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  1. Deleted the double post Geoff, couldn't do with seeing you all over my screen
  2. Echo those sentiments tried to bring Jonny to Hunslet a fair few years ago!
  3. Your right Keith, I've promised not to knock on his door again unless we bring Trent Barrett out of retirement
  4. Just been given the winning numbers will post them tomorrow on here, the official club website and in a newsletter.
  5. Does anyone have any old videos of Hunslet games in the early 80's. We have had an enquiry from overseas regarding getting some footage of Paul Binns who were told played for the club in the early 1980's?
  6. 12 is spot on.
  7. Mark may be a 8th very very soon
  8. Hope you bring plenty to see a few of your ex fav's inc Chappy, Dools, Lowey, Houso, Qe & Kainy
  9. Just been told game on. Then a quick dash to SLS for 2pm.