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  1. crowd for opener

    I was thinking more comparable games, RU world cup games and v the lions. Never the less I would say those crowds pretty much prove my point, a number massively above what league get. Are you really suggesting a like for like comparison, world cup opener, would be anything less than capacity?
  2. I completely agree, and it's not me saying they are consciously favouring there own team (because i dont). But at the risk of getting too deep for ths forum, i do think there is a historical hang over from earlier times where there's a national English guilt (justified or notl) about our treatment of other nations in the past
  3. crowd for opener

    Believe it or not once upon a time I got a masters degree in physics (most of the brain cells have long since been destroyed). So i actually know a bit about the behaviour of nuclear particles tho. Im convinced though the mindset of the average rugby league fan would even perspex Einstein.
  4. I remember a game in oz watching south's in prob about 2012 when i was a bit tipsy and thought I'd put $100 on nathan Merritt to score first try at 7-1 or so. The electronic gambling machine at the stadium was broken and so i couldnt put the bet on. Guess who scored first try
  5. Its not a problem we can solve over night. But if there was a will it would surely be easy for the NRL to develop 3/4 more top class refs from NZ plus maybe a couple from the pacific islands. The RFL could make efforts to identify the best refs from the likes of the French elite 1 and 2, and maybe in time some from North America
  6. Not having a neutral ref makes it easy for a result appear to be corrupt even if its not. I dont believe the refs are corrupt but it must be easy to subconsciously favour your home nation. You would assume most RL refs must have also been RL fans to become involved and so if they weren't reffing a game they would naturally be supporting their nation of birth. When a world cup comes around people watch games who normally wouldn't. Certainly in the UK these will invariably also be at least casual football fans who the idea of a non neutral international ref will be completely anaema to.
  7. crowd for opener

    Ive never really understood international league crowds in Australia. Its obvious league is far bigger than union, yet the oz national RU team play at ANZ in a big game they'll invariably fill it with 80k. League on the other hand still plays in 2/3rds full 30k grounds. Even if you see origin as the ultimate, why on earth would an aussie rugby league fan not be interested in watching their national team play England? They may invariably win but there's been some enjoyable games never the less
  8. Having had a few hours to review the game here are my thoughts First half i feared the worst for England and thought we could be looking at a 40 point loss. England still havnt moved beyond a psychological inferior complex against the Aussies, they were clearly nervous to start with. I was impressed with the English defence who did well under sustained pressure. The forwards were struggling making yardage and were clearly playing under instructions to go up the middle, when there was more space on the wings. The second half was much better, England changed their game plan and moved the ball along the line well at times. There were less kicks straight down the throat of the Aussies. McG impressed me as ever and steps up well at this level. Hall had a good game but i feel for him at times, as good as his record is he'd have scored far more tries if he'd ever played with a decent centre who fed him good ball. I'd have had shenton in the squad as he's a player who's always looking to make space for his winger and create a try. Lomax was dissapointing, butchered a certain try out wide by dropping the ball and several other errors. Makes me all the angrier at hardaker for his idiocy who may have made a difference in this game. Australians moaning at English moaning at the refs are kidding themselves if they do not acknowledge there is clearly a problem with not having neutral international refs. My girlfriend who doesn't watch sport really was incredulous when i told her an Australian was reffing, with her saying 'surely there must be a kiwi ref who could have done it'. It makes the sport look small time. There were 3 or 4 clearly at best borderline decisions which went against england at crucial times. Even if genuinely nothing is untoward it's not difficult to feel hard done by. It's not good enough to say "well there were only 3 penalties so the england cant have been disadvantaged". The decisions were at crucial times destroying momentum and a close rugby league game more than any other sport can be swung by decisions such as today. Anyone who thinks the Aussies would not kick up an almighty stink if they lose the final with similar decisions going against them is being disingenuous. Even the one example that could possibly be seen to have gone in Englands favour just highlighted for me the english tendency to over compensate to appear neutral. The ref sent it up to thaler simply to check the restart, and once again if roles were reversed i can not imagine an Australian video ref looking to award a penalty in such circumstances. Overall the second half gave me enougn hope that if England improve through the comp they can be a real danger in the semis/final. Finally, i think the final Aussie try was a great shame. Anyone who hasnt seen the game but just sees the score as 18-4 may assume the game was one sided, when it was far from it.
  9. Decent second half there from england. Australians are a hypocritical bunch tho. Winge about not supporting the international game because theyre rarely given a tough game but when they are its never a level playing field, certainly against england. All it takes in rugby league is a couple of decisions to swing a tight game
  10. Once again england playing against 14, an utter disgrace
  11. Never a penalty at all that. They are beatable but half the battle is in englands head,
  12. Just finishing my last of 7 night shifts. May crack open an early beer or two at home while cheering the boys on!
  13. Must say im very underwhelmed by this redevelopment. For me Leeds should have been showing ambition to become the biggest rugby side in the country of either code. Leicester on the dark side average about 21k which leeds should have been aiming for
  14. Cas have had an amazing season, leeds are crowned champions but surely everyone who is a true rugby league fan will remember this season and give cas 2017 the love and respect they deserve; without disrespecting leeds climb from the lows of last season