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  1. I like Headingley as an alternative. A second tier weekend will never be used to attract new fans like magic does so I think it's more about making a good weekend for the current championship teams. Blackpool would still be my first choice as a family summer weekend away but since that's not available I can't think of a ground more accessible and surrounded by as many independent bars and restaurants etc as Headingley. Anecdotally, I could probably get a few mates over to Blackpool for the full weekend. Atleast a dozen would be up for a day of rugby and drinking around Headingley, but I doubt I'd be able to interest anyone in travelling to Coventry to spend the weekend between a motorway junction and a big tesco.
  2. This game is a 3pm kick off right? Atleast Sky Sports etc are showing that it has been moved to 3pm but the our league app still says 2pm.
  3. By my reckoning they have 6 wins from their last 14 competitive games. (Winning three of the final four of last season.) You might be able to count his wins from the last twenty odd on one hand but I certainly can't.
  4. If Fev can really get up and running this year I think they’re the only side that will get anywhere near Toulouse. York were only a drop goal away from winning that game but, like most Fev games this year, had they been more clinical they had enough opportunities to put a few more points on the board and York will definitley be up there. I still can’t see past Toulouse and Fev being the top two but the rest of the play offs is looking up for grabs.
  5. SATURDAY 8th MAY Oldham v Whitehaven KO 12:45 SUNDAY 9th MAY Dewsbury Rams v Halifax Panthers KO 17:15 London Broncos v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00 Swinton Lions v Bradford Bulls KO 11:45 Toulouse Olympique v Widnes Vikings KO 16:15 (at Heywood Road, Sale) York City Knights v Featherstone Rovers KO 19:30 Big game for Feathestone. So far they've got the results without quite being at their best but York will be a sterner test.
  6. I'm looking forward to Batley v Newcastle, two teams who have had good starts. Sheffield v London will be interesting as well after London's disappointing start, and Sheffield's incredible start until they lost to Newcastle. I suspected at the start of the season that Toulouse and Fev will finish as the top two teams with Toulouse probably going up but the rest of the league is looking wide open so far. This could be a good year for some unlikely play off pushes. SATURDAY 1st MAY Oldham v Halifax Panthers KO 12:45 Sheffield Eagles v London Broncos KO 15:00 SUNDAY 2nd MAY Dewsbury Rams v York City Knights KO 19:30 Newcastle Thunder v Batley Bulldogs KO 12:45 Whitehaven v Bradford Bulls KO 15:00 Widnes Vikings v Swinton Lions KO 17:15
  7. What's everyone's predictions for League One this year? Having such a long break i've sort of lost track. Bookies latest odds: Barrow 5/4 Keighley 4/1 Hunslet 6/1 Workington 13/2 Doncaster 13/2 Rochdale 11/1 West Wales 20/1 North Wales 25/1 London Skolars 45/1 Coventry 50/1 It's nice to see the bookies think West Wales will be competitive this year. As a neutral I always find picking a team in this league hard as I love them all, I usually support the underdogs but out of the teams more likely to get promotion I'd like to see Hunslet or Keighley go up.
  8. As a relative neutral if Hull KR don’t win this then i’ll fall a little out of love with the game. The disallowed try was a clear dive. The Huddersfield try i’d be happy enough to be seen given in isolation but we see four or five “knock ons” given a game that quite clearly aren’t.
  9. I much prefer this more subtle version. For me, there are too many wildly varying colours at the York ground that make it look a bit tacky, and they're arranged in too much of a blocky way to pull off the "full crowd trick" like Brentford's. They've sort of half gone for that kind of effect and it just looks a bit messy in my opinion. Don't even get me started on that big block of blue in the middle! Anyway that's just my opinion and if the colour of the seats are the biggest problem then it'll still be a decent ground.
  10. Presumably then they won't be allowed to use the fund and then rip a small section of the seats out after the first season It seems a bit of an old fashioned stipulation but I think we'll see safe standing become more widely accepted in the next five years or so.
  11. I have to say, I thought the stadium came across better on TV than it does in pictures. I do think some terracing/safe standing might create a better atmosphere when fans return though.
  12. Genuine question... Sunderland haven't challenged for a title in around 85 years and lets face it, they're unlikely to for the next fifty. Newcastle even longer.. If you had the chance of Champions League football in the North East by merging the clubs and playing out of a 80,000 capacity ground in Newcastle would you take that?
  13. I think they still have the stocks up in Fev precinct. Fortunately the guillotine technology hasn't reached there yet.
  14. This was very stupid and I see a hefty fine coming their way. Having said that, when I read they'd been seen in a bar after the game I assumed they'd all gone out drinking at a local pub. It's worth noting that the article just says some of the team were seen in the bar in the ground, which is in the same building as the changing rooms. Obviously any breach of Covid protocol is going to rightly bring sanctions but I imagine there'll be a harsher punishment if they were having a full blown knees up rather than just some players gathering to have a chat in the wrong room.
  15. Idiots. I wonder if a points deduction is a possibility if games have to be called off.
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