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  1. I apologise again for your lack of understanding.
  2. Do keep up. If you look at my post. I responded to your post which I quoted. I apologise for you not being able to follow.
  3. *Hits head against wall* You want to show a more viable alternative to the current system, fully funded? Seriously there are club bosses who would like you to show them how to do this. Come on show us your figures.
  4. Fair point. Spending beyond your means however does lead to financial difficulty. Hence why we have a salary cap. I wonder why my local Sunday league football club did not sign Messi to solve the problem of recent poor results....
  5. Scrap the salary cap and bust themselves in the process? It's got to be done in a financially viable way. Spot on with getting more kids playing through. Simple numbers game. Get an extra number of kids into the game and given ok coaching some will be a bit better and rise to the top. Hence why in the heartlands we get amateurs who have lots of teams at junior level supplying players to the top of the game consistently.
  6. Ok not looking good for WWR but why are we not congratulating the amateurs who beat them? It is a great day for that club.
  7. Ok so we decide to disband Warrington, Wigan and St Helens and suddenly in their place appears massively wealthy clubs in globally recognised cities? Back in the real world all you have done there is taken thousands of real fans away from the game. Cut off a reliable source of a good number of future Super League players. What's your cut off point? Ban clubs from cities below one million? Five million? How about we do look to expansion but not at the expense of existing clubs. Then again in the real world these global city teams do not exist. I hope you are right and they will one day but the existence of the mentioned teams will have little impact on the likelihood of it happening.
  8. I'd be worried about burnout of players after the 5 day season for this. Especially if they squeezed international games between Good Friday and Easter Monday.
  9. Ok then. Let reverse the idea. A break between New Years day and Boxing Day. With the season running the rest of the year. ?
  10. A pity that you are now not going to make the wedding. ?
  11. Back to the thread, had a few decent ales at home with Sunday lunch. Now on something called 'coors' in my local amateur club with the two worst sides in SL on TV.
  12. Nice and I do recommend the Lidl brews in general. Made by major brewers but still good for the money: https://www.ratebeer.com/forums/lidl-hatherwood-beers-brewed-at-shepherd-neame_294496.htm
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