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  1. BARLA always kept the running Yorkshire Cup competition to themselves purely because of the income a final would bring to their coffers. The massive gates were achieved by the marketing, timing, venue and obviously the finalists themselves Sadly with the neglect of the competition by the organisers, gates of 2500 plus are a thing of the past.
  2. Yes of course you're allowed to think that way Jim even though with your straightforward talking you lend your thoughts to a wider audience. However my thoughts are that it looks as though many NCL playing teams are looking for a meaningful knockout competition which encompasses any amatuer team that plays in any league, regardless of whether it's RFL derived or a volunteer orientated league. I also think that if the BARLA National Cup continues to attract teams that play in the NCL competition, then the powers that be may just recognise the trend and be reluctant to rock the boat by imposing any scuppering sanctions.
  3. Nice statistics Jim, which I'm sure will be pleasing to some. More pleasing however, is the wide geographical, spread across the "Three Counties" that does bring a more national feel to the competition. It's also very encouraging to see many NCL teams overcoming obstacles to put a team in what has proved to be, the premier knockout competition within amatuer rugby league.
  4. What a joke! Over the last five or six years the Yorkshire County ARL has gone from zero to hero with the efforts of hard working secretary Ian Greenwood and Chair Graham Brearley who brought in sponsors and gave the county new dynamics. Sadly, these "Unexpected resignations," were brought about solely by BARLA's covet, orientated, meddlings. It will now be very difficult to locate a pulse in the set up, under the temporary stewarding? of, the individuals put in place by BARLA to take the County forward, Well at least they will be saddled blessed with a top media manager
  5. Top man Jackie Reid who be fondly remembered by many. God bless you Jackie
  6. I saw the film. It would be good to see a fraction of that Spartucus breed step forward
  7. Totally agree with all your points Taxi and yes the time has certainly come for a re-invention. Sadly as you state, many good people - those with the game's interests at heart - have walked away for various reasons. However there must remain enough people at various points of the three counties and beyond, who feel strong enough to lend their voice to a new movement with the common goal of developing and safeguarding the community game. It's nigh on impossible to get a coherent sentence from the toothless tiger never mind any guidance or support for its' remaining members. So it's imperative that this once great association is now replaced, as it has failed the amateur/community game, leaving it totally devoid of a strong, unified voice.
  8. Sadly, judging by this recent reply (below) on the subject from the BARLA secretary, no; I have been saying this for the last 3 years, There was 5 u18`s teams that fulfilled their fixtures last year and 6 the year before, that’s 6 teams going into 130 open age clubs in Yorkshire & Hull. Last year 5 teams and these teams are not a full 25-30 players, they are barely existing. Sorry to say but the open age amateur game is dying and will continue to die, this is not just due to super league clubs taking the best players but the way of life for youth. Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones and biggest killer is the games consoles. Kids no longer play out like they did many years ago as there is soo much to do at home and you very rarely see a group of kids kicking a ball around on a field anymore. Years ago kids went out as there was nothing to do at home, now there is 300 channels on TV including sport, Games you can play with your mate at the other side of the country and talk to him at the same time, computers you can talk to people on as with facebook. Sorry but Rugby League like football and union is declining fast. Regards Phil
  9. Have a look at BBC Leeds' Tanya Arnold - a good looker with a man's voice
  10. Considering that Brian Smith and Rugby 13 Federation of Serbia have concluded an agreement, under which Smith will assume the role of Advisor Coaching Staff of the Serbian national team, it's a fair bet that Trinity will be requiring the services of a Serbian/English translator for the coming season.
  11. All the very best to you Pat and maybe I'll see you at West Hull on Saturday
  12. I'll bet Lionel advised Sheffield Eagles in the 1998 Challenge Cup
  13. You're dead right O O, what a side step he showed to the kick and clap question
  14. It's better than what he did in his shorts in Italy
  15. What time/programme was this on, maybe I could catch it on iplayer before the main event
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