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  1. I hadn't seen the footage before but I knew the story of the struggle for survival due to reading The Forbidden Game by Mike Rylance a number of years ago. It's a fascinating book and well worth tracking down.
  2. My username comes from a Huyton back row forward that Ray French often waxed lyrical about on Radio Merseyside. When I was finally brave enough to go to Alt Park he did look a class above his teammates with good handling skills. He looked a bit like a hero of mine, John Conteh, which also added to the aura. I know absolutely nothing about his background and there's probably no video footage of him so my memories from the few times I saw him can't be sullied as often happens with internet research these days.
  3. Stop playing music when showing replays of a try being scored.
  4. YML 2017

    Hard to say but Coventry did OK when they moved into the Conference. I think the fact that the city of Nottingham has a large pool of players both already at Outlaws and at the universities should stand them in good stead.
  5. YML 2017

    From the perspective of someone who watches Outlaws fairly regularly this seems good news. Having a longer season without repeat fixtures should create more interest and I imagine the players will appreciate the shorter travel times.