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  1. What like Paris,Catalan Dragons,Celtic Crusaders,Toronto & by the looks Ottawa & New York, is that how you get up off your knees ??.
  2. Superleauge was brought in & teams like Oldham,Fev & Keighley removed to help beat the Aussies, we're no where nearer than 25 years ago.
  3. I hate seeing props at 13 & Hodgson is not as good as he thinks or Bennett thinks.
  4. James Corden Susanna Reid James Corden James Corden Phil Bodmer ( bbc look north).
  5. I'am Saving up for a Better Watch, Rolex or Omega, Can't quite make my mind up.
  6. We could try Locky at FB, Ash at 9 and Cam King in the Centre. I know he sometimes wants to move people about !!!...
  7. What about the try under the sticks where he knocks on & Goulding tells the Ref & he says sorry Ash couldn't see from this side & gives it. Swings & Roundabouts pal.
  8. No,why should Bradford keep over spending & getting bailed out by other clubs & the R F L. Just cos they've got a few more fans than the likes of Dewsbury, Batley etc , should never have been allowed to go f/t this season.
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