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  1. Doesn’t take a backward step, a real workhorse, I think he’ll do a job for Cas
  2. A big hit on the northern soul scene back in the day
  3. This, just this, we cover this with our sax playing the keyboard bit, it works
  4. Just bumping this for the 1st Feb gig, come along you Bradford lot
  5. Now there was a player, happy memories
  6. Get us a gig at your local and we’ll see
  7. You can catch us, Oil City, playing a mixture of rhythm and blues, rock and roll and punk at the following venues Private Function Date: 18th January 2020 Venue: XXXXXXXX Entry: Private Function The New Inn, Thornton Date: 01st February 2020 Venue: 363, Thornton Road, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3JX Entry: Free 1904@Dean Clough Date: 27th March 2020 Venue: 36, Lee Bridge, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AT Entry: Free Easter Saturday at The Brandy Wine Date: 11th April 2020 Venue: The Old Brandy Wine, Station Road, Luddenden Foot, Halifax, HX2 6AG, 9PM Start Entry: Free The Spring Head Date: 18th April 2020 Venue: 33, Heath Hill Road, Mount Tabor, Halifax. HX2 0UT Entry: Free The Upper George Date: 25th April 2020 Venue: 35, Crown Street, Halifax, HX1 1TT Entry: Free The Blind Pig Date: 10th July 2020 Venue: 4 Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2EQX6 Entry: Free
  8. The Bulldogs, mainly due to the connection with Fax back in the glory days
  9. We thought it was great, you didn’t, it’s humour, just like music you appreciate it or you don’t
  10. We thought it was brilliant, laugh out loud time
  11. Christmas Eve Mass at the Catholic Church in Mytholmroyd. Tonight's Catholic Priest Father Gott, German name but Home Counties accent reminded me of Spike Milligan ! (who I once saw perform in Oxford) He looks about 120 it took him him 5 minutes to walk down the aisle with the aide of 2 walking sticks. Halfway down the aisle one of his steel sticks clattered to the floor "My legs dropped off!" he told the congregation Later ,in his sermon, he told us he had just come out of hospital with a hip-replacement. Anyway I loved the service. LGBT Rights, Unemployement, Syria, Poverty were all mentioned. Everybody was Friendly .He told us of the church's campaign to try & stop UK Arms Sales. Father Gott has a wicked sense of humour .Halfway through the scripted service he suddenly announced we needed to sing "Happy Birthday To You" which we did Then slyly said "Everybody Should Be A Fool For Jesus Christ" Love it If the Anglican Church is "The Tory Party At Prayer" then The Catholic Church (in Mytholmroyd at least) is " Momentum At Prayer". We then went across the road to The Shoulder of Mutton for a few Jars. Merry Christmas Everybody X
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