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  1. Interesting. We've played Hornets 333 times according to my database, but that will include friendlies and Law Cup games. We've played Wigan 246 times, again, that will include friendlies. I'll find the answer.
  2. I don't know, there's a bulletin that comes out from the RFL in the week leading up to games and it stipulates there which strip we'll be playing in. I don't know whether that's an instruction or it's Oldham's decision. I also suspect that since we have to have two strips, since they take a battering, we may as well get best use out of both sets. I'd prefer red/white hoops at home, blue/white hopes when away if there was a clash.
  3. The crest on the shirt is a hybrid of the Trumpton Shield and the Town Crest. We've got different shades of red going on that doesn't work to my eyes. Anyway, the Trumpton Shield falls at the first hurdle. Supposed to be a new branding for the club but found wanting on social media and now doesn't appear on the 2020 shirt. A failed exercise. Get it binned. Having said that, the shirt's great, just the ticket. I'd have had more donkeys on though.
  4. Just thought I'd point out, @Paello isn't my fake account to blow off steam,
  5. Professional marketing people. If only we had some.
  6. Dave Naylor


    The game's at the RU Stadium on the other side of the river, nearer the city centre.
  7. I'm allowing myself to keep forgetting about the Conquered thing. When it pops up again, I spend the next 30 minutes wondering what the heck it's all about.
  8. Leverage as a verb. Thinking enormity means something really big. Saying mischievous as mis-cheevy-ous. Saying bring instead of take.
  9. Incidentally, I keep asking our Google Home Mini to tell me the definition of the word Conquered and now I know all there is to know about the world's first supersonic commercial passenger aircraft.
  10. Maybe we're becoming the Oldham Conquerors. Every time we win we just hand the opposition a piece of card with "CONQUERED" written on it. Genius.
  11. Celebrate promotion with special leisure wear Conquered. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2019/11/celebrate-promotion-with-special-leisure-wear/
  12. It was lecktrickery.
  13. You will have synced your calendar with the Stanza app I set up. It's a cool service if not a bit clunky to enter all the details. It was free but they've gone subscription only now. I've been looking for some kind of self-hosted alternative.
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