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  1. Congratulations Scotland. Watching that game I forgot about the Kiwis and how frustrating it was from a NZ POV to watch my team. Scotland were inspirational, it may be treasonous, but i was cheering them home in the end. Can't help but have total admiration for a team that against the odds takes it to one of the big boys and out plays them. Magic.
  2. As a school boy sprinter in NZ during the eighties, i ran a time that was faster than any referenced time by rugby league or union players with school boy sprint records recorded in their resume's i was faster than anyone in school boy league in NZ during that era, and won a scholarship to play in Sydney in the same comp as Andrew ET. i was quicker in timed races than my Aussie compatriots in that era who played in the commonwealth bank cup. The first time i saw Martin Offiah was at Eden Park, as a sprinter he was technically poor with ball in hand...however I have been around a lot of sprinters....and Martin Offiahs speed of leg movement was....and to this day is....the fastest I have ever seen....(including track athletes....with no ball, and no sprigs on grass)....his speed of leg drive was something to behold, It was so fast he looked inhuman to my untrained eyes. Ellery Hanley is the most rounded player I have ever witnessed play....and this includes seeing Wally Lewis almost single a world cup final on NZ soil....and Langer win a test almost single handed on Kiwi soil too. In terms of one off best in the world performances in my life time.....Its hard to go past Jonathon Davies Welsh wizard performance for the British Lions V Aussie.....for me that winning effort against all odds was inspired (not saying he is anywhere near a best player, rather he turned in a one off performance that was David v Golliath).
  3. I forgot some people will be watching delayed coverage. Apologies if I let the cat out of the bag in the last post.
  4. Wow what an un believable number of upsets today. With few exceptions, it has worked out really well for most NRL fans, most clubs have had some success. The Cowboys looked unstoppable till they were beaten by a brave Tigers outfit. Melbourne look really good, expecting the Cows to bounce back tomorow. Manly were undefeated as well and toppled the home town favorites. Sharks look solid too. The Warriors picking five props and no specialist hooker didn't do their chances any favours. Still they are far from out of the running. Tomorrow things will get a bit serious with less chances taken by teams I recon. The Warriors were shown some dreadful favoritism by the Reffs with two glaring forward passes being let go in their win over the Dogs.
  5. I had to laugh when Vossy made the same joke during his call of the Auckland Nines today.
  6. The All blacks have only ever asked for input from two Rugby league coaches, Bennett and Bellamy. It makes me laugh that some fans of a rugby league playing nation would prove less receptive to Wayne Bennett than the unionists in the antipodes NZ is like a fanatical islamist state when it comes to the rugby codes. The allblacks are quite good at what they do..part of that would be the progressive approach they take to winners like Bennett. As a kiwi I'm hugely loyal to Kearney and his achievements, but if Bennett were an option to coach the Kiwis I would flick Kearney tomorrow. Bennett has forgotten more than any coach in either rugby code will ever know. You lucky bastards is all I can say of this appointment.
  7. see the post above I wad partly having a laugh....failed there...but technology in sports to assist Refs, will likely become more intrusive in future.
  8. see the post above I wad partly having a laugh....failed there...but technology in sports to assist Refs, will likely become more intrusive in future.
  9. glitches, darn glitches, back to the lab I go ( the original post was part humor it really fell flat in type form.
  10. Refs would be a nightmare if competitive scrums were introduced. It gives them more reason to meddle. I'd like to see scrums gone. As far as changes to the game go, I look forward to the day that technology sees the end of players not standing back ten meters. The technology (GPS) already exisists.One day it will be possible for a unit inside the ball to determine relative distance to a defender / the ref. Nano technology makes it feasible that Rugby Shirts would light up when a player is off side. It all sounds a bit Sci fi but its feasible that one day the 'ball will tell you" when it's travelling toward a goal line or backward (implications are forward passing).
  11. Good result for England well done. Back to the drawing board for Kiwi fans, oh well it was always going to be hard playing England at home.
  12. Roger Tuivasa Sheck will be added to that list of Warriors in the Kiwis which further proves your point.In fact the Warriors are specifically targeting Kiwi Internationals in the hope that the lure of home will help the Club counter their inability to sign Aussie's of note. The other avenue they seem to be exploring is releasing Juniors to other NRL clubs in the hope that they will become more polished products and will also want to come back one day (this is speculation on my part based on the club signing a bunch of Aussie journeymen recently and the reality that it means Juniors will be less relied upon / have less of a pathway to first grade). For French rugby league to be able to do the same, they would need a Nursery of Juniors that get exposure to competitive games, and dominate.
  13. Whare would be the top defensive center at the moment, as far as all round center play goes, he's in the top five...surely.Depends how you rate these guys, if you restrict it to International performances then sure he would have a very strong case. On the other hand, Shaun Kenny Dowell has been more prominent at international level for NZ prior to this series (he's being used on the wing this time around) but certainly he has been a stand out on attack and defence (partly to do with Johnsons preffered side of attack). At the same time Kenny Dowell can be only average at club level and somewhat inconinsistent. Whare at club level is above average but not the clear winner of best center. The other thing is Whare doesn't pose much threat just now without a specialist half in that team.I'm not making g excuses or selling the England defence short. Where I think England have been outstanding in containing Kiwi the way the Kick chase has kept RTS from ripping games open, and the other area where England have had the edge is when the bench forwards come on. Martin Tapau terrorized the Roo defenders in terms of bending the line, England contain him while their own impact Forwards (especially Burgess) bend the Kiwi line and draws defenders.
  14. The NZ Warriors look to have made a late play for Pritchard to try to get him to break contract. Conflicting reports have Pritchard saying no....versus more recently a maybe. Depending on Franks fitness, he could go very well in the ESL. He's been the Kiwis best attacking / ball playing forward in the past,certainly was a massive loss in the 2013 WC campaign when he was ruled out with a groin strain....most of the initial attack pattern was reliant on him. Inu.....who knows....even less quantifiable than Kevin Locke, both have massive psychological issues and tremendous Talent. Inu could have been Ingliss. What a waste.
  15. I hope James Graham has had extensive medical tests after being knocked out cold. The number of times he has been concussed in the NRL then cynically been allowed to play on is sickenning. Why he was allowed to play on last week with his head injury history I'll never understand. From an opposition supporter point of veiw, I really admire the guy, he's the toughest player on the planet IMO. It worries me that he looks like one of these Mohammad Ali characters, too brave for their own good. Somehow it looks like he keeps slipping through the cracks ? under the new focus of head injury prevention the game plan s meant to be exercising a duty of care with.