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  1. The one thing that the NFL & RU will possibly aim to gain from this strategy, is to present to future broadcasters & sponsors; the potential and ‘current’ viewers they have! If SL has for ex: 4M total viewers & RU 6M viewers; then that’s an easy sell to sponsors. It doesn’t matter how you get them, those figures are what they will present to the client. Maybe this is also maybe behind their move into Chinese TV too. Dont forget the NFL grew on a weekly show on C4 to over 300+ teams playing in the UK; from nothing.
  2. On good news for Toronto, if Amazon open a HQ there; that could bring further investment opportunities into the Metro area. Maybe building on the good work done so far?
  3. Dave Woods is the best UK commentator, I would sign him up tomorrow. Eddie I like, but only to front the show. Steve, great guy but I would move him to front Boots n All, I think he would do well there. Phil Clarke alongside Brian Carney would work well, both knowledgable; but Dave Woods would have to call the game. Baz n Tez; when they do reporting pieces, they do it well; that's their niche. Jon Wells has excellent technical insight, they need to give him a bigger role; but good where he is. Wilkin is a natural on TV, I would like to see him snapped up by Sky.
  4. No I'm going to state things how they were. Of course I'm going to support my past clubs, whoever they are; it's called loyalty. The first team were the elite and treated as such, but the Lions A team, trained alongside them. They didn't get recompensed, but didn't moan about it either. Add in the coaching, great physio backup and excellent supply line of youth players; then you had a great combination. Main factors why so many players stayed there. That is what separates Wests from other teams at the time and why they were so dominant.
  5. The expenses during my time, were paid by the sponsor, not the club. They were decent, but nowhere fantastic; you could earn more working on the Saturday morning. I used to get £40 boot money from another club back in the early 80's just for turning up; win bonus was double. So the Wests stuff is just a lot of jealousy in some quarters.
  6. Wests were just like all the other big 'amateur' clubs at the time, paying expenses.
  7. Great times and memories, unfortunately the giant killing acts are getting fewer and less likely:(
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