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  1. why is there no scores on all matches on all div on there site
  2. well done hcp & gl this season
  3. dont know how they got west bowling to fav for ncl div 3 must know something we dont i think woolston win it this year
  4. you got to remember celtic rooster 30 years ago 80% of the entrents where pub teams them pubs not there any more not help
  5. the draw will be in hull on 5 .1 17 from 7 o clock all the teams that are eligeble are on ladbrokes .com site hope that helps
  6. fixtures are now on the ncl web site
  7. a lot of history between the to clubs
  8. most of team r like that when u play them at fryston all there want to knock ur heads off show how hard they are
  9. think siddal will put a lot of there ncl team in for this one
  10. were not good enough to beat the aussies thats a fact
  11. same old same old get sick of listening to same excuses heard sameone for 30 years or more
  12. no disrespect to hunslet you had a great year but your disapline lets u down a lot of the times when your moveing up the leagues like ur one thing that needs to be addressed
  13. does anyone know if there is any live stream for todays final
  14. i know where your comeing from green and gold but ncl only seem to pick players from the top 2 diversions better luck next year