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  1. Dragons just won 2 on the Bounce and the race for the top 5 is hotting up with 7 teams realistically chasing it. Les Dracs could do with a big away result, winning here. However, this is a tough ask away to a good Salford team who just beat the Wire. Salford by 14pts. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Given Saints will be likely to rest at least half their regulars due to fears over the pitch for Lomax and Makinson and the CCSF on Saturday week, London should be looking to compete hard here and have a chance of sneaking it if they can put in a 80 minute performance and stay within 10pts at all times. Should be a good game.
  3. I have far less knowledge than some on here however over the years it's hard to look past Wigan on this. The production line never stops really.
  4. I agree, imo he would not make the match day 17 with those 3 fit and Luke Gale too. Trueman given a bit longer must be coming into consideration too, and Abdull could be worth a look too. Then theres Sneyd too. Austin so far to me looks a very good player but has a touch of flat track bully about him. Yet to see him pull a game out of the fire so to speak. Still given injuries are prevalent in our sport and form it's not a bad thing to have him in the mix.
  5. Someone else on this thread mentioned The Canberra model. I assume they mean bringing in a core of British Beef from clubs with winning cultures ala Wigan or Leeds historically for example. Do you think another 4 really good English players from SL would help the Gold Coast? As a coach Holbrook would probably find it hard to turn down a head coach role, as if he does not take it, when will the next offer in the NRL come?
  6. I agree he played well. I don't see why he wouldn't be picked by QLD next year and I would put him in the 6 Jersey alongside Keary at 7 for the Kangaroos right now.
  7. Hopefully it doesn't blow out beyond that margin. .. It's already 28-0
  8. Out of interest, as Canberra next year will have 5 Englishmen, is there a limit on how many they can sign? Could they in theory buy in say another really good English prop and a back row, ie Thompson and Currie to make 7 Englishmen? Its interesting to know if the NRL has limits on Non OZ/NZ born players as if a Perth NRL team happens in future, given how far it is from Sydney it would not be inconvievable for a good 7 or 8 of the intial 25-30 players to be English as there will be a need for more talent and at a affordable wadge.
  9. I can see that happening too. Why this isn't televised is amazing tbh.... If Wigan win this, the GF beckons... Saints have got a big pack and a great side, yet Wigan are clicking now so this is a very interesting game indeed.
  10. Lindsay wasn't wrong about how without higher salary allowances there would be less chance of keeping talent in the SL and some would go to Union or Australia. Its happened alot. The question is would SL be sustainable and viable as a competition with say a 4m salary cap which most teams can't spend more than half of?
  11. How do you think Wigan and Saints would do if they could spend 5m in SL if they wanted? Would they have a team that can dispatch the NRL champs in the World Club Cup? Would they soak up more northern talent that gets / got lost to Union? Sadly, I don't think even if there wasn't a cap any club could spend that much more as there isn't that much money in SL.
  12. The reality is the talent really is with the player, you can't develop someone who Dosent have it. You can't make a player skilled if there isnt the talent. So I don't feel the club merits special treatment because of it tbh. Having access to talented players will improve a clubs prospects while he is there. I also feel no club is spending big Bucks in the UK to bring through players. Sam Tomkins for example barely scraped a 3-4k scholarship at Wigan in his early days for example and he's one of the best talents to come through in the last 15 years. Also, the alternative ie the feudal system we had is a bad alternative tbh. It can't work in today's world. In other areas of employment people leave jobs after apprenticeships And the company accepts this. Contracts to some degree give a club some level of protection as a player needs to be bought out or agree some way out of it to Leave a club while still under contract. Further correct me if I'm wrong however a player under 24 who leaves a club he was brought through out still commands a fee, ala Fages going to Saints in 2015 or 16.
  13. I read in it an article on the great Wigan team of the 1990s somewhere and the financial unsustainablilty it presented to the club. Apologies I can't remember the source. Agree I get the impression that ticket prices were alot lower then too. I think Wigan were run at a loss back then and the cup final each year was a way to reduce losses.
  14. Am I right in thinking Wigan In say 1994 were spending over 2m a year on player wadges? Does anyone know if this is accurate and what some of the other clubs were spending roughly? Given their dominance then it does make you wonder what a team on 5m a year would do to SL now?
  15. It's a real shame that Football did not do a bit more for Bosman. The players who made fortunes since and the relevant PFAs could have and could still offer a bit more support. Life hasn't been so good for him since the ruling and he could certainly do with some help. Transfer fees were exciting however the reality of what was a Feudal system behind them means its good they are gone.
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