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  1. So. A big day on Sunday, the first of two important games in August. If we want to gain promotion, we should expect to win. In view of a flurry of loan signings, who knows what team Scott will pick.
  2. Haha. Saturday morning in the car park at Whitebank. Chris on the phone to Swans. "I'm sick of this, I want a different coach, oh, morning Scott"
  3. My predicted position of fourth relies on us winning our two remaining home games. We could easily lose one or both of them, things are that tight in this division this year. In their recent player focus articles, all the players have described the season as up and down, so we may experience the same in these last five games too. It wouldn't be fun if we didn't do it the hard way! We sneaked into the last available play-off place last year by the skin of our teeth. That always meant we'd have to play York or Bradford away to achieve promotion — a tough proposition. This year the teams are more evenly matched, so those who hold their nerves will prevail.
  4. If you win, you just have to beat 2nd to get into the final. Lose and you have to beat the Elimination Final winner to then get into the Preliminary Final. So you have to win one more game.
  5. Below are the remaining fixtures for the top eight in League 1. It's reasonable to assume that Newcastle will leap-frog us on Saturday by beating Skolars at home. Finishing Top To finish top in this league we need to win all our remaining games — including three against top 5 clubs — and hope Hunslet and Workington do us a favour when they play Whitehaven. We need to ensure we keep to our end of that bargain. The lads will be up for it; can they pull it off? We've been beaten by the same three top 5 clubs already this season. Ignoring potential banana skins I can't see Newcastle losing other than against us. If we slip up against anyone and Whitehaven stutter, the league title is going NE. If Hunslet beat Whitehaven on the 27th, they'll consider themselves right back in it. We could potentially have a title decider in Leeds on the last day of the season if results elsewhere go our way and we've already won four games. Play-Off Places Finishing second gives you a home game in a semi-final; win and you're in the final, lose and you have a lifeline into the preliminary final. Finishing third means you play fourth at home. The winner is then away against 2nd in the semi-final. The loser plays the winner of fifth and sixth at home to get into the preliminary final. Finishing fourth follows the same path as third except you start off away. Finishing fifth or sixth is the toughest path. You need to win three games to get to the final, all away apart from fifth play sixth at home in Round 1. A Neutral Outlook If heartland clubs always win at home and always beat non-heartland clubs away (counting Newcastle as heartland here) and then non-heartland clubs win at home against other non-heartland clubs (except WW Raiders who always usually lose), I think the final table will end up like this: 32 Whitehaven 29 Newcastle 28 Oldham 28 Hunslet 22 Doncaster 21 Workington 18 North Wales Crusaders 15 London Skolars We'd then play Newcastle away in Round 1, with a lifeline. We really need Haven to stutter and then make sure we beat Newcastle at home, well, win all our games in truth! All could change with banana-skin incidents or heartland clubs beating other heartland clubs away etc. Who knows what's going to happen! The Fixtures * I'm editing this list as time goes by. Whitehaven [26pts] [A] Keighley Cougars [H] West Wales Raiders [A] Coventry Bears Oldham [24pts] [H] Doncaster [A] Coventry Bears [A] Hunslet Newcastle [23pts] [H] Coventry Bears [H] North Wales Crusaders [A] Keighley Cougars Hunslet [22pts] [A] London Skolars [H] Workington [H] Oldham Doncaster [20pts] [A] Oldham [H] Keighley Cougars [A] Workington Workington Town [19pts] [A] Hunslet [H] Doncaster London Skolars [15pts] [H] Hunslet [A] North Wales Crusaders North Wales Crusaders [14pts] [A] West Wales Crusaders [A] Newcastle Thunder [H] London Skolars
  6. Dave Naylor

    Home win

    Are we saying Sideshow Bob is also Leo Sayer?
  7. Dave Naylor

    Home win

    And the RFL gave us FA.
  8. Roger was away and he'd normally speak with Scott post-match. So that didn't happen. The players are at training tonight so we might get more news in the morning.
  9. There's a report there now.
  10. I tried using voice commands recently. Worked great at home but at a game with all the ambient noise what appeared on screen was a bit different to the words I'd used. Last Sunday I was going to put a tweet out saying half/full time scores only since I was manning the video. At the last minute I decided to have a go at putting out the tries. It was a bit traumatic. Try is scored. Focus on players, slowly pan out to reveal posts and Chewy lining up the kick. Lock the camera in place, pull phone out of pocket. Look at the time, type "36' tdl" which expands to Try OLDHAM, Danny Langtree sponsored by bla bla bla. Look up to see kick sailing through/past the posts. Phone back in pocket, no time to tweet about the conversion, unlock camera, pan across to the kick-off. Away we go again. Next break, type "cs" which expands to current score and then manually type in the score. It was all a bit Heath Robinson but I got there of sorts.
  11. I'm up the video tower for this game. I was up there for all but three home games last year but this game will be my only video performance of the year. There may be a highlight reel
  12. He should wear an apron if he's going to eat porridge recklessly . Also, hello Hartshead Moor, I know you well
  13. Fathers' Day fun. Poster for the weekend's game (not by me).
  14. I went on the train to Donny. Walked it to the ground but then caught the bus back into town after the game. Ended up chatting to a bloke in his 70s who was a former Doncaster die-hard but now picks and chooses his games. Worst team to play at Doncaster for years was how he described us. That's us. Oldham, founder members of the RFL. I bloody hated hearing that. We're better than that performance. I've played enough sport to know that stuff like that can inexplicably happen but we need to get over it. Ten games — win them all and we'll probably finish top. We won 14 on the bounce in 2015, so ten is a cake-walk.
  15. Roger Halstead knows... Beharrell was the class act last time
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