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  1. GB Police play all over mainly north of England. No home venue as such. Played at Wigan St. Judes, Stanningley, Rochdale Mayfield, even Odsal and Headingley. According to their Facebook page, Challenge Cup fixture TBA.
  2. Could well have been a success in Wales off the back of that World Cup. If South Wales had got the nod for Super League instead of Gateshead. I wonder what the Super League clubs saw in Gateshead that they didn’t see in Wales??
  3. Agreed, it’s not the best location. But, I think one of the reasons they set up there was the owner was involved with Celtic Warriors Union side. And when they were cut by the WRU, it was to fill the void (I know it’s different seasons) and stick two fingers up to the WRU.
  4. South Wales RLFC finished sixth in the Second Division in 1996. Games were played at Talbot Athletic Ground Aberavon, one game was played at Morfa Stadium Swansea against Bramley RLFC and all the games for the second half of the season were at Cardiff Arms Park. The first home game played at Aberavon on 31st March 1996 saw an attendance of 1,876, when the club played Hull Kingston Rovers. Unfortunately for South Wales they lost 70-8. Crowds fluctuated depending upon where the club played, and the last home game of the season saw a crowd of only 400 witness the club defeating York RLFC 20-16 at Cardiff Arms Park. Due to the reasonable success of the club and their geographical location the club had high hopes that it would be awarded a Super League franchise. A case was put forward and although it was accepted by the RFL, it was rejected by the existing Super League clubs. As funding for 1997 was based on only being in Super League. the decision was made to disband the club before the start of the 1997 season. That Super League place went to Gateshead I believe. Clive Griffiths was involved with the club and word was that had South Wales been admitted to Super League, many of the Welsh RL players at the time would have returned home to play RL instead of switching back to RU. A great opportunity missed in my opinion.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiff_City_Blue_Dragons
  6. Yeah...of course they are...!! https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/24/new-york-city-to-follow-storm-model-as-they-follow-wolfpack-trail/
  7. Farnworth is about 6' 3" or 4" and over 15 stone and absolutely rapid. 19 year old so probably got a bit of developing to do.
  8. Great season for the Norths Devils. Great stats, even though not played every game due to Broncos call ups and injuries. Looking to really kick on the season coming. https://www.qrl.com.au/players/intrust-super-cup/norths-devils/herbie-farnworth/
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