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  1. I only found out this morning that Jaffa Cakes aren't orange flavour. They're apricot.
  2. Have you tried holding the power button and volume down button at the same time?
  3. Initially this sounded like a scam to me but having looked at the Virgin Media Community forum it looks like they've confirmed that these are genuine emails. In one of the posts they've linked to their malware alert page. Not sure if that is any use to you. https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Security-matters/Got-email-from-virgin-saying-AZORult-malware-detected-on-a/td-p/4154863 If we don't hear back from you I'll assume that you're too enthralled by the Virgin Media Community forum to remember this one. Also, since this thread is over a month old, I assume your problem is resolved by now.
  4. In a couple of weeks the ONS figures that include all covid deaths will be higher than hospital deaths even though obviously they’ll still be a couple of weeks behind. I wonder if more media sources will start using that number rather than the hospital figures.
  5. Trump has suggested that they should look into injecting people with disinfectant. This is really exciting stuff. I can only imagine if the President of the United States has said it, there must be some solid science behind it*. *To cover myself legally I should probably point out it's not a good idea.
  6. Wow, there's all sorts of weird science coming out of this pandemic. 629 new hospital deaths today according to early reports. Usual caveat that day to day deaths aren't a reliable measure but it does follow the general trend of a slow decline in the number of hospital fatalities over the last week or two
  7. The link won't open on my works computer so apologies if this is covered in the article but I would've thought it's more likely that smokers are at higher risk of the virus causing major problems (due to their damaged lungs) and therefor are more likely to be hospitalised and be tested rather than being less likely to catch the virus, as the title suggests.
  8. In order of how closely I follow them: Football - Leeds United Cricket - Yorkshire Non-League Football - Pontefract Collieries (or any West Yorkshire team really) Union - Yorkshire Carnegie Scottish Football - Hearts IPL - Kolkota Knight Riders German Football - Dynamo Dresden Not really interested in North American sports but generally I'll support whoever has the coolest animal related name.
  9. I’d second this. Two thirds of UK adults are over weight. Anyone who thinks they maybe have room to lose a couple of pounds probably don’t realise they more than likely are considered obese and hypertensive from a clinical point of view and would be considered to have multiple underlying health conditions. When people hear about those dying with underlying health conditions on the news they assume it’s all advanced cancer or COPD.
  10. I think your right. Most of Europe is much more densely populated and there are hundreds of tourist hotspots so it was always going to hit quicker. Even in the UK where London appears to have peaked first there probably won’t be too much difference between the regions but in America it’s possible that the peaks in New York and Alaska could be months apart or even Alaska might not be hit bad at all. All that extra time should really be a massive advantage but like you say, if you lockdown too soon in every state it could backfire. Alaska was probably a bad example but I was just thinking as far away from New York as possible.
  11. I’m getting quite worried about the number of American deaths. While they already have the highest of all countries (understandable given their population) they’ve been mainly in the North East and many states are still only in their early stages probably the equivalent to where we were a month ago yet they seem convinced that they’re near the end of lockdown. If most Americans can’t continue with sensible social distancing I can’t see anything that would stop the big states Texas, Florida, Etc following the path of European countries.
  12. Total deaths for week 15: 18,516 Five Year Average: 10,520 Deaths with Covid-19 on the death certificate up to the 10th April: 13,121 ( up from the 9,288 previously released)
  13. Covid could well turn up on some death certificates but equally there are cases of patients dying of pneumonia in hospitals and tests not being able to isolate the infection (as we have seen false negatives are quite common with Covid-19.) Doctors can be confident that this is likely Covid due to the symptoms, imaging results and general prevalence of the infection or the fact they have had close contact with people who tested positive but unless they successfully isolate the organism they won't show up in the released hospital numbers (and rightly so because the stats we use refer only to patients who 100% test positive.) But it does mean we are as likely to be underestimating the number of deaths as we are to be overestimating. I think the best estimate we're gong to get is comparing the number of weekly deaths with the average number but even that is going to have a margin of error.
  14. The ONS stats for the week up to 10th April will be released this morning. It should give us an idea of how many more deaths we're seeing in the community that don't show up on the hospital figures. I'm sure the stats will be alarming and probably another record number of weekly deaths but we have to remember that they're a couple of weeks out of date.
  15. If they caught Trump red handed his supporters would claim it’s stigmata.
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