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  1. Thatto Heath for me.Big athletic middles(Hesketh,tracey,stark)and 2 good pivots with good kicking games(Jones and Goulding).I think they will do it this year.Well coached team.
  2. If Barla have 900k in their account then why are so many teams dropping out of the League.Is there job not to help out these clubs financially as well?
  3. The criteria for joining is quite demanding if you look on the NCL Website.Go onto Leagues and competition and then onto NCL Appendices.
  4. Two good points there Rugbylad.First point giving college level players a chance to hopefully step up and secondly not losing 16 to 18 year olds to the game who suddenly discover beer and women! I am interested to see what the outcome will be? I go to a NCL game every Saturday and I am worried about the state of things to come.
  5. That's a cracking attendance for a division 3 game.More than some Premier division games!
  6. Never been to a Cumbrian derby but went to the Leigh derby between Miners and Easts in October 2011 and the attendance was 578.The League weekly and I think the league Express gave the attendances in those days and suddenly stopped in 2013?
  7. Thanks Hopping Mad.Can be a very helpful website this!
  8. Do Batley Boys play next to Staincliffe cricket club?Thinking of going on Saturday to Hensingham game.
  9. Ignore that last post as I have found out that Coach Hewitt is on holiday in Spain so that's why he was missing!
  10. Went to the West Hull versus Thatto game yesterday and noticed on the teamsheet that Glyn Jones was Wests head coach and not Mark Hewitt!When did Hewitt go?Heard nothing.
  11. I always thought Barrow was full of flat open areas.Maybe I am wrong?
  12. Has anybody got an update on young Ben Heyes after that sickening head clash at Thatto Heath?
  13. Very little is posted about amateur rugby league on RL Fans so I don't even look these days.
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