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  1. Do you think superleague clubs would just leave the best player/ star 1/2 back at home when 2 points is so vital ??
  2. Works both ways, do you think we can keep taking & Leeds wouldn't want anything from us !!!
  3. It's only to the end of the season, New Leeds head coach New team of coaches, might not be wanted.
  4. New ground !! Better sign a longer deal, dout cas will see a new ground this century.
  5. I think Widnes could get near 70 .
  6. Only Toronto better, on par with any other team so we'll see.
  7. It might be easy for him to say, but it was bloody difficult for me to read.
  8. More chance of my hair growing back than Leeds getting relegated, & if it happened sky money would drop a lot with the next tv deal & nobody would be laughing then.
  9. Wasn't having a go pal, I totally agree with this post, Just asking if it was Jon Wilkin you were on about.
  10. Wilkins ? Do you mean Jon Wilkin if so I think he's just about won everything in the game, top 2nd row in his day.
  11. Yeah, New coach and 17 New players you could beat anyone. !!
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