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  1. I'm happy to see Gigot back in SL. Wakey could be a good fit for him. Hopefully Chester can get the best out of him. I think at the Dragons its a shame he ended up leaving, however once they signed Tomkins and then later Maloney you did wonder where he fitted in to their future plans. I hope that this is a good new start for the only Frenchman to win the Lance Todd trophy and someone who can slot the clutch drop goal when needed.
  2. I just feel realistically given the state of the world with covid and that they had not attracted any big TV deals, the economics of running the team as well as the lack of support from other teams in regard to loans etc means they are probably done as are all the NA expansion teams. I may be wrong on this however I feel the writing is on the wall now for TWP and the future idea of NA teams playing in the English system.
  3. I think transcontinental leagues are an idea that are unlikely to have much support in the post covid world. Super Rugby in Union is likely to go to a trans tasman competition. Other sports will take note too. Travel will be a bigger factor than it was seen to be before.
  4. From a contractual point of view, what do people think Sky will do? Will Sky be ok as long as they get enough TV games with 11 teams or will a team be needed from the Championship to make up the numbers... And how will this team be picked. It seems TWP is done now. Its a sad end tbh. A shame for things to end like this. They won't be the last sporting team to go due to covid. The economics of travel will be much tougher now and complex.
  5. I would like to see Cats and TO in SL and an Avignon team to be brought in too in the Championship initially. I feel focus on the South where the game is strong in France and look to get 3 strong teams in the English system. The Elite 1 would feed players into this maybe and offers a place for talent that may not want a pro career with all that goes with it, for various reasons (low pay, career prospects, travel etc)
  6. Agreed. Face it if the NFL Europe could not get by without running at huge looses, how is in all realism RL going to build a Continental League with 20k Gates in London, Paris, Madrid, New York etc. Its a beautiful idea and as a kid I loved the idea of PSG, unfortunately the public Just were not that interested in it. Ive been to the Broncos and they have a passionate supporter base, however its a small one and that isn't likely to change much as RL isn't a big sport in the South. They do good things to get more kids playing and to build a decent youth system. Good luck to anyone who invests in RL and I do hope the TWP survive, however I feel RL being a regional sport in the UK and smaller one in France, with a strong presence in Australia and NZ and a amateur game in other parts of the world is a good thing as it's realistic and it could give us another 125 years. Maybe growth can be at grass roots, ie get more nations playing amateur RL. Agree Leeds etc in the North are places the game could expand its audiences as is the South of France.
  7. Thanks, you articulated that much better than I did. Agree with all of it.
  8. Does anyone else think Hall was brought in primarily for his defensive ability and being able to make good metres coming away from the line? He replaced Ferguson who is a very good metre maker as well as outstanding all round winger. Not one for scoring tons and tons of tries though. Maybe Hall was not brought in with try scoring a priority?
  9. I like Moses alot as a player. Very good attacking runner, high skills. Issue could be for the Kangaroos with his defensive ability. Correct me if I'm wrong, however at club level he generally has a player cover his side specifically to keep him off too much tackling. He's yet to play SOO either, so I would feel the jury is still out on if he will be at the step up to tier 1 international level in 2021. The Roos may well go for a safe option which DCE would be... With Munster or Keary.
  10. Agree, if all 5 remain fully fit, they are definitely in the mix for winning the big trophy this season. It could be their year yet in 2020. Would be great if they do.
  11. I hope they continue too. They really make quality game and replica shirts that fit very well.
  12. If there is ever a Perth team in the NRL it would be likely to be very Anglo. The SL Forwards and some Backs who go over from the UK, do a good job in the NRL, with some going on to be being big stars. Good luck to the young man and I'm sure there will be more Wigan players going to the NRL soon.
  13. Good player. Would do well at Salford or Castleford or Wakefield. Would be a good addition to most squads as is very good off the bench. He has devestating acceleration. Would like to see his time over 40 yards.
  14. I think it makes sense as they are maybe looking for players with development potential, so the younger age bracket makes sense. With 25 year olds you would need them to be the finished article and would not be so willing to invest a few years in developing them as players.
  15. Unfortunately this is very true. A weak OZ team on paper is often better than thought once out on the field. If it's losing too, it's usually to NZ for sure. I think the Kangaroos have too much quality in the backs and halves for England sadly.
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