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  1. Both sides are peas in a pod. Too close to take much out of a thumping like that seriously other than confirming that if you have an off day against either of these teams you will get thrashed (as happened to the Kiwis in Denver). England undid themselves to be fair, the Kiwis lost two tests in the same fashion, making too many errors....but unlike England today...the Kiwis were forced into errors by not adjusting to the intensity of the contest...England on the other hand just looked to me to have an off day where nothing went right for them....some of the turn overs were uncharacteristic. Well deserved Man of the series. The Great Britain tour of these shores will be a little bit special, we haven't seen them in so long...bit of a privilege being able to get along to the games live...will be putting a bit of coin aside and making the most of it.
  2. Well deserved series win by England. Pretty tough going staying up till three AM for coverage to start here...but the quality of the tests have made it worth it, I think this England side would take out the new look Aussie Line up, real shame we dont get to see it. I thought England would be too strong at home for my lot before this series started, and that didnt change after NZ beat the Roos. England are a very frustrating side to play, they grind well....are patient...and have the class in their backline to hurt you on the edges with rappid shifts. Would love to see some of these guys play NRL.
  3. I hope GBR dont have to play NZ with a NZ Ref during the tour. They will struggle to compete our Ref ( Henry Perenara is far worse than the fellah today).
  4. There was a bit of that. I thought he was weak on policing the Kiwis high shots. But calls like lost balls being ignored because aparently you cant knock on when you have been held are disgraceful....and there was a lot of that. It was clear he didnt like the Kiwis captain by his tone Its just not a good look for an international.
  5. England were too good for my lot in the end. Congratulations. Really need neutral refs. Seemed fair for the first half...second half calls were a joke.
  6. No argument. Worst of it is some highshots weren't penalised.
  7. Fair call...but thats in the rules unlike that new interpretation for a penalty try.
  8. Unlike your iluminating contribution to the discourse. It is a very good game apart from that bizarre call. There is no precedent for that interpretation. That video Ref sounds to emotive in that box and he doesn't sound impartial at all.
  9. This game is rigged. Thats never a penalty Try with neutral officiating. Disgraceful.
  10. mt smart

    Leeds New Signing

    Hurrell was a favourite of mine through the Junior grade, and in his first two seasons of NRL. Went off the guy when it became apparent the Warriors were a highly unprofessional bunch that took their privileges for granted, Hurrell was in the middle of it. Will try to be objective even though I can't stand the guy. Hurrell was the most devastating runner in the NRL in the early days, he lifted the knee in the tackle and would bust his way through. The NRL banned his running style when he eventually knocked out two players with his knee raise. That decision coincided with Hurrell losing his status has the hardest player to stop in the comp. He is deceptively fast for someone with his build, not the fastest Center in the NRL but he is quicker than many of them. Hurrell has a good draw and pass when he decides to use it. He has set up Glen Fisiahi for four Try's in an NRL game using his considerable drawing power. The errors are a new thing, he was a reliable player at the Warriors. Could see him go very well in the ESL...only Konrad has always been about his attitude, he has all the attributes.
  11. mt smart

    Australia vs Tonga

    I live an Hour South of Auckland. I had planned on travelling up to the game nice and early to avoid the Long weekend traffic (Public holiday in NZ Labour Weekend, perfect time to host an event of this magnitude). Have to wait till my mate finishes work, could be tense (getting there on time for kick off). Tonga are really up against it here. Primarily their lack of prep is the biggest concern. Many of the Tongan side have not played in the finals of the NRL, so will be short of a gallop. Tonga will be banking on the crowd getting them home, If they are close in the Fourth quarter, Aussie could potentially be in for a lot of trouble, with the Tongans favouring resting their best Forwards for that stage of the game (it works, they seem to have solved the sixty minute problem other Island sides have, coming home fast almost over the top of England, and trampling NZ).
  12. The suggestion that Tonga peaked against NZ is naiev. Tonga's potential is very raw, they looked to be all but done against NZ in the 1st half of that game. The surge that followed had been previously unseen from minnow sides well down on the scoreboard. No one saw that surely as none can be confident England won't face worse at Mount Smart Stadium.
  13. The Kiwis are getting killed on sports radio in NZ today and across media in general. They played a mock up interview using a David Kidwell impersonator. Kidwells "the Ki is the Wi" comment / play on words..."the Key is the We " lends itself to being sent up like few other comments in sports history. So this clip starts with: "Hey guys, David Kidwell here....I got it wrong....I thought the Key is in the Wee....It's not...the Key is in the play like (swear word).
  14. I know you mean well. The situation here on the ground in New Zealand could not afford the national team being knocked back by underdogs twice.....the national psyche is not hard wired to maintain even nostalgic interest in a Rugby form that loses to Tonga and Fiji due to lack of desire. Mark my words the NZ game is in crisis and is at a crossroads. You have to remember NZ fans have had 20 years of the Warriors antics. NZ will go the way of France and be a footnote in historical discussion about playing with the big boys in the past tense. Getting a good coach won't undo the damage of this world cup. The All blacks offer the greatest winning percentage of any team in world sport league wins will fix the untimely damage.
  15. well Fiji deserve this well played .....big heart shown....great for my team it's a worry for the code here in NZ.