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  1. I support the new protocols, I believe player safety and their future mental and neurological safety are paramount, but… that was an accident, it wasn’t an attack to the head, it wasn’t even careless, Brown was spun round by the impetus of his own player, there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.
  2. Surely for justice to be seen to be done it should be sending off sufficient
  3. Problem is if they use “common sense” and don’t red something like that they will get dropped. Into the championship or lower.
  4. So if Brown had been knocked cold would Currie have been walked?
  5. How minimal Harry? I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in my50s. The doc asked me if I had been a boxer, I laughed and asked if I looked like I had. He then asked if I had taken repeated blows to the head, I told him I’d played rugby league for for 20 plus years “that’ll be it then” he said Ok, it’s only one example, but it’s pertinent to me
  6. Size, fitness and an inability to gain any meaningful possession were the big difference in the second half
  7. He’s a professional, he should be able to rise above a few comments from the crowd
  8. Poor from Lino as he got involved with the crowd on his way off
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