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  1. Hope someone can help. I’m looking for the rules regarding team numbers and squad sizes for under 10s rugby league in hull, this information doesn’t seem to be available on the inter web! Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Ta very much
  2. Not a bad assessment cruncher! What years you play at wests ?
  3. seems a good idea. this way older players can be kept on at clubs and not farmed out to championship clubs, also, without scholarship the community game would be strengthened.
  4. fitness is very specific. jessica ennis is 'fit' for heptathlon,and rugby players are fit for rugby! both would struggle in the others event.
  5. this is why we should have gb tours,players can play for their country,and then could be also picked for a gb tour,similar to how union does it.
  6. how do i get on the cross code forum? been a member for years,but i cant find it!
  7. quick question, what is so bad about been in the championship?
  8. the ref can still call a forward pass! it does not have to be video ref decision.
  9. the ashes must come back,they also need to be on terrestrial tv!give the whole nation a chance to see some great games and not just people with sky tv!
  10. I think gb tours need to come back,also games need to be terrestrial tv every week. sky has ruined the game.
  11. Its not just to target a weak defender,thats a bit insulting to some players,this tactic is used to tire a player(from working hard in defence)which makes their attacking effectivness less than it would otherwise be.
  12. try this link http://www.englandrl.co.uk/international_stats.php
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