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  1. Ive heard a lot of complaints over the last few years about how predictable Super League is and there’s too much of a gap in quality. It’s usually used as an argument against expansion to 14 teams but when you look at the stats there aren’t many leagues closer. The bottom team in Super League has won 32% of their games including against the league leaders (although with a few players rested.) Compare that with the bottom team in the Premier League last year winning around 7% of their games or union around 27%. Our problem at the moment is one team being better than the rest rather than one or two teams being worse than the rest.
  2. Keighley Cougars 16 v 24 Hunslet Doncaster 36 v 12 London Skolars North Wales Crusaders 24 v 16 Coventry Bears Oldham 18 v 30 Newcastle Thunder Workington Town 58 v 6 West Wales Raiders
  3. Toronto Wolfpack 28 v 12 York City Knights Widnes Vikings 26 v 28 Toulouse Olympique Barrow Raiders 10 v 24 Bradford Bulls Batley Bulldogs 24 v 18 Dewsbury Rams Featherstone Rovers 40 v 6 Swinton Lions Halifax 24 v 16 Sheffield Eagles Rochdale Hornets 8 v 52 Leigh Centurions
  4. With Bradford hosting Toronto this is our chance to go five points clear of 6th and have one foot in the play offs. It won't be an easy game but we should have too much for them.
  5. Off the top of my head.... Leeds, Wigan, Saint Helens, Bradford, Hull FC, Warrington, Hull KR, London? Difficult to answer as none are really a “world brand” After the top few it probably just comes down to which are the most memorable cities/towns. Saint Helens is the name I associate most with Rugby League. Probably because as a young kid I’d never heard of the place so it was purely a rugby reference.
  6. Tough game to call. Huddersfield 20 - 24 Leeds I don't think either team will be relegated though.
  7. I fear for Wakefield in this. Points difference could be vital for them at the end of the season and this is the match that could really change theirs. They have run some of the top teams close over the last couple of years but I can't see anything but a one sided match here. Saints 52 - 10 Wakefield
  8. FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST Sheffield Eagles 16 v 28 Widnes Vikings KO SUNDAY 4th AUGUST Barrow Raiders 16 v 24 York City Knights Bradford Bulls 6 v 32 Toronto Wolfpack Dewsbury Rams 14 v 28 Featherstone Rovers Halifax 16 v 34 Toulouse Olympique Leigh Centurions 42 v 8 Swinton Lions Rochdale Hornets 12 v 22 Batley Bulldogs With tough games for Bradford, Sheffield and Halifax I expect we'll see the top five pull away from the rest this week.
  9. SATURDAY 3rd AUGUST London Skolars 16 v 28 Oldham West Wales Raiders 6 v 62 Newcastle Thunder SUNDAY 4th AUGUST Coventry Bears 16 v 24 Keighley Cougars Hunslet 28 v 16 North Wales Crusaders Whitehaven 26 v 20 Workington Town
  10. Every other car you come across in Featherstone seems to end in FEV. We often have a game of who can spot the first one whenever we go nip out somewhere.
  11. A more realistic short term goal might be to get the winners of the Serbian League, Elite 1 and NCL to compete in a post season competition / match. I'm sure the funds for one flight a season could be found and would introduce them to competing with more traditional teams. Perhaps that isn't needed is they continue to be invited to the challenge cup. It's easy to get carried away with dreaming up international Rugby League competitions, I certainly know what I'd like to see if we had professional Rugby League spanning Europe but that's still a distant dream at this stage.
  12. It won't happen but would Elite 2 be more their level? If distance to travel wasn't a factor it would be a good place to progress and if they ended up challenging with the better French teams that would be an indication they could make it in League one. I wonder how they would compare to West Wales.
  13. I haven't read the League Express yet, so I still don't know what's going on at Odsal. If there's absolutely no chance of a ground share with Bradford City then some sort of ground share with Park Avenue at a new/renovated ground would make sense. There's no need for three separate stadiums in Bradford. With current crowds (a little over 500) Park Avenue probably don't have much power to sway a decision but they have been doing reasonably well and if they ever got back into the football league who knows.
  14. I can’t disclose my sources but there’s going to be big news regarding the Wakefield stadium in the next month or so. Personally i’ll still be sceptical until a brick is laid but apparently this is going to be the closest Wakefield have got to development yet.
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