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  1. Yes in my opinion, it only happened once but in my reffing career someone was taken out late and high as play had moved on, it was behind my back, it ended up in Leeds Crown Court
  2. Definitely the worst thing that happened to our sport in Halifax
  3. Two gigs for us this month, Saturday 26th October at The Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls, Halifax, this one is a benefit for Overgate Hospice. We’re on at 9pm. The next day Sunday the 27th we’re on at The Cross Keys, Siddal, Halifax, starting at 3pm. As ever, all welcome. 3888164D-8A53-4633-957B-9EBBAFEDEE45.MP4
  4. There’s no rule to say he must do, it was clearly obstruction, he backed himself and was correct
  5. Incredible!!! No wonder our game continues to diminish, we had a superb occasion tonight but all a lot of us can comment on us the referee’s performance. Why not celebrate the class of Saints and the guts of Salford? We’re our own worst enemies and quite frankly don’t deserve this great game of ours
  6. Ah the pundits, well there you go then, let’s call it a mismatch and have a replay, we could draw a name out of the forum to ref it
  7. Usual armchair referees spouting the usual nonsense, seriously just get off your bums and give it a go, it’s obviously so easy
  8. Tbh they can go to the wall for me, sick to death of them walking away from contracts and obligations, I’ve worked for two companies now who have been left with bad debts by various incarnations of this club. Just draw a line under the whole sorry affair
  9. I think you’ll find that Yanto is far from “new to the sport” and has had a long and varied career within it
  10. Where’s Parky? Probably all free tickets/will bring nowt to the game/too far to travel bla bla bla
  11. You’re assuming a lot there, I for one want to see a comprehensive Toronto victory, I believe I’m not alone in that wish
  12. What’s wrong with some people in RL? Why can’t we celebrate this fantastic achievement by a young lad?
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