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  1. I do find people saying about the North having more in common with Scotland than London/Home Counties amusing. I think you could maybe better argue that Scotland should link up with London/Home Counties as they had a similar percentage of voters voting for Remain. A reminder of where voted in favour of leave and remain http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36616028
  2. I think ignoring the fact it took Canada 7 years is quite dangerous, I view that as a warning. The standards may be equivalent now but unless we are happy to be governed by EU rules in future there is no guarantee they will remain equivalent which is what will be required. Also, a lot of these standards are the "pesky" EU rules that we are apparently trying to rid ourselves of. International diplomacy and trade deals are hard and to assume otherwise feels naïve to me.
  3. I think the bottom one is the previous version of the table. The Sydney teams have the same in both but all the rest have moved by one win/loss
  4. You don't make a statement like they have on the website unless it is beyond all repair. It's pretty antagonistic and Wire are usually pretty PR savvy. I agree that if possible you give someone else the 7 shirt PDQ (and I see no reason for it not to be Patton) as that makes the statement there isn't a hole then. I wonder if Wire are pushing for some sort of compensation or if he has had any salary advance as the retaining registration must have a reason behind it; I'd certainly hope it isn't out of spite.
  5. I think that's also because doing 77 on the A1 isn't actually that dangerous (assuming it was a dual carriageway) providing you leave enough distance, but most people don't. Accidents are far more likely on low speed limit urban roads than they are on dual carriageways and the impact of speeding on accidents is massive on those urban roads, plus you're more likely to encounter a vulnerable road use (pedestrian/cyclist).
  6. The train station of Stratford is the same station as Stratford tube (used to go through there every day). They may well have assumed that you were confused thinking Stratford train station is different to the tube rather than being after Stratford International. As I left there was a big illuminated sign saying Stratford right, Stratford International (via shopping centre) left which seemed pretty clear to me. Queue was quick enough too and if you end up at one you can always walk past the shops through the shopping centre to the other (via Tap East if you so wish).
  7. Don't think anyone has come back on this. You use chocolate malts in your IPA to give it the dark colour. More common for the American style IPAs with lots of aromatic hops, alternatively you could look at it like a porter with the bittering hops switched out for lots of aromatic hops, particularly US and Aus/NZ ones.
  8. Walkabout has it on every screen and commentary through sound system in case anyone is looking in future.
  9. I'm in Reading today meeting some mates and wondered if anyone knew of a place likely to be showing the England v New Zealand game. Thanks in advance. I suppose worst case scenario is pub with wifi in my iPad
  10. Also the idiot who ran onto the pitch to congratulate the Craig Hall. He's not going to want that in the current game situation. Especially given he didn't actually score.
  11. It's not material to the result but doesn't the reach out at the end make that a double movement? He was tackled and ball carrying arm hit the ground.
  12. Have to say I completely agree with this. Lib Dems have something to sell here and don't seem to be making the most of it. To be fair, it may be getting drowned out by all the Leadership contest noise so have to hope they will get on to it when thinks quieten down a bit next week. I think there are a lot of "always Lib Dem in locals" people and they need to find a way to build on that by saying they can take the successes there to Westminster. Unfortunately though for their traditional constituency they are now a bit toxic because of 2010-2015. Ironically I think if Clegg hadn't been involved then he would actually be making great points now and would be the ideal person to bring people in but they've lost the ability for him to do that and neither Farron nor the other 6 strike me as media savvy.
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