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  1. The old WCC trophy wasn't bad, why on earth did they change it to that card board cut out thing?!
  2. Of course it is for rugby league to not tolerate it's employees carrying out illegal activities that damage all of society. Where do we draw the line? Do we say it's not for rugby league to punish player's that are involved in domestic violence because it's not occurred on a rugby field? Do we want to become known as a sport that turns a blind eye to pure criminality?
  3. If I got caught using recreational drugs I'd certainly lose my job, I also see the effect it as on people. 'Recreational' drug use is not victimless, even if it's people with money taking the drugs. Class A drug use should be a two year ban in my mind, so what if it doesn't enhance a player's performance and is done off season. Are we trying to say to kids 'yeah taking drugs is ok as long as you don't get caught'? Believe me it destroys many lives
  4. The blowouts haven't been great I agree, though Whitehaven and Keighley managed to give a good account of themselves (though that may have been due to poor weather levelling things up a bit). Never the less I have still enjoyed seeing some lower level rugby grounds and teams that I would have otherwise never have watched
  5. I've really enjoyed this season so far, great to see my home town club Salford playing some great rugby, cas have been fantastic. There really seems to be the possibility of a new team/s in the grand final come October which would be fantastic. Last season for whatever reason I almost felt like I was watching some games out of obligation, now I look forward all week for televised games. Even my old man (an ex player) seems to have new found enthusiasm this season. I've also got much more of an interest in championship and league1 this year which has clearly been helped by Toulouse and Toronto. I went down to the skolars v Toronto game and really enjoyed the experience and will definitely get to a few more skolars matches this season. Also been great to see some of the other league1 clubs live on premier, despite the blowouts. I just hope some league1 games could continue to be televised after Toronto have left the division I'll be in oz for the world cup from the quarter finals onwards so hopefully this can end up being the perferct year!
  6. Does anyone have the actual attendance figures for SL clubs so far? Id be especially interested in salford as they do look healthier this season judged by TV, but I've not been able to find the numbers quoted anywhere
  7. The biggest thing for me is that there will be no institutionalized bias against rugby league if Toronto get the crowds and success. They won't have the dyed in the wool unionites running their newspapers deliberately suppressing rugby league as over here. That can not be overstated. When an aviva premiership game in front of 5/10k gets more press than 70k+ for the grand final that shows what we're up against in the UK. Like I said Toronto and rugby league in Canada will prosper or die by its own merits over there. It simply never has been, or will be, given a fair crack of the whip here A somewhat crucial difference between now and 1928 is obviously social media. If Toronto games in front of the initial full houses entertain people word about the game could spread far easier than it would have done in the past. I have confidence that the product is good enough that show case it to enough people in a cleary very enthusiastic sporting market permanent interest can be drummed up.
  8. Well I'd take a distant 6th place then! You seem to have completely missed my point. Rugby league has no need to directly compete against some of these sports, just find its own niche. And btw I'm pretty sure NRL turnover is somewhat higher than then 300mil$ you imply
  9. If soccer is a very distant fourth place with an average MLS attendance of 21,692 for last year I'd be more than happy for RL to be in a distance 5th place. It's such a huge sports market that even if league had 0.1% of it things would be a relative success
  10. I for one am incredibly excited about Toronto and the potential for RL in north armerica. My younger brother lives in Toronto and has tried to get a ticket for their first game and was unable to do so well in advance with it sold out. I'm sure it's not just me that thinks that's amazing. I think we're all agreed on this forum that RL is TGG and if given the exposure it deserves more people would follow it. Off all places north America is for me easily the most potential for growth. There is not the class system in NA and an establishment that will actively work against RL. Rugby league will succeed or fail on its own merits in Toronto and North America as a whole. As a continent they are also far more into sport than the UK. Let's be honest at club level the only sport anybody cares about here is soccer, everything else is a minority sport. It's only international union and cricket that has kept those sports alive. Over the pond however any bar will be showing NFL, baseball, basketball, ice hockey and soccer amongst others. All big sports over there. I have confidence that if the population is exposed to RL it is capable of carving out a big enough niche over there to be more than viable. One or two posters on here seem to be obsessing about negative effects Toronto and further north American teams could have on our own league. First of all, I just love rugby league whether it is played in Sydney, north of England or the moon. I would happily accept a strong north American game at the expense of a couple of UK clubs playing in front of tiny crowds. However I don't think that is something we need to worry about however. Bradfords demise was nothing to do with Toronto, and there's no need for their success to be at the expense of any other clubs. A 12 team super league is too small long term for me. I'd expand to 14 if Toulouse and Toronto made it. And further clubs are worthy of an SL place there is no reason why this would have to be at the expense of any existing clubs. Ultimately we'd be looking at a north American conference of 4/5 teams who would play each other home and away and then play each English (or French) side once. People deriding the existence of Toronto should consider that there are probably only 35 professional RL clubs on the planet. Toronto has therefore instantly increased the player pool by 3% or so. That can not be a bad thing. Giving the opportunity for English players to ply their trade in Canada subsequently gives opportunities for English players who otherwise would have been lost to the game. Most won't amount to much, but they'll be a few gems who simply wouldn't have had the opportunity. Successful north American teams would also undoubtedly drive the popularity of the game here, in the same way that people watch NFL simply because it's a popular America sport (I cant believe most people watch it for the spectacle itself). The Toronto experiment may or may not succede. If they are a success however northern hemisphere will be better for it and I can't see how it can't have a positive knock on affect for the English structure as a whole.
  11. There's one at Wembley central station as well. Got the other half coming to the game for her first taste of international RL. Just hope it's better than the kiwi game I took my bro to last year
  12. There used to be a group of us at about aged 16/17 that would go watching Salford at the willows without parents. I don't see the same kind of groups at games anymore. Of course the game needs to be family friendly, but to grow at all we need to attract some new fans who's parents weren't Rugby League fans.
  13. I don't support any particular club in superleague, I genuinely have watched superleague for the love of the game. The game here is failing and dying as a professional sport, I've just tried to offer a couple of potential solutions. If the status quo remains there won't be a superleague before we know it. How many new supporters are coming through? (Other than kids taken by their parents
  14. The other solution would be for the RFL to provide a central grant that is greater than the salary gap, similar to NRL, which then allows all clubs to compete on an equal footing. If we could negotiate a half decent TV deal we'd have a chance. Some people may be happy to only see the big clubs win the grandfinal, I'm finding it tedious however and my interest in superleague is differently waning. And the fact that crowds appear to be on a slow decline would indicate I'm not the only one.
  15. 12 clubs clearly don't have an equal chance of winning it though, if they did then we'd have a situation like in the NRL where 12 clubs actually have won it in recent times. Fans need to be able to dream that their club really can win it otherwise people will slowly but surely drift away to other sports. Without doing something fairly radical there ay not be a fully professional superleague in 20 years time. Revenue sharing works in the US where the same applies, why should any US club give money to a poorer club? The difference there is that decisions are taken for the good and growth of the game. RL fans are often only truly interested in their own club rather than the health of the game