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  1. Could somebody inform me if Mirfield Stags have folded again? They dont seem to have a website anymore?
  2. It was decided at their meetings that these Bodies that run our magnificent game would stop producing programmes on admission at the gate but the admission price would not be reduced? The NCL admission price includes that a programme is part of the deal to watch the game .Has that been conveniently scrapped as well?
  3. Its just a cop out coming from the RFL and NCL.If i go to a game i want to know the teams , i want a programme as a keepsake as i have hundreds of programmes as momentos and i want to read about that game in the RL EXPRESS or League weekly on Monday morning.
  4. Will there be a programme printed for the Acorn versus Heworth game on Friday? I know there are York fans on this website.
  5. No programmes at either Dewsbury celtic or dewsbury moor last saturday,21st August.Neither could be bothered to operate the Scoreboard either?
  6. Get well soon Mark.I don't know Mark personally only through E mailing him at League Weekly when he was amateur correspondant.
  7. Was part of Arnold Clarks/Rhinos sponsorship for Teams travel costs? I cannot remember how much it was and how it was divvied up and also I was told that Referees are paid for by the RFL?
  8. I think the NCL will be ok because clubs find a lot of their own funding except for referees and travel which I think is still funded by the RFL? ONE or 2 Clubs might go under but nothing drastic I hope.It will be interesting to see how much the RFL helps out the Amateur game financially remembering that is where most Super League players start? I cannot wait to take my Grandkids out as well Chisholm!
  9. I vaguely remember playing against British Aerospace second team around 1990 for a Halifax pub side.I remember they had fantastic facilities including huge changing rooms.We were used to getting changed in little sheds sometimes with no showers in the Pennine League and then we got treated to a meal which was totally opposite to Museum at nearby Moston where we got a cold Fish sandwich!
  10. I have ground ADDRESSES. Redhill Carlyle road Airedale Greetland Spring rock Rochdale road greetland Knottingley Kellingley welfare playing fields British Aerospace Lancaster club Failsworth lodge.
  11. Thanks for the info Hopping Mad. £3 into York Acorn today for the Underbank game plus a programme.Terrific game won 34-30 by the visitors.
  12. NO programmes at Shaw cross versus Eastmoor game. I cant find the Digital link either?
  13. I agree with Hopping mad.Why don't they just say we cannot be bothered to get the advertising or nobody in our office can be arsed to get some information to put in the programme? If most NCL teams can produce a programme then why cant Pro teams?
  14. As a matter of interest how much does it cost to play and be insured to play?I was paying £4 a game in 1990 when i finished playing.
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