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  1. Tom Johnstone

    Is it not possible to admire both players? Surely we can be excited about Johnstone but acknowledge he's still not the finished article yet and can improve? Briscoes had a great career and was/is a talrnted player, Johnstone is still in the infancy of his career. What's the issue?
  2. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    I'd hardly consider Toronto a higher power
  3. Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    Where's are the players coming from for these teams if we were just to grant them a sl licence straight from the off? As we've seen with Toronto and other expansion teams in the past they either come from the lower end sl players/ top end championship players or are reserve grade ozzies. You mention a koukash type benefactor but if we use Salford as an example, this is a well established heartlands team with a rich rl history already in sl, koukash put millions into the club trying to bring success on and off the field, trying to increase the fanbase and tap into the Manchester market. It didn't work and eventually koukash left because the success didn't come fast enough for him and the club is no better now than before he arrived. That's gonna be one of the problems with rich benefactors, they will want overnight success and if it doesn't happen fast enough they will get bored and leave, they aren't just going to want to throw money away. I agree that the game needs to move forward but as it stands the money isn't there and neither is the player pool. Thinking that there are investors out there ready to pump loads of money into big city teams with little to no chance of recouping their investment is just pie in the sky stuff IMO, for these clubs to take off and be viable without damaging the game and other clubs we need someone to invest from the ground up in these areas and the rfl don't have the money to do that. If someone can tell me how we can do that realistically then fair enough, I just don't see how it can be done at this moment in time when the game is already struggling in rugby league areas at junior and amateur levels.
  4. Putting fact at the end of a sentence doesn't make it so. Fact.
  5. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Can't believe walmsley isn't in there, been an absolute beast this year
  6. Kevin Larroyer Banned

    Never get why people use this argument, most things that happen on a rugby field would be illegal on the street. Rush of blood in heat if battle, he's got what he deserves. Stop the hysteria
  7. Who was the old guy who used to bring the kicking tee on for Sean long and what was the story behind it? I seem to remember commentators mentioning it a few times
  8. Who's your bet to replace Stevo?

    Am I the only one who wants barrie and Terry to take over as main commentators. They've got that max and paddy feel to them
  9. So what would you have the part time teams like fev and Batley do just roll over whenever they come up against teams like Bradford. Get a grip
  10. Where have leeds forced this arrangement on fev? Have leeds been forcing players on fev? Show us the facts
  11. But you're making out that fev are at the beck and call of Leeds and thats simply not true, Leeds haven't been sending players down to regain form or fitness or for game time, as far I can see we've had one player on loan for the season and the rest have been used as cover mostly for injuries as you can see by the amount of game time they've had. Its not the best system but and not everyone is a fan of it but you're twisting the facts to suit you're own agenda which to me just seems to be to have a dig at Fev for whatever reason. What is your issue with it and why are you so stuck on wanting everyone to call fev leeds A team?
  12. So 7 players all season amounts to an A team? No wonder leeds got rid of theirs, they didn't have enough players to put a full team out
  13. Do Warrington see him as a hooker going forward or do you think he'll get a chance in the halves
  14. Salary cap row - Wire distance themselves

    Where have I said that?? All I have said is that rebel is a strong term and that the clubs that are being called rebels haven't really acted that way, at least in public, and I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that they're behaving that way behind the scenes either. How have you come to the conclusion that I'm suggesting they should be picketing red Hall
  15. Salary cap row - Wire distance themselves

    I've not said they aren't bothered just that rebel is a strong term IMO