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  1. best game of rugby league i ever seen
  2. what a great game off rugby league drig nearly pulled off the shock of the round with so many players out made wigan st pats fight all the way going down 22-30
  3. you will have to come and watch drig play wigan st pats blackbeard should be a good game m8
  4. same old same old fryston Fryston warrior said earlier in the the post that there left no stone unturned obv left there discipline in the changing room congrats blackbeard hope u had a good nite
  5. when that trickle becomes a drip the s hit will hit the fan marauder
  6. lets hope its a hard but far game that they no brawls and sending offs and good luck to both teams
  7. that's all i meant hg&g cause it comes across that way dont worry hunslet finest we will concentrate on div 2 we will be up there in few years bud
  8. noisy neighbours lol seems to be you that doing all the mouthing hunslet green and gold some better saying nowt in case it back and bites you in the backside
  9. why is there no scores on all matches on all div on there site
  10. well done hcp & gl this season
  11. dont know how they got west bowling to fav for ncl div 3 must know something we dont i think woolston win it this year
  12. you got to remember celtic rooster 30 years ago 80% of the entrents where pub teams them pubs not there any more not help
  13. the draw will be in hull on 5 .1 17 from 7 o clock all the teams that are eligeble are on ladbrokes .com site hope that helps
  14. fixtures are now on the ncl web site
  15. a lot of history between the to clubs