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  1. 2018 shirt

    Easter 2019?
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    With Bridge in the pack and his ability to offload a centre who can finish off approach work is required. Scott prod him with a stick to get him super fit. Sorted.
  3. Back "home"!

    Hoping a wet start doesn't see a decrease in crowds
  4. Club Logo

    After closing time early Sunday morning a more interesting subject
  5. New coach

    Todd Carney ex Salford. Two in one coach and stand off. He won't cost much ( Sell him the want an honour to play/ coach the world famous Roughness)
  6. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Canada seems to be the in place
  7. Rochdale or swinton

    Probably Toulouse
  8. Replica Shirts

    WTF received an email today saying out of stock large. Whats going on, anyone else with problems with orders. By the time anyone gets one it will be halfway through the season.
  9. Tolouse

    They can go for a stroll on Boulevard de Waterloo St.
  10. A million thanks

    What a disappointing post. I thought someone was offering to pump a million pounds into the club
  11. Statement From The Club

    Whitebank does not have the infrastructure to sustain a stadium of the size required for hoped ambitions and more housing on the way.
  12. fields new road/melrose playing fields

    and build some more four bedroom houses
  13. Workington Game

    Lets hope we don't have our opening 15 minutes nightmare as before against relegation rivals Whitehaven and Swinton
  14. the championship

    But that position puts you in a very good place for survival with home ties against your relegation rivals
  15. Emotional Investment

    Well get back to school, less of the conversation and listen in the speeling lessons.