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  1. No idea if it's a new team or a rename of the Stags but there's a 'Mirfield ARLFC' Facebook page with the following update on Feb 5th: "Mirfield ARLFC today announces Tom Coates and Mikey Otty as the first two members of the new club’s management team. The pair will be joined on the management team by Mirfield's two new coaches, whose identities will be revealed in due course. Tom (left) and Mikey (right) both have long associations with the old club as players and served on the committee throughout its last season. Tom has experience working in the sport in several commercial and marketing roles, including for the RFL, while Mikey has helped to manage and coach teams at grassroots and junior level. In a joint statement, they said: “We’re both proud to play our part in helping rugby league to thrive in Mirfield. “People like Richard Silverwood, Ryan Sparks, Phil Taylor-Guck, Frank Middleton and many, many more have dedicated countless hours towards achieving that same goal and our aim is to build on the foundations they’ve established. “We have ambitions in lots of areas, but our first objective is to build up a community of players who are committed to helping us establish the club, and we’ve been very pleased with the initial response. “We’re also extremely grateful to have already received the backing of several local businesses and others wishing to support the future of rugby league in Mirfield. "We’ll have some announcements to make on that front very shortly, as well as news on our pitch, clubhouse and training base. “We’re also excited as a club to shortly announce the coaching team. Both coaches have played at professional level, including one who reached the very top of the game, and both have direct connections to Mirfield.” Would you like to help or support the club? Email hello@mirfieldrl.com. Mirfield ARLFC" Copy and pasted from the Facebook page. So seems there is a Mirfield team.
  2. I was thinking that. The only ones I can come up with are stupid: "I was swinging my arms around with a clenched fist and the refs face accidently connected with it."
  3. Potential PR opportunity to officially invite those 6 football clubs to join our Superleague?
  4. For me its a simple matter. Toulouse or Fev. Why? Go back to the last completed season. Toronto went up as winners. Fev were playoff runners up. Toulouse finished 2nd in the league to Toronto. In my eyes that gives these to clubs the first option. If both want it then you need to start looking at criteria etc to decide who gets the spot. Neither want it and you then look at the other options.
  5. Just had a play about with the settings on my Sky Sports account. Currently get all the Sky Sports channels for the standard price. Looking at my settings they do a select a channel type thing: 1 channel £10less a month 2 channels £6 £10less a month 3 channels £2less a month Get it all £20less a month This excludes any special deals you can find online/phoning them threatening to quit.
  6. Anyone else see My Son The Fanatic on BBC4 last night? Only caught part of it and will be watching it fully next time its on. Very interesting film in todays context. Bearing in mind it was out 2 years before East is Easy, its supposed to be a Comedy but in todays world i read it as a part Comedy and part people trying to warn wider society what could happen in future (and has in a lot of areas).
  7. Not read the full thread so may have been posted already but an interesting bit of how to give your team a half time telling off by Neil Warnock in 1995: Warning, strong language.
  8. Following this up the best tasting is in Coventry apparently: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/coventry-taps-into-mineral-wealth-for-uks-tastiest-water-8595496.html
  9. Was about 10-15 in the freezer at approx 3:00pm this afternoon in their Mirfield store as i checked when picking Nephew up from school. Chances are this will not help you but shows there are still some in some of their stores for other users. One thing i did spot in their frozen section was full Goose, down to £17.99, down from £19.99 for anyone wanting an alternative to Turkey this Christmas. Do recommend myself.
  10. Surprisingly Lidl. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2232411/Discount-supermarket-Lidl-branded-tasteless-angry-parents-selling-REINDEER-steaks-run-Christmas.html No idea of quality but do keep an eye out myself for the offers in Lidl. For instance i was not too keen on the Moose Leg Steaks last year but loved the Ostrich Steaks before that but the Ostrich has not been repeated, if it ever does I will be stocking up.
  11. Internet dating anyone? Bet some Totalrl.com forum users are in this bunch: http://thechive.com/2012/06/05/dating-profiles-that-may-have-missed-their-mark-25-photos/
  12. Not available for copyright reasons. Try: http://www.historica...com $79.99 for full access though.....
  13. I am guessing the link has changed somewhat because i get some gay leaning song called "What What (in the butt" which i had to turn off after a min or so of waiting for a clock.
  14. Belgium boring? Push to add drama... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMMDaq3EWUY
  15. On the same lines. link may have been already posted in this thread but cannot be bothered checking: http://www.howitshouldhaveended.com/videos How it should have ended.
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