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  1. Ooooh. That's a good question. I'll have to do a bit of digging. Of course, the actual fonts of knowledge are Mike and Mary Turner. Those guys live and breathe the Oldham stats.
  2. Thought I'd put up a post to mark the last day of the season as we bow out of the Championship and return to League 1. A year that was full of promise and positive expectations but one that descended into a long string of defeats and relegation. My personal highlight was beating 'Fax at home. I was the only person behind the sticks at Bower Fold — armed with my camera — and when the hooter sounded with us in front I had to take stock of what had just happened and realise that we'd just won. Lots of nearlies, what could have beens and if only stuff going on all year. Blummin' eck!
  3. Having missed the last few games due to a mini-holiday, my daughter getting married and then my sister-in-law hitting 50, I shall be there for the season's swan song. It's practically a home game for me!
  4. We're in serious danger of winning the wooden spoon next week. Oh dear.
  5. I think the Twitter guys pushed the wrong graphic by mistake. TBH the graphic (not produced by them) is a bit rubbish anyway. Too small to read on mobile, bizarre black and white headshots produced from poorly cut out images and unnecessarily animated. We can and should do better.
  6. How did Charnock manage to score a try in the first minute? He's shown as one of the interchanges?
  7. I set-up the ticket system for the Newcastle game this morning. They'll go on sale at 10am tomorrow (Wednesday). Fill yer boots etc. https://roughyeds.co.uk/tickets/
  8. We play Fev on Sunday at Bower Fold. Let's hope that catering-caravan guy has a few more sales.
  9. Defiant Owen says squad will battle to the end DESPERATE for a win, Roughyeds play unbeaten league leaders Toulouse Olympique at Bower Fold on Sunday (3pm) and a defiant Gareth Owen says the squad will never give up in its bid to avoid relegation. “It’s not over until its over,” said Oldham’s club captain. Full Story
  10. I remember us playing Swinton at 'Sheddings and Paul Lord flew down the wing for what looked like a certain try only to be caught by Scott Ranson. Scott had a big smile on his face and I hated Scott Ranson. Then he came to play for us and he became a hero.
  11. Those were the days. I used to record the OCR commentary to an audio file whilst at the game. Then as soon as I could get hold of the video, I'd synchronise the audio track to the video and usually use the hooter at the start of each half to get it right. Sometimes things would drift and I'd have to do some cheeky editing and duplicating crowd noise to hide the stitch. Once that was done I'd render the output which used to take anything up to two hours and then upload it to YouTube. I only stopped when I figured out that the video guy should have been doing that and I was literally trying to do too much. And I have a Mrs to keep happy. "You're not doing freebie Oldham stuff again are you? I have jobs that need doing." "Er, not me love..."
  12. Here's a topic for the Toulouse game on Sunday. Now that we've lulled everyone into a false sense of security, let's turn on the style.
  13. We now need to win four games out of five for a chance of survival (or a minimum of seven points from ten if you want to be pedantic). Not happening, even with the rosiest of rose tinted glasses. League 1 here we come. Hornets, Swinton and us. At least it's something to shout about.
  14. That @DaveButt started it all!
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