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  1. This is a fair point. Les Dracs have certainly brought through alot of SL players down the years. For both themselves and other clubs. Escare, Gigot, Navarette, Pellisier etc all playing or recently played SL for English clubs. TO in SL will be likely to increase this pool of Players and that will help France.
  2. England certainly have alot of good Forwards! There must be 10 or more at around SOO standard. Sutton IMO has improved out in Canberra and should be in the 17. Whiteman and Bateman for Me are Starters. If Only we Can bring through more Backs especially Half Backs at the highest level, as thats where I feel the big difference is between England versus Australia and NZ.
  3. In the era of mobiles and social media its almost impossible to stop things getting out, unfortunately. Its really hard to cover anything up.
  4. I think it makes sense as they are maybe looking for players with development potential, so the younger age bracket makes sense. With 25 year olds you would need them to be the finished article and would not be so willing to invest a few years in developing them as players.
  5. Speaking of tackles, Gagais tackle on Wighton which was a neck shirt collar tackle from behind how do people feel about the shirt collar grab? Does it merit being a legit tackle?
  6. Saw The Roosters game on replay. Hall had a solid game and is defensively very strong and able. A good showing imo. Hall should improve more as he gets more games under his belt and used to the Roosters systems.
  7. He could go to Canberra. Imagine if they sign Williams from Wigan and Thompson from Saints. 6 Englishmen in that side!. I agree not all NRL moves are great ones and given the evidence it seems for a Back it will be hard to make it down under (Tomkins, Eden, Sarginson, Turner all struggled to varying degrees) , Even the very good Ryan Hall is going to find it tough once fit to break Into the Roosters backline. For Forwards I would say there's at least 20 SL English players who would all be good NRL Forwards and another 20 English and a Frenchman or 2 who would cut it as First 25 squad men. With Backs, Williams, Fages, Ratchford, Lomax and a Fit TJ stand out as Backs who would make a impact out there. Pace and the ability to change direction at pace is a massive thing for Backs in the NRL. Thompson would do well, however I agree Saints is a very good place to be and it would have to be the right move for him to a club that offers something career wise that is a step up. Saints have got a very strong team now.
  8. Tbh unless the salary cap goes up in SL I can see in a few years 20 English players or so in the NRL. SL produces some very good Forwards and given the salary and lifestyle on offer some will want to go down under. Having said this, I don't know how much the cap could go up before SL becomes less competitive. 2M plus 2 x marquee and home trained allowances seems reasonable.
  9. I agree. SL does produce alot of good players particularly in the forwards. Given the low salary cap, there is often a case of players filling in, like Peter Mata'utia last night at HB for Cas and putting in a Stellar preformance. SL while it Dosent have near the depth of the NRL does have some very good players and a all stars game between the two leagues would be closer than people may think....
  10. Its amazing how much easier it is to get injured doing cardio stuff than weights in general! Ive had bad knees from skipping, shins from running, but in 20 years or so of weights very few issues. Yet I know not alot of people enjoy weights, only some of us. Many more like running and cycling over weights. I love weights , even these days when Im not looking to carry as much size as I did in my early 30s, I still see weights and compound exercises as best ways to stay strong, leanish, and injury free. IMO weights are best way to be in shape and combat ageing. Cardio is a bonus on top.
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