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  1. I'am Saving up for a Better Watch, Rolex or Omega, Can't quite make my mind up.
  2. We could try Locky at FB, Ash at 9 and Cam King in the Centre. I know he sometimes wants to move people about !!!...
  3. What about the try under the sticks where he knocks on & Goulding tells the Ref & he says sorry Ash couldn't see from this side & gives it. Swings & Roundabouts pal.
  4. Odsal is a toilet.
  5. No,why should Bradford keep over spending & getting bailed out by other clubs & the R F L. Just cos they've got a few more fans than the likes of Dewsbury, Batley etc , should never have been allowed to go f/t this season.
  6. Though he might go round 1 more year in the championship with his home town club, Wakefield.
  7. Can't have a different opinion on here it seems.
  8. Yeah but people can do what they want to an extent, it's free will and all that or do we have dance to the same tune ??
  9. Do you think superleague clubs would just leave the best player/ star 1/2 back at home when 2 points is so vital ??
  10. Works both ways, do you think we can keep taking & Leeds wouldn't want anything from us !!!
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