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  1. Sorry Langpark - but where did you get the idea that Hemel CAN make it in League One? As for the rest, it's been suggested before several times and only Woolston Rovers have shown the slightest interest - and as they are a Warrington based club what would be the point? Siddal are Halifax, Thatto Heath are St. Helens. It makes no sense for them to play in a "semi-pro" league.
  2. That Joe Keane bloke gets in everywhere at this time of year. Only he could think that two drop goals should equal a try.
  3. Pure speculation, this, but if the home team pay the visitors' travelling expenses then a 500 or so crowd at Workington is better than 100 and a few at All Golds to cover costs. And, as has been said - maybe this Cup is not a priority although I know Barrow fans would like to win it and have a day at Blackpool. Unfortunately, League One is such a mish-mash that you cannot blame clubs for saving a few quid here and there.
  4. Sorry Essex RL - it's the All Golds who need to worry about travelling - the tie's been switched to Workington hasn't it?
  5. Endangered Rugby League Clubs

    Thanks JohnM. Figures very informative. I have never tried to suggest that Super League crowds are worse than they were in the old days of Division One and Two - just that the arrival of a group of full-time clubs who happened to be at the right place at the right time and placed into Super League had a damaging effect on the rest of the game. A quick bit of adding and subtracting among the 16 clubs in the 1995 clubs shows that averages at Castleford, Hull, Leeds Saints, Widnes and Warrington are up by a total of approximately 19,000. Wigan, Salford and Wakefield are much the same. Of the rest (not now in Super League) Bradford, Donny, Featherstone, Halifax, Oldham, Sheffield and Workington are down by approx 17,000. A plus figure of 2,000 in 20 years. I'm not trying to prove anything - after all there was no Catalan (8,000-ish) back then - but I am guessing that we have much the same numbers of paying customers throughout the whole game than we had back then but with Super League considered to be the only show in town. And, as a supporter of the game as a whole and without any serious club allegiance, I find that disappointing.
  6. Endangered Rugby League Clubs

    Just curious, MK13 - who exactly is this "everybody" who went bust in the eight years that Wigan were winning everything. The fact is that the Murdoch money enabled a handful of clubs to go full-time - I was at the meeting that announced Super League to the press - but there was never enough to keep a level playing field for 30 teams. I cannot think of a single club not in Super League or close to it that gets a bigger gate than it did pre Murdoch. The gap between the haves and have nots has grown until the present state when if you haven't got a multi-millionaire putting cash in you haven't got a Super League club. If you're fine with that then OK - it just isn't everybody's idea of rugby Utopia.
  7. cumbria rl

    It's this year that concerns us not what happened last year
  8. 'haven v toronto

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the much-criticised attendance for the Whitehaven - Toronto game (643) the highest in Championship One on the day? The attendance at York wasn't given but assuming it was around the 500-plus mark then fewer than 3000 turned up for a full eight-match fixture list. So are Whitehaven, Workington or Barrow any worse off than say Keighley, York, Hunslet, Rochdale, Swinton , etc etc - in fact any club that isn't in or on the fringe of Super League. I believe it is true that the decline in interest has been long term but also that it was accelerated by the arrival of Super League and the switch of seasons. I can't speak for the younger generation of supporters but older fans of the above clubs can all remember when their team included internationals, county players, big names. Now,with Super League available two or three nights a week and prices for League One averaging about £14 a game is it any wonder that interest is at an all-time low for what is, after all third-grade Rugby League. A lot has changed since the days I started watching the game and many of my contemporaries have lost interest. They just don't like today's game. It saddens me because I still enjoy it - even if Super League is more about coach speak, statistics, yardages and the like (Castleford 2017 excepted). Or perhaps I'm missing something..
  9. Pardon my ignorance,folks, but when was franchising re-introduced, or is this just another Trumpish fake news story?
  10. They're not THAT bad, dp! Unless that's a young Mr. Bennett on Paul Charlton's shoulder.
  11. These old eyes must be worse than I thought if that isn't WH on the back row.
  12. Barrow v Keighley poster

    Toronto coach Paul Rowley was one of those 599 and after what he saw I suspect he will have the Raiders pencilled in as one of the main threats to the Wolfpack's often-predicted stroll to the League One title. Although the Cougars looked very predictable and slow about it, Paul Crarey has got together a group that appears to have strength in depth with nobody among the 20-odd looking particularly out of place. The pack is as good as we are likely to meet in League One and the backs are sharp. The point of pre-season friendlies is to see what you have got and how best to use them so on that score Cresta can feel happy. Four games unbeaten, lots of points - bring on the real thing.
  13. Hi I would be interested in learning more about Manchester Knights



  14. Dalton

    Any news on where Dalton will be playing after they left the Pennine League?
  15. Right on both counts, Essex RL. When Manchester Knights was formed (out of the remnants of a successful Tameside Borough in 1997) we played at Aldwinians RUFC.A year later we had to move and went to Oldham RUFC, The League Administrator at the time then ordered us to leave Oldham with the threat that we could be kicked out of the league (soon to be National League Three) because Oldham wasn't a "development area". So, on to a ground about three miles away Dukinfield RUFC. Another year later we were movingagain -this time to Ashton-on-Mersey RUFC. Four grounds in five years in four different areas, so we had no hope of putting down roots. The club eventually folded in 2002 having been kept going by the willing few and borrowing players from the likes of Eccles and Leigh East. All of this came after a high profile meeting in Manchester's Ramada Hotel where the long term plan was the same as Rangers have todayand wide publicity in the Manchester Evening News. But unfortunately, after the demise of Tameside players drifted away. (Incidentally we tried to get the council onside by allowing us to use the Tameside Athletic Stadium but that was a blind alley after a few meetings and empty promises. So the Rangers are doing everything right - everything we should have done - and even though I now live too many miles away to be involved even as a spectator, I hope they achieve everything they are aiming for.