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  1. As things stand prior to today's game, to achieve promotion we need to beat every team above us apart from already promoted Keighley — five wins in a row. All away from home after today's fixture. Part de gâteau.
  2. Been away on my hols for the last week or so, but I love it when a plan comes together!
  3. Playing RL in Switzerland is like making love to a beautiful woman.
  4. If things pan out as I imagine, we're off to NW Crusaders in the first round of play-offs. We might pull that off. We'd be underdogs but they'll have massive hopes of promotion and nerves might get to them. Who knows. If we sneaked a win, we'd be up against Donny/Swinton/Rochdale followed by another trip to Colwyn Bay. I'm up for a long shot but that's a bit too long for me. Still, I really do think we'll accidentally grab a play-off place. Sorry if I'm giving the kiss of death to Sunday's game. Ha!
  5. Soooooo. I wrote a post a few days ago saying we might make the play-offs. I suppose you're including me in the delusional supporters and media staff group. So let's look at the facts you want us to face. Oldham v Skolars. With home advantage you'd surely say we'd win. Oldham away at Cornwall. Again, surely a winnable game by a decent margin. That puts us on 15 points. Hunslet, currently on 17 points have to play Swinton, Keighley and Doncaster. It's not unreasonable to think they'll lose them all. Doncaster is the one most likely to upset the theory. Anyway, if things go to plan, they come to Whitebank on the last day of the season with a diminished points advantage. If we beat them, and the points difference is right, Oldham are in the play-offs. That's not delusional, it's reasonable deduction. I'm a man who likes a flutter. I'd put money on Oldham finishing sixth if the odds were OK. It might not all work out but nobody gets rich backing favourites.
  6. We're going to make the play-offs. Honestly, it's going to happen. Ok so we're in la-la land here but here's the deets... Hunslet are unlikely to win another game this season until they play us on the final day. Keighley away - Nope Swinton away - Probably nope. Donny at home. Speculative loss. We beat Hurricanes, Skolars, Cornwall by 20+ points. We prob get stuffed by Swinton but hey-ho. All that means is that when we play Hunslet at home in the final game of the season, we just have to win to seal 6th place. It's ridiculous I know, but it's going to happen. Of course, a loss agains Hurricanes tomorrow puts paid to the whole plan. We need to win tomorrow.
  7. Record defeat against Donny today. Highest score against, biggest margin. Being a statto sucks sometimes.
  8. Just updated it for the website. The only way is up!!
  9. I was watching, knowing it was coming. I am however, good at keeping shtumm.
  10. Oldham aren't printing a programme this year. Nor team sheets on the day. Instead, there's what's called a "Match Update". A three page PDF with Chairman/Coach/Captain's comments and a look at the opposition. It's PDF only and you can see it here: https://roughyeds.co.uk/matchday-programme Having been heavily involved in the production of the Oldham programme for the past 4 or 5 years, I have to say, I'm not impressed.
  11. I put a download link underneath the "News Update" now. Just takes you to DropBox where you can grab the file. https://roughyeds.co.uk/matchday-programme
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