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  1. Any idea why the result has been removed from the Rfl website?
  2. That’s my understanding. East split after playing each other once ... top play each other and bottom play each other. Then I believe it’s top four from each in playoffs 1-4 east play 4-1 west in 1/4 finals, then semi’s, and GF.
  3. You have to start somewhere? The East is now a 9 strong club competition (most of who have permanent 2nd teams) which means that when 2019 season is over the discussions won’t be “what will the comp be in 2020” but rather should we extend from a 14 to 16 week season? Should we add a 10th team? Should we add a second team comp? It gives consistency for clubs so they can build year on year, maybe start juniors, or look for a permenant field. Will this be the same as NCL Premier? No, but maybe NCL Div 2 or 3?
  4. It was 2016 at old blues. Chargers 6th year in a row in the cup and have had 5 1st round home games.
  5. But will happily stay in a lower league so you don’t play tougher competition ?
  6. You have some serious issues buddy! I’ve followed these pages for a few years and all I ever see is you bringing every conversation back to “it was better in winter” “we should move it back to winter” NO ONE CARES - there is a thread at the top of this page that you can put this rubbish on GIVE IT A REST!
  7. Doesn’t happen often but I 100% agree with you! Well said!
  8. My understanding was the club comp was to return & the rep comp would continue ... but not sure 100% Probably the best option.
  9. Full replay shown here --> CC Rd1 - Chargers v Hoists
  10. Contractual or not, from what I heard BBC didn't want it to be the all London clash as they wanted it to be from "new areas" --- not even sure what that means? You have feel for London Chargers though, they've now been in the Challenge Cup for the last 5 years and have made the 2nd round in three of those five years ... not a bad effort from an amateur club in the Capital!
  11. Here is a link to the Chargers v Hoists game Chargers v Hoists - CCRd1
  12. I got most of these from clubs websites/Facebook pages/Wikipedia there were a lot of 1/4 & 1/2 results there too (especially last 5 years or so). Prior to 2011? It was only semifinals. Quarterfinals were introduced in 2011 or 2012 I believe.
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