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  1. If it is ever removed, I know a tech guy who leached it off the site.
  2. I do love a bit of Trello. I've tried to extol its virtues to a few people, mostly without success.
  3. Tell us, how many home games in 2019 did you attend. Those played in Oldham.
  4. Thanks for asking. I did the colours last year. They're supposed to differentiate between a player from 2018 and then a new signing. TBH I've half forgotten what I was thinking. So..... A player labelled with Green = a 2019 squad member A player labelled with Red = Confirmed 2020 squad member A player labelled with yellow = Incoming player (he'll also have Red label) Players can have more than one label.
  5. @DOGFATHER Thanks for taking the time to post some level-headed comments.
  6. Noooooo. I always think the Oldham lads will stay. I was stunned when Wardy left.
  7. Here you go. Just updated it for this signing season. https://trello.com/b/rVp9DsQ4/oldham-rlfc-2020
  8. I can do for sure. I'm amazed anyone looked at it
  9. It's always on the website after the game, well, when I get my behind into gear and do it. It was 5333 by the way this week.
  10. I'm sat here drinking a glass of Sainsbury's own Merlot, a wine I bought by accident a few weeks back and realised I sorta like it. Anyway. We were awesome today. I was very scared of Newcastle and the speed of their fullback was mind blowing. But we won. And it was glorious. One aim next year. Win ten games and survive. Do that and we can grow. Toulouse in June would be nice too
  11. @The Art of Hand and Foot Here it is...
  12. Top man for saying that. Bravo sir.
  13. @Tony Mac I think the result is on a knife edge. Having said that, we should have come away with points at their place and then we bossed them in a stunning second-half a few weeks back. If you recall back in 2015, we played Keighley in April away and lost. We then smashed them in the return match at Whitebank and were just the better team in the final. We can repeat all that on Sunday. I've seen every second of every game this season, home and away. Friendlies, league and cup games, the lot. This team has gelled over the year to a point where you can see the self belief. I expect us to win. Home advantage edges it.
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