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  1. Mayfield.........Rochdale Mayfield in the away dressing room
  2. Is the Huddersfield squad any stronger than TWP, or Wakefield or HKR .? Just asking !!
  3. Apart from the game v St Helens on Feb 29th at Saracens RU ground.
  4. Looking at Red Willows screenshot. It’s the .com version he’s accessed.
  5. Tragic story. Can’t imagine what his family and he is going through. Nigel Owens is the ref.
  6. I’ve been sharing this on various platforms on RL sites that I’m on. Can I please post this on here ? A Rugby Union club, Skipton RFC, local to me is fundraising. Many of us started out in Union before switching codes. But which code you favour is totally irrelevant here. This little lad was running around with a rugby ball in his hand not so long ago. Now he and his family are going to face some immense challenges in the future. This is 7 year old Luke Luke is one of our budding 7 year old rugby players, a bundle of joy who even at a young age had embraced life and everyday was a happy day. His whole family was part of the our rugby club, with Adam coaching many age grade youngsters and Christine, running the children’s rugby kit recycling stall, so that the young boys and girls, always had the right gear to play and train in. However, whilst the rest of us were buying and wrapping presents ready for Christmas, their family’s life was turned upside down. On the 13th Dec 2019 Luke fell ill with Meningococcal Meningitis. Meningococcal Meningitis is a bacterial disease which if not treated early is a killer. Luke was rushed to hospital and with the fantastic work of our nurses, doctors and specialist care teams Luke was transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital Luke’s and his young life was saved, however the disease has taken its toll on his little body. Over the last 28 days Luke has endured many hours of surgery to remove both hands, left at mid forearm and right just below the elbow, he has also lost both legs at the knee. He has proven he is a fighter, however his life and the life of his mum, dad and his 10 year old big brother will never be the same. Luke and his family will now face many challenges, and to help them with this we will be organising and hosting many fundraising events. We hope that each and everyone of you will support us. Please contact Brian Brocksom if you want to help in anyway. Our justgiving page is open. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/john-firth?utm_term=agz7NZ58W
  7. GB Police play all over mainly north of England. No home venue as such. Played at Wigan St. Judes, Stanningley, Rochdale Mayfield, even Odsal and Headingley. According to their Facebook page, Challenge Cup fixture TBA.
  8. Could well have been a success in Wales off the back of that World Cup. If South Wales had got the nod for Super League instead of Gateshead. I wonder what the Super League clubs saw in Gateshead that they didn’t see in Wales??
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