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  1. Hopefully the move to Brisbane will be the making of him. I've watched him closely this year and my main observation is that he is not brave or committed enough in defence. In attack he is awkward to tackle due to his ability to change direction and fend. I doubt the Warrington club are particularly sad to see him go, but at the same time he does have natural talent that a lot of other players would kill for. Maybe Bennett can get him firing.
  2. It depends what you mean by "right-sized" - if the RFL chose to host the match at York in an old-fashioned 8,000 capacity stadium then it wouldn't really whet anyone's appetite and some supporters would fail to be excited and would find reasons why they couldn't go e.g. the traffic is bad, can't afford it etc. You may only get a crowd of 7,000 attending, and so presumably the response next year is to take the match to a smaller stadium which is the "right size" so we don't have empty seats. Alternatively, the RFL could dream big and choose a big ground which sends out the message that this is a big event which is not to be missed. People want to feel like they are investing their time in to big events. They don't want to be going in to work on a Monday and telling their colleagues about their trip to Bootham Crescent at the weekend to watch a small game in front of a small crowd. The power of the herd mentality is strong - i always cite the London 7s as an example. When i lived in London, lots of people who didn't have a clue about rugby would go to this as it was a "big event". When Leeds Rhinos drew a 30k+ crowd to play Canterbury Bulldogs at Elland Road, was this because Leeds suddenly had more fans, or was it because they were successfully able to create a sense of big occasion around the event. The choice of stadium is a crucial factor in this.
  3. It's a tragic perversion of the RFL's strategy that a lack of ambition with venue selection detracts from the event as a big occasion and perpetuates apathy amongst fans. The RFL's response to this apathy is to then pick a smaller venue next time and so the cycle continues with the RFL chasing the crowds down. If the RFL booked Bramall Lane amongst a trail of publicity and hype then a crowd of 20k plus would be highly likely in my opinion. It pains me to say it but ask yourself what would the RFU do - would they try and hide the match in order to avoid embarrassment of some empty seats or would they dream big and be bold and confident about their product. I think we know the answer.
  4. Can't see anything other than Cas running up 50+ points here. Accepting that in sport there is always the chance of a miracle freak result, I genuinely think that the handicap at -14 is buying money. A Warrington backline of Dagger, Penny, Hughes, Blythe, Lineham, Ratchford and Patton would struggle v Cas at the best of times, but combined with a complete lack of confidence in the entire squad this could get ugly. The two wildcards for Warrington are Dagger having something about him to inject some life in to the side, which is a tough ask for a young lad on debut, and Ratchford getting an opportunity to show what he can do in his preferred position and try and do what all the other halves have failed to do so far this season.
  5. Speaking to one of the players this week it sounds like Atkins and Westerman are currently playing with bad injuries. Atkins in particular is in need of an operation which may happen at any time but has been delayed as much as possible given the current predicament. If Atkins does face a long lay off then it would probably mean Ratchford and Hughes in the centres until Toby King and Ben Currie are fit. Either way, centre is a massive priority for the club - wonder if they're tempted to throw the book at someone like Gagai.
  6. Agreed. I would add that Savelio has been a disappointment. He's a local lad and has scored a couple of good individual tries which has meant that he has largely been in favour with the Warrington fans, however his defence is poor. I watched him closely at the weekend and his tackling was at very best passive, and i can understand why Smith has dropped him a few times this year. You hear some players described as doing all the small things that go unnoticed - for me Savelio is the exact opposite, he is a luxury player who will catch the eye in attack from time to time, but struggles to knuckle down and do the tough stuff.
  7. I think watching the last two games would probably change your opinion a bit - it has certainly changed mine. Whilst most of the season has been full of effort but very little craft or guile, the last two performances have been dreadful and completely devoid of passion, spirit, effort and ability in both attack and in defence.
  8. For what it's worth i thought that one of the Mamo tries should have stood, when a penalty for a ball strip on Hill was belatedly called. From where we were it looked like Hill just lost possession and Mamo showed great thinking to go the length for a try. I'm sure Mamo may have his weaknesses given the NRL clubs weren't queuing up for him, but he's a breath of fresh air in attack.
  9. I would agree about the effort up until the last couple of weeks which have been a real turning point, and shipping an average of 40+ points in the last 3 games can only be representative of a lack of application. The attack averaging just 5 points per game during this period has exasperated the problem. If Warrington show up against Castleford in the same mood as they did yesterday then Cas will score 60.
  10. It's definitely not a case of them pacing themselves or energy levels. There is a fundamental void of confidence in the team. Hill has been missing tackles and making basic errors for a few weeks as well as getting drawn in to arguments with the referee and opposition players which is very uncharacteristic.
  11. Desperate times for Warrington following three dreadful performances in a row. The players are completely devoid of confidence and spirit and it is very difficult to see how this can be turned around without some fundamental changes - it's certainly not just a case of "working hard in training". The worst aspect of this season has been the attacking play which is comfortably the worst in the entire division. Unless Clark, Russel, Ratchford or Atkins are able to successfully scoot out of dummy half and perhaps get an offload, then there is really very little prospect of a line break. With the possible exception of Atkins who is actually enjoying one of his best seasons, the backline is devoid of any cutting edge and Smith must take some responsibility for that. Evans, Hughes and Blythe have all been tried at right centre at stages this season to cover for the promising, if somewhat unproven, Toby King, and none has enjoyed any success. Similarly, Gidley, Brown, Patten and Livett have been used in the halves but none have shown the required creativity and kicking game on a consistent basis. Perhaps the most worrying thing for Warrington is that it is now the best players who are showing some of the the worst form, which really suggests something isn't right. Chris Hill has been awful for a few weeks, and Ratchford had another shocker yesterday. Similarly Daz Clark was very poor last week and his suspension yesterday was not the big concern it normally would have been. I really don't see how Smith can possibly turn this round given how inept the team currently look, and if he is given the time and manages to do so, it would be an unbelievable feat on his behalf. There will be a big focus on recruitment for next season and i would imagine a halfback, a right centre and a winger would be high up on the agenda. For Huddersfield's part, i thought they looked solid yesterday and Mamo has really given them some life and creativity in attack. Danny Brough is an outstanding rugby brain and his decision to run a few early penalties that were easily kickable, told you everything you need to know about what he thought of Warrington's defence.
  12. One thing that really annoys me is the number of penalties at the play the ball in a regular super league game. The number of times a defender gets penalised for being on a tackle for a fraction too long or for over balancing as he stands up is ridiculous. Under Super League interpretations the first half of today's Origin game there would have had at least 5 penalties at the play the ball which would have been to the detriment of the flow and intensity of the match. I much prefer to see the obvious instances of foul play penalised e.g. if a defender holds down after a break to give his time chance to recover, but then for the referee to apply a bit more common sense in other instances, particularly where the defense has won the collision. The real irony in this is that when we get to internationals at the end of the season, they are refereed completely differently with a lot more leniency given, and our players struggle as they are not used to having to stay in the arm wrestle for sustained periods. In Super League you can rely on penalties to give you opportunities to score tries.
  13. I see the NRL are streaming Junior Roos v Junior Kiwis for free via Twitter. An innovative way of tapping in to modern communication methods without alienating your core fan base. No doubt the NRL will collect some useful data on audience numbers which they can use to drive commercial deals etc going forward. Probably well worth forgoing the £50k or so that they might have got by charging for the event.
  14. Understood - thanks for this. Bit of a faff, as i'd need to have my phone in my garden where it can get a 4G signal, but better than nothing...!
  15. Thanks for this. I do have apple TV, but i need to be connected to the wifi to connect to the Apple TV, however if i'm connected to my wifi then the internet is too slow to stream it in the first place. Is there a way round this i.e. streaming using 4g on my phone (which i struggle to get anyway due to location but thats a different problem) but then beamed via the wifi to the TV?