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  1. I agree. Theres a big market for international sport and the RLWC should pull in some decent crowds. Im really looking forward to the whole event. 16 teams. Australia clear favourites and Tonga and NZ very strong however England looking like they could cause an upset Victory if things go their way. Wane is a very good coach and I would not be shocked if he can fashion a winning side over the tournament.
  2. I think the Knights are great as a touring side to PNG and Fiji and to play against the Full England team. Not sure its great for them to play France and Wales as tbh, England probably have 4 or 5 teams who could beat France. We have alot of very good players, particularly in the Forwards. Australias real edge is the Backs. I feel better to always play as full England team as at least thats respect for the other teams and the TV audience. To be pasted by England as a European team is one thing, by the Knights is another.
  3. Do you Gigot might sign up too or He may go elsewhere for a loan move?
  4. I think Trent will make more players want to play for France for sure. Eloi is back so maybe Batieri come the WC can be talked into a comeback for the National Team. France IMO could upset Samoa if all goes right for them and Milford etc have a really bad day.
  5. Do you think Gigot will rise to the stage of internationals? As his tackling was decent in SL the last few seasons.
  6. Hes a decent player just got older and not where he was in 2017. I wonder what wadges a Union club in Japan may offer him.
  7. Agreed and that could build into a Championship outfit in time.
  8. Latrell is a great player but it would not shock me if NSW and particularly the Kangaroos do not pick him for Rep Footy this year. Thoughts?
  9. Fiji have an almost limitless supply of good Wingers so its a good move for Hull to keep signing them up. Hopefully he becomes another SL Star.
  10. This is a fair point. Les Dracs have certainly brought through alot of SL players down the years. For both themselves and other clubs. Escare, Gigot, Navarette, Pellisier etc all playing or recently played SL for English clubs. TO in SL will be likely to increase this pool of Players and that will help France.
  11. Can you imagine how the NRL would build up his profile if he was a player before SOO? Lomax has a great story. I remember a feature on Valentine Holmes before 2017 SOO. It was awesome as it told you about his upbringing and his Sister and him moving to Sydney from Queensland to pursue a Pro Career in RL.
  12. I think its an okay rule change. 40m out is a tricky shot to pull off and its quite a spectacle to watch. It adds something exciting to the finish of a close game to have this 2pt option. The NFL often change rules so I dont feel its bad for the NRL to do so too. I would not have the rule for SOO or Internationals though.
  13. Agreed. Gigot, Connor, LMS, Hastings, Fages, and many more. They are there. It would help if Skys intro featured Players rather than Robots. That would at least give People some Faces to remember.
  14. This is so True. I looked on Wiki and about 100 NRL players are Eligible for Samoa so if they dont play for OZ or NZ there is a massive pool of potential Players for Samoa. France as much as I would love to see it would have to pull off a huge upset. They would need to have the game of their lives and Samoa have an off day. RL is a very efficient game, ie best team tends to win due to the scoring system and way possession is distributed. Harder than in Union to see an Upset IMO as how do you run down the clock in RL?
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