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  1. The suggestion that Tonga peaked against NZ is naiev. Tonga's potential is very raw, they looked to be all but done against NZ in the 1st half of that game. The surge that followed had been previously unseen from minnow sides well down on the scoreboard. No one saw that surely as none can be confident England won't face worse at Mount Smart Stadium.
  2. The Kiwis are getting killed on sports radio in NZ today and across media in general. They played a mock up interview using a David Kidwell impersonator. Kidwells "the Ki is the Wi" comment / play on words..."the Key is the We " lends itself to being sent up like few other comments in sports history. So this clip starts with: "Hey guys, David Kidwell here....I got it wrong....I thought the Key is in the Wee....It's not...the Key is in the play like (swear word).
  3. I know you mean well. The situation here on the ground in New Zealand could not afford the national team being knocked back by underdogs twice.....the national psyche is not hard wired to maintain even nostalgic interest in a Rugby form that loses to Tonga and Fiji due to lack of desire. Mark my words the NZ game is in crisis and is at a crossroads. You have to remember NZ fans have had 20 years of the Warriors antics. NZ will go the way of France and be a footnote in historical discussion about playing with the big boys in the past tense. Getting a good coach won't undo the damage of this world cup. The All blacks offer the greatest winning percentage of any team in world sport league wins will fix the untimely damage.
  4. well Fiji deserve this well played .....big heart shown....great for my team it's a worry for the code here in NZ.
  5. They are very vulnerable and prone to excesses....purely because of a lack of experience of success. I think Lebanon are perfectly placed to end Tongas world cup. I think the same is true of NZ Vs Fiji.....I see Fiji as a bigger threat than Tonga to the NZ campaign. In a nutshell these teams are all genuinely good sides on their day....and there is no doubting that the WC has delivered them a big stage.. and Tonga beating NZ has made all things possible.
  6. Neither. It's Cynicism. As you know the NRL are a business first. Thanks to the threat that is Aussie rules football, and the changing demographic of Australasian Rugby League to more Polynesian participation....which brings a new paying audience (bums on seats) the NRL can't afford to not get ahead of the curve. This Tongan player revolution and rebellion from the status quo (sacrificing the tier one player payment dollar) is a natural outcome of the oppression and manipulation by the ANZAC alliance in the Polynesian rugby league market. I'm not joking when I say I saw this coming in the eighties. Rugby league moves slowly. Change takes decades. But the drive of the pay to watch when demand is now at a new peak.....cannot be stopped forever....the NRL can't afford to stand in the way forever. In fact they will be debating with some ferocity at NRL hq how to own the run away new market. One day the NRL will allow the winner of Pacific Origin, play the Winner of the Australian series.
  7. It will happen, but it won't happen without the key stake holder National Rugby League pulling the strings. The Tonga Kiwis game ticked all the boxes for NRL interest $$$. Sold out. Dramatic. High profile competitors. Offeild dramas. Entertaining product for television audiences. The Kiwis legitimacy as a league power makes for worthwhile viewing in a competition where the opposition have a chance of beating them. We all see the future is now, the NRL for all its faults is likely to make the leap to catch up with the wave.
  8. Claytons Mum is the Queen of Auckland Rugby League and Dean Bells Aunt. Little wonder her lad wasn't going to be forced to give up the sport.
  9. I agree. NZ is a militant Islamist like state of Union concerns. I grew up in an apartheid like systemic oppression (as have many around the world) which meant if you got found out for being a Sunday Rugby League player (School Union was played on Saturdays) you got belted by school teachers and a ban from being part of the schools Union team ( the only form of rugby on offer). In a country with those attitudes it is little wonder news presenters used expressions like ' that other code....rather than voice the word league on national television. As such I can't take NZ media seriously . Fifty odd arrests in South Auckland...the working class area of half a million. not news on a Saturday night.
  10. Magic. Well done Tonga. So this is what losing and being happy for your opponent feels like. Can't think right now.
  11. 1st bit of advice Id offer Tonga from an opposition POV is to perform simultaneous Haka. That would avoid the spectre of fans booing the Maori Haka on NZ land (a mistake the Samoan fans have made both times they have played NZ in NZ....the 1st time NZ put seventy points on them, the 2nd time NZ played a fired up Samoan forward pack and matched them as of rite). Booing the Maori Haka or challenging it on any level has inspired very special efforts from the Kiwis every time ( Willie Mason did it....David Kidwell knocked him flat and that Kiwi side defeated AUS in 4 nations final 28 nil.). Aussie famously matched forward in a world cup final to confront the Haka ( lost the game). Aus don't do that anymore. ..Id suggest Tonga avoid it too.....because thus far....NZ have a 100% record of defending their Haka when confronted including the Union code. *partly tongue in cheek....good luck Tongans....lets go to War*
  12. There is some truth in this suggestion. This Kiwi side looks all business and no Alpha players or prima Donnas. It's not so much that the defectors had ego problems....its more to do with the team psyche being reigned in by the whole deal where two hours before the team naming they didn't actually have enough players to qualify for tournament rules.....that would Steele the resolve of any group of people. David Kidwell has treated it as a National Crisis lol and the players have bought into the seige mentality....and from a Fan POV I have to say it's a thing of beauty to see NZ RL represented by a super focussed group. They will be bloody hard to stop.
  13. Yeah that was bizarre. Kidwell seems well out of his depth. To his credit the offloading style is back for NZ, backed up by our speedsters in support. it will be interesting to see if the better drilled sides can stop that.
  14. I'm Kiwi. I wasn't expecting much to be fair, but the default team I think is better than the Side Kidwell would likely have preffered were the like of Taumalolo available. The reason this side is better balanced (especially the forwards) is pure dumb luck by my estimation. For example the Goliath Nelson Asofa-Solomona is rampaging from the bench for far more minutes than he would otherwise enjoyed were Taumalolo included. Tapine is the same....however it turns out (thus far) he is far more destructive than Taumalolo ever was for NZ. Russle Packer is a Criminal former inmate that players in the NRL are weary he is the James Graham type hard headed thug that runs straight over and over...his inclusion compliments the block busting Mobile props like Tapau and NAS. The backline is safe/ capable/ decent.... but not spectacular (exception being Rapana and Johnson) such they are capable of beating any team in the tournament. Whether they will beat all....Im never that confident, but this team looks very very good.
  15. Had to go to work mate. Watching the replay at home just now, after that I will watch a replay of Tonga Samoa....late night for me....cant wait.