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  1. In an act of Solidarity I would like Radford to see out his contract. Only right thing to do.
  2. And you choose to comment on my post that was clearly a joke, your just a Jealous Guy.
  3. Probably to give your amusing Grand Final winning dreams more credibility,Catalans being a team you might just beat. Obsession still the perfume you use west of the River.
  4. You really do defend the indefensible. You are clinging on to fifth,but may scrape into the play offs. But to talk about a Grand final (win) you need to win a set of games. Do that and you would have a Grand Final winner with the worst defeats ever in a title winning season. Research that whilst watching the mighty Robins underperforming tonight!
  5. Or was it the fast lad? With predictive text and an inability to check before pressing send wtf knows!
  6. The point re the Ref,spoilt by predictive text ,was that Kendall was a clown v Castleford and yet the RFL impose the same Ref the following week. Totally unnecessary but frequently done. We have enough Refs to keep their relationship with a team and its fans. Who allocates the Refs each week?
  7. Fortunately the video on You Tube has the 20metre line to give context,George Williams throwing movement is clearly forward (not over,under,sideward, down) and the singer who scored off the next fast had to stretch to get it. Other than that Kendall was our ref for the second week after an awful displayers piously and Child's was running the line and had to turn his head to catch up with the direction of the ball. This vr evidence clearly avoids any anti Wigan bias or argument that we were sore losers,just peer off that yet again the RFL seem unable to provide a different Ref each week!
  8. No,it was a Wembley winner. Norton never managed that with Hull!
  9. Oh you disbeliever . KR10 SFC. Funnily there are versions of S (italics etc) that make S look very much like an 5. In fact petrol station and car park cameras will read a 5 as an S. For several years a red Chevrolet carried my plate as a 5. Parked at the KC on Derby Day! All my other plates are legally compliant,correctly spaced and lettered. Anyone want CY11MRU? Saw HU11 BOS parked behind my Apartment in Benidorm last week,must have been a Saddo though as had Tigers and Old Faithful stickers.
  10. Old Forgetful thanks for the nudge! View from my "cell" in Benidorm. However I was there on Sunday to see the Bobbins and Maguire!
  11. Tried to buy SA11 NTS at auction 2 years ago,also HU11 CTY but my bids of £3000 failed, HU11 CTY went for £57,000! Do have HU11 KRL and HU11 KKR . Met a hero from the Wembley 1980 team at Humber Sesh, KR10 5FC may soon be up for transfer lol.
  12. I proudly sport KR10 5 FC but also hold HU11 FFC and HU11 HKR amongst my collection should anyone want to make an offer!
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