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  1. And how have the French been treated differently to those two??
  2. Are you starting a ‘French in the NRL’ thread…???
  3. They probably were, but the Anglo-Welsh fixtures were very important to them. More so than playing the likes of Harlequins, Rosslyn Park et al.
  4. Not so sure. If the Welsh clubs had switched to RL, then the South West English clubs would probably have followed. The likes of Gloucester, Bristol, Bath etc would’ve switched to maintain their popular cross border fixtures. Then followed by the Midlands clubs, leaving the RFU with a rump of elitist South East clubs. The strongest Welsh and English clubs would be playing NU/RL. If the rest of the Unions wanted meaningful International competition they would have had to consider following suit.
  5. https://wrl.wales/south-wales-leagues-to-kick-off-on-june-1 Bristol invited as well.
  6. As far as I'm concerned the referee should be the sole arbiter of the game. The Video Ref is there to assist. What really bugs me is when they look for stuff that they haven't been asked to look at. Last night for Giants 2nd try, the Ref asked for on side off side at the kick and grounding. That is it as far as i'm concerned. The Ref is obviously happy with everything else. The VR then goes on to check whether there was a knock on, going over and over again, wasting so much time. It happens all the time, the VR looking for stuff that the Ref hasn't asked for. It's tedious. "Can you give me another angle......." etc,etc.....The NRL are so much quicker in reaching a decision.....
  7. Was on the plane with him travelling back from Carcassonne when he was on his way to his loan move to Whitehaven. He was hunched up at the front waiting for everyone to get on before he took his seat at the front. Even then, his knees were up around his ears.
  8. Not 100% sure. He was involved with RGC, the North Wales RU development region as a youngster, so not sure about him being brought up in Preston.
  9. Gil Dudson, Cardiff born. Josh Lynch, Colwyn Bay I believe. Harry Hayes, the Grandson of GB forward Merv Hicks
  10. Harsh…….he’s played 4 games, game 4 he didn’t complete. 61 tackles made, 92.4% tackle rate. 153 metres average run per game. 64m average post contact. Bit soon to say he’s struggling. What is he struggling with?
  11. Fascinating article from Tony Collins about Leicester Tigers. From page 33. Follow the links. https://tony-collins.squarespace.com/rugbyreloaded/2021/5/24/rugby-reloaded-167-how-leicester-tigers-saved-english-rugby-union
  12. To miss one boat is unfortunate, two miss more than one looks like carelessness………..to paraphrase Oscar Wilde……..
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