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  1. Denny Solomona ?
  2. I like what you did there? ?
  3. Maybe TRL should 'adopt' Bilgi Badgers as a team, maybe raise some awareness for the sport?
  4. And we think RL has had it bad over the years
  5. Happy New Year to everyone as well. I hope this is the year for England
  6. I'd rather we were never in the Daily Nazi at all; terrible excuse for a newspaper.
  7. Yeah, it annoys me with a lot of league fans, when they moan about travelling across the Pennines for 1 or 2 hours to watch a game. If you asked the same of football fans, they too would moan, but travel anyway. At least we don't have to deal with the M25 every Friday night, or any night for that matter. I loved travelling in the US, found a lot of their Highways trouble free.
  8. Maybe the FFRXIII should sing this before games "Nous voulons rembourser" on repeat!
  9. Agree with Padge on content. You also have to supply a constant stream of interviews, articles, light hearted aspects of the game, players; etc. Game and training content are key, but I doubt the RFL control this. We also can't ignore the current incumbent of tv and radio; as well as opening up to YouTube, Snapchat, FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But I think our hardest problem is characters in the game, we don't fashion them, or promote enough; or maybe they just aren't there. They are Down Under, why not here. Media training should be done as part of the training process for all Academy players. Just look at US Sport stars and see how they carry out an interview, we are embarrassing at times. US clubs and sports organisations realise the power and influence of social and traditional media, as well as the opportunity to earn a revenue. Maybe we need to hire an experienced PR company who understand how to leverage our positive points and grow the sport. We have always give the aura of 'doing things on the cheap' it's amazing we haven't cottoned on to how inexpensive social media it
  10. Bilgi Badgers - Great name!
  11. Great to see another US team sprouting up, I'm surprised there hasn't been another team in this area; as a lot of New Yorkers live, work and commute from here. Not a bad catchment area for sponsors and players as it's well populated. Good luck to them
  12. Once played at Saddleworth and left clubhouse in shorts & t-shirt, at half time it started to sleet and then snow. Great place, fans and players though
  13. For me the best club game atmosphere I've witnessed recently as a neutral, was Hull FC away to Cas. The ground was rocking and great action, the stadium is pants, but it was a great 'event'. Quite like Headingley under lights, but on past experiences, the Saints v Wigan derbies are the best; and often produce the best games.