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  1. Who was the old guy who used to bring the kicking tee on for Sean long and what was the story behind it? I seem to remember commentators mentioning it a few times
  2. Am I the only one who wants barrie and Terry to take over as main commentators. They've got that max and paddy feel to them
  3. So what would you have the part time teams like fev and Batley do just roll over whenever they come up against teams like Bradford. Get a grip
  4. Where have leeds forced this arrangement on fev? Have leeds been forcing players on fev? Show us the facts
  5. But you're making out that fev are at the beck and call of Leeds and thats simply not true, Leeds haven't been sending players down to regain form or fitness or for game time, as far I can see we've had one player on loan for the season and the rest have been used as cover mostly for injuries as you can see by the amount of game time they've had. Its not the best system but and not everyone is a fan of it but you're twisting the facts to suit you're own agenda which to me just seems to be to have a dig at Fev for whatever reason. What is your issue with it and why are you so stuck on wanting everyone to call fev leeds A team?
  6. So 7 players all season amounts to an A team? No wonder leeds got rid of theirs, they didn't have enough players to put a full team out
  7. Do Warrington see him as a hooker going forward or do you think he'll get a chance in the halves
  8. Where have I said that?? All I have said is that rebel is a strong term and that the clubs that are being called rebels haven't really acted that way, at least in public, and I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that they're behaving that way behind the scenes either. How have you come to the conclusion that I'm suggesting they should be picketing red Hall
  9. I've not said they aren't bothered just that rebel is a strong term IMO
  10. I just think it's smith answering a question and being diplomatic about it tbh. To me it seems he's saying he disagrees with teams cheating and gaining unfair advantages as he's been the victim of this as a coach and thats why he's brought up Bradford. How this can be stretched to say that he's supporting Koukash and having a pop at Green I really don't know but you can interpret it any way you want.
  11. I think rebels is a strong term to use. They voted against the current system fair enough but they haven't exactly been picketing outside the red Hall offices since then, they haven't been that vocal at all really except for koukash
  12. Regarding marwan and moran being in cahoots with each other, as it stands that is something you have made up, it's made up conjecture. You have said in your opinion marwan name dropping moran is all very calculated and shows they are in allegiance with each other, but you haven't posted any evidence of this so Dave is right in calling you on it. You constantly posted about moran and marwan being in league together like it was fact then when you were asked to provide evidence you wouldn't answer the question and then changed stance to say it was just opinion. If it's opinion expect it to be challenged
  13. No the rumours are the off the field issues he's supposed to be having. And although only rumours at the minute given his track record and past issues perhaps the rumour is correct. So can any leigh fans shed some light on it?
  14. Just wondered if any leigh fans could shed any light on chase? First he was out with the flu despite consistent rumours to the contrary, now it's a hip injury. Is he actually injured or is there something in the rumours? Also if he's not out injured but having off the field issues would this then make jukes a liar, something which he takes great offence at being accused of?
  15. I think the club needs to look at hiring a new press officer to help with putting out statements because the recent ones have been poorly worded and don't look professional which isn't helping leigh or the chairman's image