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  1. There's one at Wembley central station as well. Got the other half coming to the game for her first taste of international RL. Just hope it's better than the kiwi game I took my bro to last year
  2. There used to be a group of us at about aged 16/17 that would go watching Salford at the willows without parents. I don't see the same kind of groups at games anymore. Of course the game needs to be family friendly, but to grow at all we need to attract some new fans who's parents weren't Rugby League fans.
  3. I don't support any particular club in superleague, I genuinely have watched superleague for the love of the game. The game here is failing and dying as a professional sport, I've just tried to offer a couple of potential solutions. If the status quo remains there won't be a superleague before we know it. How many new supporters are coming through? (Other than kids taken by their parents
  4. The other solution would be for the RFL to provide a central grant that is greater than the salary gap, similar to NRL, which then allows all clubs to compete on an equal footing. If we could negotiate a half decent TV deal we'd have a chance. Some people may be happy to only see the big clubs win the grandfinal, I'm finding it tedious however and my interest in superleague is differently waning. And the fact that crowds appear to be on a slow decline would indicate I'm not the only one.
  5. 12 clubs clearly don't have an equal chance of winning it though, if they did then we'd have a situation like in the NRL where 12 clubs actually have won it in recent times. Fans need to be able to dream that their club really can win it otherwise people will slowly but surely drift away to other sports. Without doing something fairly radical there ay not be a fully professional superleague in 20 years time. Revenue sharing works in the US where the same applies, why should any US club give money to a poorer club? The difference there is that decisions are taken for the good and growth of the game. RL fans are often only truly interested in their own club rather than the health of the game
  6. Do you seriously get excited about a season knowing one of 4 clubs will be champions at the end? Any one of 10/12 clubs in NRL could be in with a shout of winning the comp. Even clubs own fans have no enthusiasm at the end of seasons, the crowd at Wigan for a grand final qualifier was upsetting and embarrassing. About revenue sharing, if leeds/Wigan and anyone else are generating more cash than they can spend why not share it round? Everyone would benefit from a stronger comp. All I see at the moment is a game that is slowly but surely dying a slow death as a professional sport without doing something about it. Leeds/wigan/saints and poss wire winning the grandfinal in perpetuality is not going to pull in new fans
  7. Not sure when Liverpool were even last in the champions league so they've certainly not played Chelsea in it recently. With the latest UEFA stitch up favouring the established elite plenty of people are complaining that the champs league is becoming a boring NFL style closed shop with the same old teams playing each other every year. Bar having some sort of draft system in rugby league I'm not quite sure how we are going to equalise the comp. Possibly a revenue sharing arrangement between clubs so that teams that have no problem spending up to the cap share revenue with those that can't. I'm sure this happens in some US sports
  8. Slightly off topic but I can never understand why crowds for the semi finals are so poor. 12k at wire yday and Wigan looks half empty today. A home semi final is surely the biggest home game a fan can possibly go to so why do supporters who clearly go to the run of the mill season fixtures not bother? Looks awful watching on TV with none RL fan, me saying what big games they are but people can't be bothered going. Club attendances for most NRL clubs are not massively more than the top superleague clubs but they get some truly huge semi final crowds on occasion, why the difference?
  9. I'm really not a fan of this eights system at all. Baring a financial collapse of an SL club I can't see any club gaining promotion. Bradford are effectively locked out of SL and I'd argue we don't have enough clubs to allow someone like Bradford to slowly wither away and die a slow death. Hudds and Leeds being in the bottom 4 couldn't have really been forseen, but in the lead up to a 4 nations we should really be targeting to win, how many of England's first choice team are now going to be playing 2nd grade RL against championship level clubs in the lead up? Not helping our chances. The sooner thus system is changed the better in my opinion.
  10. "####, forever in our shadow" Unbelievable really he was banned for that. I agree an atmosphere was definately starting to build with south's, especially in the 'burrow'. They really need to move away from anz stadium tho. Totally unsuited to club RL and wrong location for south's.
  11. Anfield will be ready in plenty of time for the final, stop flapping. You've only got to compare the progress to the etihad this time last year, if anything anfield is slightly ahead of where the etihad was. And the expanded etihad was (just about) ready for the start of the football season in august
  12. And if anyone's really on a budget can resort to drinking 'goon' (horrendous boxed wine, but we'd get off our faces at $10 for 4litres)
  13. Not to everyone's taste but if you're willing to stay in back packer hostels can pay £15-£20 per night. Like has already been said on here can eat dirt cheap in the right places, couple of yrs back id get a steak and beer in starbar in the Sydney CBD for $9.95.
  14. What a silly comment. He's left arguably the biggest super league club to go and play championship union. I doubt he's on a higher wage at Yorkshire carnegie than he was at the rhinos. He's a sportsman who realises his RL days are behind him but wishes to prolong his sporting days slightly by still playing a version of rugby that's less brutal on the body. I do not, and I don't think any of us should, begrudge him for one second. Sinfields situation is completely different to RL players who have left in the prime of their careers to get more money and exposure in the union premiership and potential internationals. He was captain of what should be the team of the year in a treble winning season, it'd be a travesty if he hadn't been nominated
  15. With the London centric press we have opening with England v Oz would get loads more publicity at OP or Wembley for the opening game than up in Newcastle. Possibly play NZ there as the 2nd or 3rd England game