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  1. Hi I would be interested in learning more about Manchester Knights



  2. Any news on where Dalton will be playing after they left the Pennine League?
  3. Right on both counts, Essex RL. When Manchester Knights was formed (out of the remnants of a successful Tameside Borough in 1997) we played at Aldwinians RUFC.A year later we had to move and went to Oldham RUFC, The League Administrator at the time then ordered us to leave Oldham with the threat that we could be kicked out of the league (soon to be National League Three) because Oldham wasn't a "development area". So, on to a ground about three miles away Dukinfield RUFC. Another year later we were movingagain -this time to Ashton-on-Mersey RUFC. Four grounds in five years in four different areas, so we had no hope of putting down roots. The club eventually folded in 2002 having been kept going by the willing few and borrowing players from the likes of Eccles and Leigh East. All of this came after a high profile meeting in Manchester's Ramada Hotel where the long term plan was the same as Rangers have todayand wide publicity in the Manchester Evening News. But unfortunately, after the demise of Tameside players drifted away. (Incidentally we tried to get the council onside by allowing us to use the Tameside Athletic Stadium but that was a blind alley after a few meetings and empty promises. So the Rangers are doing everything right - everything we should have done - and even though I now live too many miles away to be involved even as a spectator, I hope they achieve everything they are aiming for.
  4. It's sad to see such a prestigious competition down to so few entries but surely the decline started with the mass switch to summer and the expanding NCL's refusal to leave open dates as well as introducing their own Challenge Trophy. I well remember when my own club Tameside Borough made trips to Cambridge, Seaton, Barrow and Humberside as well as into North West Counties strongholds (Simms Cross murdered us) but it was something the players looked forward to as highlights of the season. We were never going to get much beyond the third or fourth rounds but there were some memorable trips. Of course, costs have risen, attitudes have changed - some clubs can't even raise enough players to travel out of their own area these days - so it was inevitable this would happen. Sadly,if I were BARLA I would put the competition quietly to bed. I don't think there is anybody who knows more about the amateur clubs and their records than Rooster and to blame BARLA - which has its faults I know - for the decline is, to my mind, a bit rich. As for making entry compulsory for BARLA League clubs ... this is amateur sport we are talking about in an age when the game as a whole is struggling. Flogging a dead horse has never been productive.
  5. The Raiders is a big improvement on Braves and Border Raiders but it is, after all, only a nickname. They are still Barrow to me. I worked briefly for Oldham Bears but it was a short-lived existence and they are now the Roughyeds again (whatever that is and I don't know any Oldham fan who ever shouts come on you Roughyeds! The trouble with nicknames is that, thanks to Sky TV, they can actually take over the name of the club. Wigan become The Wigan Warriors; or The Warrington Wolves( they are still The Wire to their fans) or The Huddersfield Giants etc. - never just Wigan, Warrington or Huddersfield. In Australia it's even worse where you have Sharks, Bunnies, Eels, Broncos, Roosters etc - they don't even mention where they are based. It's even more Americanised than we are. Or am I just showing my age?
  6. Having finally taken in the bad news that the CSL is no longer, I have still not seen any explanation for why it has happened. As somebody who was instrumental in the formation of a new Midlands club (Corby Pioneers) way back in 1969 - in the good old days pre-BARLA and and then many years later, thanks to Lionel, with Manchester Knights, original members of the old National League Three, I guess from experience that it can be for any one, two or all three reasons - a player shortage, cash shortage or travelling time and distances between fixtures. I don't pretend to know the financial assistance that the RFL offer to clubs (though the least it should be is travelling expenses) but surely there are enough employees at Red Hall to put somebody in overall charge of such a competition - not from the comfort of a Leeds desk but by getting out among the clubs ). The amateur game is struggling at many levels - here in Cumbria long-established clubs are having a hard time fielding full teams every week and it doesn't look like getting any better in the immediate future. I don't pretend to have an answer except to suggest that too many new clubs are really teams only and have of two few non-players in the backrooms. They are, in effect, built on sand. The governing body has to find a way of accommodating the likes of Nottingham Outlaws, London Chargers and others or dreams of "meaningful" expansion will fizzle out altogether.
  7. Beat of all, Lionel (though aother old one!) No Blue Sox.
  8. Results in today's Daily Mail (I know we're lucky to get anything in it) - are under the heading of Gillette Four Nations. Is it any wonder we have trouble attracting sponsors?
  9. How do you know when Sky have not got coverage of an event? On last night's Sports News Round-Up (11-30 before the Press Preview on Sky News) we were told that England had beaten Scotland 38-12 (tick that) and Australia had beaten New Zealand 18-4 (who told them that?). That's how you tell - it's a non-event if it's not on Sky so they don't really care.
  10. I wish I could share in the optimism of some people on here who seem to think that, if they had shuffled the furniture on the Titanic it wouldn't have sunk. We are the third best team in a three-team world and we lost by a single point. Had Widdop's drop-goal attempt gone over we would have drawn - then what we would have had to moan about? Comparing form in a very average Super League with a Test match is a delusion that has existed for 20 years. We have employed a man regarded as the world's best coach so let's give him a chance. Meanwhile we are where we are and that is still in this Four Nations (all be it needing to beat the Aussies to stay in).
  11. As JD says you can't please everybody - it was the cover that caught my eye and persuaded me to give it another go. I stopped buying it a couple of editors ago when it turned in to being nothing more than a fanzine and a voice for players who said much the same thing. I'm won over again by the new issue that still promotes the game in a positive light but is not frightened to raise important issues - the "relocation" of Hemel Stags to Dewsbury and the state of the game up here in Cumbria. That could fill an entire issue! Anyway, I'll be buying next month's and I haven't said that for a long time.
  12. Barrow were the second best supported team behind Toulouse last season. Next year, apart from the game against Workington, what is there in that list that can possibly attract spectators to Craven Park? It looks as though there will be no need for the club to worry about accommodating visiting supporters. It's hard to shake off the idea that League One is nothing more than a vehicle to get first Toulouse and now Toronto up towards Super League ASAP. What is wrong with home and away-champions go up; two to five play-off? If that view makes me a grump then I can live with myself.
  13. Don't know why you started this, Snowman - I haven't heard a single Barrow fan or anybody else complain that they are not going up. The Raiders had a good season and are building from the grass roots upwards. Finishing third and only losing out in the last match is a sign that under Paul Crarey and the board they are on the right track. Attendances are back around the 1,000 mark (only Toulouse can do better) and there is still a strong contingent of local players in the squad. So stop trying to start an argument with Hornets.
  14. If somebody like Sky does finance a hybrid game in the future it is far more likely that there will be three versions bearing the title of Rugby rather than one. For the things that unite the codes at present - shape of the pitch, the ball, the aims,length of a game, the posts - there are so many things that divide them - Line-Outs, rucks and mauls, number of players, points scoring system, scrums - even, lord help us, the fan bases like the regular reference to TGG on one side and the "wouldn't touch League with a barge pole" attitude on the other These games are what they are - a version of football.
  15. Great to hear it, Ron. It's on a par with Oldham, Swinton, Rochdale, York - all heartland clubs. If you get yourselves a winning team then a regular four-figure turn-out is not an unreasonable aim. A third division of any league in any sport has a problem with attracting crowds so look on the bright side.