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  1. Players are actually playing the ball correctly..... I wonder how long that will last???
  2. I remember picking up Hector outside a north London tube station to take him to one of our London Amateur League games on a Sunday. What he achieved in elevating the Skolars to the Rugby League pro/semi pro levels is nothing more than outstanding. He deserves some recognition from the game. An incredible proponent of the sport.
  3. I’ve dug out a bit of info from Feb last year. Sent to me from someone close to the club......”Herbie has clock 9.8m per second week before last.The fastest time this season at the club. then last week he up the stakes by clocking 10m per second the third fastest recorded in the NRL from this and last season. He will get stronger and faster....”.
  4. So where does that leave all the players that are not Lancs or Yorkshire? You might not have noticed but, Rugby League is not confined to’The Pennines’ these days. What about Cumbrian lads, London products etc ??
  5. Am I right in saying that TWP achieved that win using only 14 players for the 80mins. Wallace, Lussick and Gigot not getting off the bench?
  6. Been watching all night on the iPad. Not an issue all game. Streaming quality spot on. I'm happy enough with the app.
  7. Yes. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/toronto-confirm-re-signing-of-quinn-ngawati/
  8. Thanks for recognising a good question........how about an answer? Do you think that NYCRL should give up because in your words, “They have bitten off more than they can chew”. Just like the London clubs. I’m glad that you think that Broncos and Skolars should carry on. What about New York?
  9. Therefore, you must be of the same opinion that the backers/promoters of NYCRL should not give up........No ???
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