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  1. I love it when a plan comes together.
  2. Uh oh... We WILL have programmes in 2020 WHILE some clubs have previously ditched the sale of match-day programmes, and others will follow suit in the coming season, Oldham RLFC has decided to continue with the sale of traditional programmes as a service to fans. Read more
  3. The Oldham club could make programmes available to all. That's what Leigh do on their website in the lead-up to games. You can see a few listed here if you scroll down. https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/v2/blog/category/ticket-news/
  4. Batley have a Matchday Magazine page on their website where you can view past issues. They're all web-based pages from Mailchimp so the magazines that subscribers receive will be effectively an email version of the same. I'd like Oldham to make the change and produce a digital type programme. I'd prefer it to be a PDF document which you could view on your computer or mobile device. It'd be set out just like a printed programme but produced without the cost of printing. I don't know the exact figures but the club must make a loss on programmes or at best break even. I think somewhere in the region of 50-100 are produced depending on the game and even at £3.00 a pop, you're probably just about meeting the cost of production.
  5. No. Forgot to be honest. I'll do it when I get chance.
  6. 18-12. We were 14-0 down at half time. Rallied in the second half but couldn't snatch the win/draw in the closing stages.
  7. I run the website and online store, which are two separate things. I take match-day photos alongside Murgy. I manage the resulting images. I'm also involved in the production of the match-day programme by providing an amount of content. Sadly, its design is not within my remit. Tweets that arise from website posts are auto-generated but anything else that comes out on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram is not me. That's about it really. Of course, in my opinion, we could do so much better but hey-ho. This season I'm going to produce a lot more indie stuff. Poacher-turned-gamekeeper back to somewhere inbetween. I'm happy with that.
  8. I'm looking forward to this game immensely. I'll be pitch-side with my camera but since I no longer man the twitter feed I might actually get to enjoy the game. Last week at Barrow, the experience of only doing one job, taking photos, was amazing. Performing multiple roles at games has been my match-day experience for the past few seasons. I'm now going to enjoy just watching like everyone else. Yay!
  9. Initial reaction. Hmmmm. I understand the desire for that kind of search query. I'll work out how to achieve that.
  10. The figures I have are from the new opposition clubs page on the ORL Heritage Trust site. Every game ever played by Oldham is in the site's database and those against Swinton are produced here: https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/opposition-clubs/?wdt_search=swinton
  11. Sorry for being a bit slow with this. I decided to make these kind of stats available on the new Heritage Trust website. (They're not on show yet). Anyway, the answer is Rochdale, by a county mile. Rochdale: 254 Competitive games 333 Total games 79 Friendlies (including Law/Infirmaries Cup) 168 Oldham competitive wins 74 Rochdale competitive wins 10 Draws 2 abandoned games. The next highest is Wigan on 239 competitive and 248 in total.
  12. I keep finding loads I'm creating a calendar of the clips/games to embed/share whenever I can.
  13. Here's one. We're going to share this type of video on the anniversary of games etc. Either in the week they happened or if there's a video available, on the same day. Oldham v Barrow, December 10, 1966. Oldham 10 Barrow 4 Oldham Team: 1. Brian Curry, 2. Mike Elliott, 3. Peter Holroyd, 4. John Donovan, 5. Joe Collins, 6. Tommy Warburton, 7. Tom Canning, 8. Charlie Bott, 9. Kevin Taylor, 10. Ken Wilson, 11. Peter Smethurst, 12. Robert Irving, 13. Geoff Fletcher, 14. Stan Mcleod, 15. David Parker https://orl-heritagetrust.org.uk/game/oldham-v-barrow-2894/
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