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  1. How very dare they........you can’t be going round enjoying yourselves, watching Rugby League outside “the Heartlands”.
  2. Been playing centre for Norths in the last few weeks. I thought that was what Brisbane had in mind.
  3. Or there could be an even better prospect than Jack Walker waiting in the wings, who at the moment is having his progress blocked by said Walker. You have actually responded though, chwarae teg. I don’t agree with you though
  4. So are you saying that all of the players who are ‘on holiday ‘ with TWP have not been replaced by others at their former clubs? I didn’t mention infrastructure or expansion. I highlighted the fact, yes fact, that for every player that has gone to TWP this has given an opportunity for another to replace them at their former club. Am I wrong ?
  5. What? All of them ? I’m sure TWP still have some players/coaches/staff on their books.
  6. I have put forward this point before, as have others. But, you have never responded. For every player/coach/assistant coach that TWP ‘steal’ from the English game, it creates an opportunity for a young player etc. to fill that space. Therefore, TWP are delivering players to the pro and semi pro game over in England. In a round about way of course. Am I wrong ? Or am I a bit simple ?
  7. An emotional Herbie receiving his debut shirt from Brian Foley. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2019/07/06/broncos-bright-future-on-display-against-sharks/
  8. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2019/07/05/farnworths-nrl-dream-becomes-reality/ Interview with Herbie ahead of his debut.
  9. They didn’t even know he was English when initially picked for Queensland. His position is fullback but Broncos were always going to introduce him to first grade on the wing. As i’v posted before, he’s played a few games for Norths in the centre. I doubt that that would happen without Broncos say so. Exciting times ahead for him, i’m Chuffed for the lad. He’s worked so hard to get this far.
  10. In the grand scheme of things maybe not. But there are enough locally to cause a great deal of problems.
  11. UK national daily’s starting to take notice. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/meet-herbie-farnworth-ex-manchester-17372149
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