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  1. They were great days back then. As much as we all turn up and support the current team/club, if we could relive those moments when we all felt we could beat anybody, how good would that be. I think I was working nights on the day of the 1986 semi-final. I genuinely thought we were going to Wembley. I was more shocked than upset when it didn't happen and as I went back into work on the night of the game I still couldn't believe we'd lost. Blummin eck. It was nice to have you as our coach Frank.
  2. Sat in the dug-out with Glen Liddiard and David Topliss at Central Park. Challenge Cup semi-final v Castleford, 1986.
  3. We're right at the beginning of the pandemic here in the UK. I read that we're three weeks behind Italy in its escalation and that we won't reach a peak until the end of May, beginning of June. If RL is suspended until April 3, there's no way it's going to resume immediately after that date.
  4. At least we get to enjoy Saturday evening unbattered.
  5. Ah well. Might have to book that holiday in Rome now we've got a bit of a gap in the season.
  6. It's a must-win game tomorrow. Home wins against clubs that regularly finish in the bottom third of the Championship are an absolute necessity if we're going to consolidate our second-tier status. In our previous Championship adventure we started the 2016 season with losses to both London Broncos (22-0) at home and then Leigh (48-18) away. In both games we performed well in periods but ultimately lost out to the more experienced side. We then hosted Dewsbury at Bower Fold, winning 38-16 with a great performance in front of 816 spectators. In 2017 we played Dewsbury twice at home. Once in the league and then once in the Championship Shield on the last day of the season. The league game was a re-arranged fixture because the Bower Fold pitch was unfit on the scheduled date. We lost 20-16 with some shenanigans at the end of the game. The crowd, on a Wednesday evening, was 575. In the Shield game, we were effectively already relegated since we needed to win handsomely and Swinton lose badly to have any chance of survival. It was never going to happen and we lost 29-22 anyway in front of 429 spectators. In view of Dewsbury's bright start to the season you'd imagine they'll bring a decent amount of spectators. Not to the level of Widnes or Bradford but they have a loyal bunch of fans who are prepared to travel. It'll be a good indicator of where the club is at if we can surpass that 816 number from the 2016 season and hopefully reward those attending with a similar good win.
  7. 33 years ago today... Oldham v St Helens, Round 2 Challenge Cup. The round after that Wigan win. https://vimeo.com/391090291/96ccbfdac4
  8. Just imagine if we had the ability to do that.
  9. I don't know the definitive answer to that but this is what I reckon. If money's tight at the club, and we all know it is, then the club has to maximise its resources. So it's wise to use both strips in as equal measures as you can. I'd prefer us to play in our traditional colours on every occasion we can, but hey-ho.
  10. I've got a wadge of Tameside gas bills in my loft. £4.00 each.
  11. I love it when a plan comes together.
  12. Uh oh... We WILL have programmes in 2020 WHILE some clubs have previously ditched the sale of match-day programmes, and others will follow suit in the coming season, Oldham RLFC has decided to continue with the sale of traditional programmes as a service to fans. Read more
  13. The Oldham club could make programmes available to all. That's what Leigh do on their website in the lead-up to games. You can see a few listed here if you scroll down. https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/v2/blog/category/ticket-news/
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