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  1. Unfortunately that is often impossible to know. Most deaths in hospital aren't so straight forward. You might be admitted with a heart attack, then while in hospital catch a staph and covid infection that causes pneumonia, this in turn might lead to multi organ failure and you ultimately die of cardiac arrest. Whether or not they'd have survived but for one factor is always going to involve a bit of guess work. I'm probably being pedantic because I work in health care statistics but I always think it's clumsy when the news refers to the number of people dying of Covid-19 rather than dying with it. One thing I would say is that Covid-19 does appear to be aggressive than other infections like the flu so there probably is a higher percentage dying of it rather than just happening to have it.
  2. Yeah these kinds of things are really dangerous. Even in just the bit I highlighted the amount of errors is shocking. The infection does not cause fibrosis and fibrosis probably wouldn't stop you holding your breath for ten seconds. Someone who believes this might wrongly assume they don't have the virus and go help their vulnerable parents. Almost every other thing written in there is completely wrong too. I work in the healthcare profession (albeit not on the front line) and it's worrying how many of my colleagues are sharing things like this. There really should be something done on social media to highlight this kind of ****. As a general rule any long winded explanation that talks about "experts" or "scientists" without a source is just made up.
  3. Some are closing by their own decision now. I believe the biggest clothes shops such as Primark and H&M decided to close even though they aren't required to yet. Restaurants that were still being allowed to remain open for take away such as McDonalds and many coffee shops are now closing through their own choice too. It does seem like some businesses are in front of the government here. Even from the start when the government announced sports events would still go ahead it was only a few hours later the Premier League announced their postponements. Some school were already being forced to shut through lack of staff before the government told them to close. From what I've seen we don't seem to be social distancing as much as other European countries. It's interesting what you say about the kids in Spain. There's a park near me and it was busier than ever with kids over the weekend and some of our national parks saw record levels of visitors.
  4. I walked through Leeds city centre to get to St James Hospital this morning, much more sensible than taking the bus I thought. I have to say I had no trouble at all from staying two meters away from everyone as there was hardly anyone about. They must all have been in the parks and beaches instead.
  5. I'm really grasping at straws for a positive here but Italy had fewer deaths Sunday than Saturday and roughly the same amount as Friday. That's an incredibly small sample but as every other countries deaths are accelerating daily hopefully this might be a sign that Italy is nearing the peak. I'm really paying close attention to them as we seem to be on an identical path.
  6. The EFL have suspended all matches for a month so I would be surprised if it's not announced that Rugby League will be following later today. I'm not even confident that Fev's game tonight will go ahead and we're only eight hours or so off it.
  7. All Ottawa need to do to make themselves even more popular is appoint Lee Radford.
  8. I believe the middle east is actually the biggest importer of sand. They use it in construction because theirs isn't as suitable. I'm not sure where I heard that fact from or if it's actually true but I'm probably never going to have an opportunity to use it.
  9. I was in Morrisons on Tuesday and they were already restricting things. The cashier was explaining to the woman in front of me that she would have to take some of what she was buying off of her because it was restricted. The woman behind me suddenly panicked, looked at her six bottles of wine, and leant over to ask "Wine isn't restricted is it?"
  10. No doubt a lot of this is down to testing. South Korea has an extremely low death rate so far because they've tested so many and caught the more minor cases. Italy's high death rate would suggest there are a lot more going undiagnosed even taking into account that their population is slightly older. Countries where few tests are being performed might be keeping their figures down for now but ultimately it will lead to more undiagnosed passing the virus on and months down the line more deaths.
  11. On worldmeters.info you can sort countries by cases per million. Denmark is sixth after Italy, South Korea, Norway, Bahrain and Iran. I can't link directly as it's blocked on my works computer. I think as the virus spreads we'll have to take the numbers with a pinch of salt. There's no way we can test everyone. We'll probably start using number of deaths rather than number of cases.
  12. This time last week France had fewer cases than we do now. Whatever is happening in France and Spain now, it's likely to be the same over here in a week.
  13. SBW may need to have knee surgery. Has anyone got an updated list of available players? Glad to see Quinn back again but I'm sceptical about what kind of impact he will make in Super League after a handful of League One games and a year off. It's a shame he didn't stay in the game and get a full season on loan.
  14. I don't think anyone is suggesting we play behind closed doors for equality unless I'm missing something.
  15. Yeah exactly what I was getting at in a less eloquent way. It makes sense to have one decent sized flexible stadium per city but it does mean any new Canadian team has to decide if they're ambitious enough to use it or whether to go for a cheaper high school type venues. In this case I'm glad Ottawa are playing at a decent stadium.
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