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  1. Was at this one. Always wanted to see the full game over again. Record set.
  2. Should be even better this time round with a bit more prep at centre. Broncos/Norths Devils been running him on the wing for the last 4 years. Got thrown in at the deep end against the Knights.
  3. Yeah, but what does he KNOW about Rugby League? ?
  4. I think I’d be whinging and moaning at his teammates current form ?? That and leaving East Lancashire for Brisbane.....
  5. Yeh but what does he know about Rugby League ?
  6. Bit different to Widdop, who I believe emigrated to Australia with his family. Herbie started to go out to Australia during school summer holidays when he was 14, with the sole intention of carving a career in the NRL. Started playing with Burleigh Bears and was spotted by Broncos. His family are still here in Lancashire.
  7. Definitely English (Pic. England U-16) Burnley born and bred. I agree with Hela Wigmen, Broncos are woeful at the moment, so he’s not getting much opportunity with the ball. In his first start at centre, I think he showed up well defensively, keeping the latest Aussie wonderkid, Bradman Best pretty quiet. 16 tackles made, 2 missed. When he came close to scoring late in the second half, he showed some good footwork and it was either Greg Alexander or Corey Parker who said that he’d been ‘very good’ tonight. You’re entitled to your opinion that he was pretty poor though. I disagree. I don’t think his versatility is doing him any favours at the moment. He could do with a run at one position (Centre). Also, hopefully the Broncos form improves and we’ll see a bit more from him offensively.
  8. I agree with your second sentence. With all due respect, I’ll go with Trent Robinson’s and Shaun Wane’s opinion of him rather than yours.
  9. Herbie Farnworth in demand and Wane has got his eye on him. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/broncos/nrl-2020-brisbane-broncos-transfer-news-herbie-farnworth-trent-robinson-sydney-roosters/news-story/768da1d8dc8730f9bd2531975a886f41
  10. Farnworth anonymous again... Obviously I’m a bit biased. But. He always goes looking for work. We’ve not seen him in any decent attacking positions yet. I don’t think he’s received a pass from Boyd yet. I think Boyd was fortunate to score when he should have put Farnworth away. From what I remember of the game only one attacking kick came his way. Understandably given the success that Coates was having on the right wing. Nearly all his work is done in his own half. He always puts himself on offer bringing the ball out of his own 20, often more than once in a set of six. 167 metres from 16 carries, second only to Payne Haas in post contact metres made with 72m. I think he’s doing very well considering how the Broncos are doing at the moment. Watch this space ?
  11. So who do you think should be generating that publicity?
  12. I’m just over half way listening to in during some car journeys. The interviewer seemed very pally with Sam and went to great pains to point out how he defended him and his abilities when chatting with his union ‘Chums’ who criticised Sam. I’m enjoying it so far.
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