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  1. I can't imagine there being a time when I'd wear leopard skin, but all those Leythers dressed like something off Madagascar have obviously bought into it all. I suppose if Leigh had bombed this season though, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  2. Jeez. I grew up crossing Vulcan Street on my way to and from the schools in Derker. My parents lived in the houses that were knocked down to create East Oldham Methodist Church. I'm literally a Vulcan! My dad was a regular in The Wellington Pub. Vulcan, Bear, Whatever. Let's be something!
  3. Absolutely. I've been banging this drum for many years now. You cannot market Roughyeds. It's a great historic nickname but it belongs as a historical fact, much like The Gallant Youths of Batley or The Chemics of Widnes. Respectfully acknowledged but nevertheless put out to pasture. When Leigh announced that they were to become Leopards I must admit to being a doubter. Leopard skin, really? How wrong was I. No matter how tacky I think it looks, it's worked and the town of Leigh has got behind it. I take my hat off to Derek Beaumont. He had a mad idea, stayed the course and look what's happened. We've had a poorly executed minor rebrand in the past few years. I was shouting from the rooftops to get rid of our heraldic logo yet we ended up with the same thing but just plonked on a shield. A non-rebrand. The marketing people behind it were not really RL fans and are pretty-much clueless. I understand they're moving on at the end of this season. Hallelujah! So what do we become. Do you know what, I don't mind becoming Oldham Bears again. You can market that, you can create a whole bear branding. I'm sure at some point in the distant past there were bears wandering around the lands that have since become Oldham. Probably more bears in Oldham than rhinos in Leeds. Let's use Leigh as an example of what we can achieve. We're a bigger town with an impressive RL heritage.
  4. I downloaded the podcast and embedded it on the Oldham website. It won't disappear. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2023/07/a-ford-fiesta/
  5. The online programme/match notes is available on the club website now. https://roughyeds.co.uk/match-programmes/2023/07-oldham-v-workington/
  6. Sorry, there's been so much going on that this slipped off my radar. I'll push it up my never ending to-do list.
  7. No. Your season ticket is your ticket in.
  8. It's correct. There may be some remaining once I've dealt with requests for guests/sponsors/corporate stuff but I won't know those numbers until later this week. I'll let it be known in here and on the website/social media should any become available.
  9. Good point. For busy games the club has, in the past, enlisted the help of local schools etc. I'll mention it in despatches.
  10. This will be of interest to you guys. Roll up for Dewsbury at home — it's free to get in
  11. It's all ticket to manage numbers and the tickets are email-distributed (I think Hornets use the same system). Everyone ordering is asked if they'd like to be contacted for future promotions etc.
  12. Just pushed the match report to the site: https://roughyeds.co.uk/2023/05/ah-van-surpasses-try-milestone-in-cornwall-victory/
  13. Just put the match report online... Roughyeds run out of time in 26–22 loss
  14. I was pitch-side with my camera and in the second half that mascot was stood in the corner just to my left. I started worrying for its well being at one point, just standing there looking forlorn.
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