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  1. I have ground ADDRESSES. Redhill Carlyle road Airedale Greetland Spring rock Rochdale road greetland Knottingley Kellingley welfare playing fields British Aerospace Lancaster club Failsworth lodge.
  2. Does anybody know why todays title decider between Upton and Mirfield has been postponed?Was going to the game but?
  3. Thanks for the info Hopping Mad. £3 into York Acorn today for the Underbank game plus a programme.Terrific game won 34-30 by the visitors.
  4. Found the Yorkshire cup finals 2016 Fryston warriors 20 Three Tuns 14 ,played 21st January , 2017 2017 Lock Lane 29 Ovenden 10 played 20thjanuary. 2018 Lock lane beat Upton 0n 30th December 18 and this years winners were Mirfield Stags who beat DRIGHLINGTON 16 TO 12 played on 29th December 2019, ALL games were played at Featherstone Rovers
  5. National cup finalists 2017 Hunslet club Parkside 37 Fryston warriors 10 2018 West Hull 31 Haydock 12 2019 Thatto Heath 20 West Hull 19. Hope that helps kev p,hope you find the thieves.
  6. NO programmes at Shaw cross versus Eastmoor game. I cant find the Digital link either?
  7. Thanks for the info Beefy1. I will have a trip to Dewsbury Rams 3G tomorrow.
  8. imo Division 2 will be between Hunslet Warriors,Wigan st.Judes and Dewsbury Celtic.
  9. I agree with Hopping mad.Why don't they just say we cannot be bothered to get the advertising or nobody in our office can be arsed to get some information to put in the programme? If most NCL teams can produce a programme then why cant Pro teams?
  10. I have the 1980/81 shopacheck rl yearbook.needs some TLC AS IN CELLOTAPE FOR THE COVER.
  11. I wonderered if anybody could give me any details about the old Sharks club who played at Leeds road playing fields at Huddersfield.I have records from September 2006 but they must have played before then?Richie Hawkyard played with them at that time and he is still playing at Oldham!
  12. Can anybody tell me what has happened to Ovenden arlfc?
  13. Fantastic final which was well played by 2 very good sides at a much improved Stadium.Well worth a fiver!
  14. Thatto Heath for me.Big athletic middles(Hesketh,tracey,stark)and 2 good pivots with good kicking games(Jones and Goulding).I think they will do it this year.Well coached team.
  15. If Barla have 900k in their account then why are so many teams dropping out of the League.Is there job not to help out these clubs financially as well?
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