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  1. Then how about this for a model: * All the southern teams leave League 1 * Form a new league similar to NCL (but for southern / Welsh clubs) * Get your top amateur clubs to join (Nottingham, Chargers, Cougars, Raiders, Warriors) * Make each club have 2 teams ensuring 2 games each week. * All games would be double headers, same amount of support staff required by each club at one location. * Could potentially still only have one bus * In the future add a women's league and academy league and soon you would have 4 games at each match day. 10-12 clubs, 18 - 22 week season, standard would be similar but costs slashed.
  2. What a great video. Well done to who ever was responsible for this at the RFL.
  3. The rumours I hear from the clubs I've spoken too is that any funding that helps clubs with travel will be stopped in 2017 ... with clubs spending £5,000 on travel how can it possibly stay the same?
  4. For someone who seems to be runny the Midlands comps ?? hence the name? you are so far away from what the clubs that I've spoken to want
  5. Why not offer solutions rather than problems? With an 8 team comp that is a 14 week regular season and then playoffs? 4 of the clubs have just completed a longer season than that, the west of england clubs had a season close to that. Maybe if the good clubs in the west/south west started playing tough opposition week in week out then those clubs players might enjoy it more, and in future years might make the decision to be a full time rugby league player, allowing those clubs to lengthen the season. Of course a club can't go from a May - Aug season straight to a March - September but there are other options then just these two?? Lets start a discussion rather than just cutting ideas off from the start?
  6. Not the clubs I speak to? Would love to see your facts? Who cares about tier 4 or tier 5 anyway? most of the players wouldn't even know what tier they play in. Maybe a "full season" is only Apr/May - Aug now? If you take the bye's and gap weeks out of CLS it would fit into a end of Apr - start of Sep season anyway? Why always discount the opinions of the clubs that actually want to expand rugby league in the South of England and play similar opposition - by having a league like the London Premier where 2 teams beat everyone else by 50 points helps no one!
  7. Says who? Have the clubs been asked? Is there a compromise that could work in the short term? Worst case couldn't a regionalised CLS be from May to August ... it has to be better 2-3 teams in each regions beating the others by 50+ each week, that helps no one! I only ever read of and see these comments from people in "authority" but not from the actual clubs themselves ... maybe it is time for the clubs to come together and work out what it is they want next year, 5 years, and 10 years from now. At least then there are goals and something to work towards - okay it might not be perfect in 2017 but if all the clubs have an idea and agree what the future holds they can work towards it? It seems from my point of view everyone just sits around until Feb/Mar each year and then try to get the competitions sorted ... you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting differnt results?
  8. London Premier Wests Warriors beat Hammersmith London Championship Richmond beat Brixton East Premier Hemel beat Bedford East Div 1 Milton Keynes beat Southend East Merit Hemel A beat Bedford A Midlands Premier Coventry Dragons beat Northampton Midlands Div 1 Leamington beat Sherwood West Premier Portsmouth beat Swindon St George West Plate Oxford beat Southampton North East Championship Jarrow beat Wallsend North East Shield Whitley Bay beat Catterick South West GF is tomorrow Cornish Rebels v Devon Sharks Anyone know the plans for Harry Jepson? Wests Warriors Hemel Stags Coventry Dragons Jarrow Vikings Portsmouth Navy Seahawks Look to have qualified?
  9. I was referring to the body as a whole not one office or region. CLS is akin to NCL DIV 2/3 but due to geography it makes it tough for clubs to finance. There has to be a sustainable competition between League One and the regional amateur leagues to complete the pyramid.
  10. Someone from the club told me they had lost only 4 games in 2 years. 1 league game, a cup final, & 2 Challenge Cup games (rd 2 in 14 & rd 1 in 15) - pretty impressive. It's almost a sad reflection on the RFL for not providing a competition for them to move to? Or at least properly fund the CLS so that traveling for these amateur clubs isn't an issue. From my experience you would be looking at bus hire costs of over £5,000 for the season.
  11. So what are everyone's predictions? I've seen both Chargers & Bedford play and both are strong but no idea about Romans or Wallsend? This is such a great competition!!
  12. Do you mean the final? There are 3 rounds? The final is a curtain raiser to the CLS grand final on 19th Sep - location tbc
  13. This makes perfect sense!! Home & Away your region, and Home OR Away the other 2 regions.
  14. Cornish rebels played Medway in last years 1/4 final. Not sure about previous years though. Portsmouth has also pulled out as the SE representative and their place will be taken by Surrey. These clubs should have their titles removed if they can't fulfil Harry Jepson games. Most clubs consider it an honour just to play in it.
  15. Seethe pinned post at the top of the pages that has 220 odd posts over 12 pages - put your winter/summer rubbish in there. Back on point - I'm hearing more and more clubs unofficially interested in CLS - could be a great comp if the regionalisation is done correctly. Taking the top 2 or so out of the various regional leagues might make those comps a little bit more competitive too??