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  1. http://www.totalrl.com/hunslet-confirm-potts-and-secure-heaton/
  2. Just post on here when you are making a reappearance, and the banners and Banners & Brass Bands will be waiting,#soweshallagain
  3. Time for Lenin to make his re-appearance, job done, no excuses
  4. I heard that they asked Batley and Dewsbury if they wanted to take advantage of the good work that the Leeds Foundation are doing into their area. Thank God they refused the offer, and whoever allowed them into Hunslet wants shooting, whatever happened to the umberella.
  5. As long as your heart and soul is there Lenin, that will do for me
  6. Lenin is back, hold on he is picking his games
  7. motherbenson


    At last year's AGM, Eaton, Watson & Mackay were in attendance, are they HIST members ? if not why were they allowed there.
  8. The Board may cancel it, like Koucash did at Salford last season. More excitement off the field, than on
  9. Personally I wish them all the best with their new identity and change of location, from what I saw on their new fb site their move will be very beneficial with many more pluses than negatives, a definite no brainier of a decision. Done for the good of the group now and in the future.
  10. The girls team were DR with Stanningley, but it seems now the whole section, women's & girls, have become the West Leeds Women's & Girls ARLFC. They are no longer Hawks, they have grown into Eagles, and spreading their wings with more teams at various age groups.
  11. Loved the singing and banter between the 2 sets of fans, but thought that the drummer boy was very inconsiderate and immature to bang it while our Dance Academy were trying to dance to the music, which he managed to drown. This self funding group work hard in training perfecting their dance moves to have just a small slot pre match & half time. Some of them are probably as young as 5 year old and I hope that next time the idiot bangs his drum, he can do it while the players are on the park, so as not to spoil someone's hard work and endeavour.
  12. motherbenson


    Stanley Rangers according to NCL web site http://www.nationalconferenceleague.co.uk/club/2270-stanley-rangers, has scored twice in 3 games so far.
  13. Eaton may be trying to find his best team without DR, as they will effectively be cup tied after round 23, if my interpretation of the complex RFL rules are correct.
  14. motherbenson


    Nothing out of order by not being able to attend by not being a member, all AGM's I believe have a similar format. After all what is £15 to someone who is so passionate about his club, to be able to get your views over to the people to whom your views concern, simples
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