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  1. But will happily stay in a lower league so you don’t play tougher competition 🤔
  2. London Drifter

    Harry jepson 2018

    You have some serious issues buddy! I’ve followed these pages for a few years and all I ever see is you bringing every conversation back to “it was better in winter” “we should move it back to winter” NO ONE CARES - there is a thread at the top of this page that you can put this rubbish on GIVE IT A REST!
  3. London Drifter

    Community Conference Rumour

    Doesn’t happen often but I 100% agree with you! Well said!
  4. London Drifter

    Harry jepson 2018

    My understanding was the club comp was to return & the rep comp would continue ... but not sure 100% Probably the best option.
  5. London Drifter

    Coventry Dragons

    Fake news
  6. London Drifter

    Coventry Dragons

    They’ve pulled out from what I hear.
  7. London Drifter

    BAR TV

    Full replay shown here --> CC Rd1 - Chargers v Hoists
  8. First time 2 London clubs have played each other in the Challenge Cup too?
  9. Contractual or not, from what I heard BBC didn't want it to be the all London clash as they wanted it to be from "new areas" --- not even sure what that means? You have feel for London Chargers though, they've now been in the Challenge Cup for the last 5 years and have made the 2nd round in three of those five years ... not a bad effort from an amateur club in the Capital!
  10. Here is a link to the Chargers v Hoists game Chargers v Hoists - CCRd1
  11. London Drifter

    Harry jepson trophy scores

    I got most of these from clubs websites/Facebook pages/Wikipedia there were a lot of 1/4 & 1/2 results there too (especially last 5 years or so). Prior to 2011? It was only semifinals. Quarterfinals were introduced in 2011 or 2012 I believe.
  12. London Drifter

    Harry jepson trophy scores

    Hopefully this is enough? 2005 Bridgend Blue Bulls 34 - 18 South London Storm 2006 South London Storm 30 - 0 East Lancashire Lions 2007 St Albans Centurions 28 - 20 Coventry Bears 2008 Nottingham Outlaws 28 - 8 West London Sharks 2009 West London Sharks 24 - 12 Coventry Bears 2010 St Albans Centurions 56 - 4 Coventry Bears 2011 - Parkside Hawks 24-16 Accrington & Leyland Lions 2012 - London Skolars A 56 - 12 Northampton Demons 2013 - SW London Chargers 28 - 12 Gateshead Storm 2014 - SW London Chargers 64 - 4 Jarrow Vikings 2015 - SW London Chargers 46 - 10 Bedford Tigers 2016 - Wests Warriors 30 - 10 Northampton Demons
  13. London Drifter

    London Premier League

    This is what I've been told. Once again BBFAZ talking rubbish.
  14. London Drifter

    London Clash

    I think that's a bit harsh on Chargers. Looking at their teamsheet I think 13 of the 17 were English players. I think you might mean Hammersmith are the Aussie club like Wests?
  15. London Drifter

    Conference League South 2016- Teams Confirmed

    Then how about this for a model: * All the southern teams leave League 1 * Form a new league similar to NCL (but for southern / Welsh clubs) * Get your top amateur clubs to join (Nottingham, Chargers, Cougars, Raiders, Warriors) * Make each club have 2 teams ensuring 2 games each week. * All games would be double headers, same amount of support staff required by each club at one location. * Could potentially still only have one bus * In the future add a women's league and academy league and soon you would have 4 games at each match day. 10-12 clubs, 18 - 22 week season, standard would be similar but costs slashed.