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  1. 105kg on Monday for me. Sorry forgot to post.
  2. The Wigan team showed what reserves should be all about and showed the immense benefit of reserves both in developing players and providing valuable game time to those returning from injury and those not selected for the first team.
  3. It annoys me that poor 9s attendances are being used as an excuse for no NRL team in Perth. I knew that would be the case. Not everyone is interested in 9s, the figures suggest that many RL fans aren't when 9s events are held in nailed on RL areas like Sydney. Perth has had great State of Origin and NRL game crowds. It is extremely lame to use 9s as an excuse but pretty typical of some RL peoples agendas.
  4. It's not just that though, RU squad sizes are 40 plus due to the need for cover for all the specialist positions. In contrast RL is about 25. That sucks up a lot of the extra salary cap too.
  5. Sad, sad news about Caroline Flack. Its awful that she felt that was her only way out of the situation she was in and that she couldn't get the help, that she obviously needed, in time.
  6. Most Super League sides would provide far sterner opposition than France or Jamaica or indeed England Knights
  7. Mal Meninga seems very keen anyway. Whether that translates to the rest of the NRL remains to be seen.
  8. I think Bob is right about the English competition. I think if Toronto went to the Pro 14 with an enticing offer then it would be a different story.
  9. Literally I had a team established, had training, even got grants from the Council for a festival etc. Without others doing likewise and teams to play against though it unfortunately just fizzled out. A couple of games against sides from the local RAF base was about all I could get going but with their changes in personnel it didn't make things easy. Its pretty hard to encourage people to give up playing in an established Soccer, GAA or RU competition for the odd game here and there. 4 or 5 people doing likewise in other areas and its a different story.
  10. Exactly. Putting pins on a map is all very well but its people doing the hard yards on the ground that is the hard bit. You also need more than one person doing this. The biggest difficulty I had when trying to get a team going in a new area wasn't even setting up a team or getting players. In some ways that was the easy bit. The trouble was the lack of teams to play against and the lack of a proper, meaningful competition to play in that would allow players to concentrate on RL instead of their other sports.
  11. Quite correct. I got so excited by one I didn't even notice the others. An even bigger clap for Newcastle then.
  12. I never said it did. It does however make it more of a Football stadium than a Rugby one which contradicts what you said.
  13. Its great to see a player from Newcastle in there. Great work again by that club.
  14. I'd actually like to see that discount extended to 2 or 3 years to make it more attractive for clubs. Very few converts are anywhere near ready for Super League in their first year anyway.
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