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  1. hope there stop paying there players hunsletgrennandgold because that was one of reasons there were so good
  2. brassey

    NCL Division 2

    like pimp said depends on applications because leigh east should have gone down last year but there did'nt
  3. brassey

    NCL League Leaders Award

    very well done hcp hope u make history by going unbeaten
  4. dewsbury moor v drig off
  5. may be not mac dont nothing but rain in west yorkshire for last 2 days then u got snow forcast from tonite and saturday and sunday
  6. cant see any games beating the weather this weekend
  7. hull dockers v drig off
  8. brassey

    New season - it's finally here!

    like neutralfan said cant see any games been played this weekend
  9. brassey

    Challenge cup 2018

    sorry about the wrong info opn post above it been 1st round draw been show on live stream on bbc sports at 7.oo draw is by garth ellis and paul wellens gl all
  10. brassey

    Challenge cup 2018

    the draw tomorrow nite if look on the ladbrokes site see all teams all ncl teams been invited
  11. why is it ridiculous idea when many teams in past used this tactic and won
  12. dont matter one bit what who played this and that are own mistakes cost us the game and a decent rugby brain to take the points on offer when they come along
  13. biggest mistake we made was not takeing the 2 points on offer if had been 6-6 tight game get points on board and ball back
  14. what does bennet see in bateman at no4 hall had a poor world cup due to lack of ball from bateman who just cant pass a ball for life in him