'd take a look at the last full year before Covid. In 2020 the Sydney Swans: Revenue: 30,642092 Loss: 6,100,236 In 2020 the Parramatta Eels: Revenue: 67,121,573 Profit: 2,122,165 In 2020 Penrith: Revenue: 132,865,00 Profit: 14,881,000
  6. While its obviously a great honour I'm not sure why the general public would be interested 100+ years later. Yeah sure some RL tragics or history buffs may care but I think in the main the boat has sailed when it comes to interest. I'm not saying that is right or wrong but I think the potential impact of these things is over estimated.
  7. I think most would think that completely free admission to all, not even just a limited number of freebies, was quite relevant.
  8. Before opening this thread my only hope was that it was an outsider with real expertise. As per usual it's a promotion from within and more of the same. Comprehensive search my backside.
  9. So it seems like Wigan will be affected by Elite Sports going into administration:
  10. It's much worse than that I'm afraid, it's actually only 1000 people interested in RL in the whole of the UK outside England. It was the England 21 & France 25 article thread but they do all seem to merge into one.
  11. I'm not sure why that matters and no one has here said it was hidden.
  12. If Wakefield had said that it was that, or some sort of membership scheme, then no one would bat an eyelid. It's the become a shareholder in Wakefield Trinity bit, when in reality it's nothing of the sort, that people rightly are calling out.
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