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  1. Was fantastic at Siddal this afternoon, his continued enthusiasm for our game shone through along with his humility and approachability.
  2. I’m on about saving the game in the northern hemisphere and stopping what seems to be a huge shift of power to the south, not just Australia.
  3. We need to get London back into Super League and defend them from relegation for 10+ years, we need to have development officers working full time in London and the south, we need to approach and work alongside the French and do the same thing for Toulouse. The M62 crowd will obviously hate this, but in my opinion it’s this or lose the game in the northern hemisphere
  4. I’m thinking and hoping we might be seeing a sea change in the international game, I hope the Tonga result was the beginning of more power to the Pacific nations. This may well mean that we slide down the international rankings, but today’s result can only be good for the long term future of the international game.
  5. I was so happy when Bennett was appointed, but no more, he’s got to go
  6. Already opened, it’s on Union Street
  7. News just breaking that Hugh Waddell has passed away at the age of 60. A fierce competitor and a real gentleman
  8. Also a few years ago the RFL axed nearly all of their development officers, cutting your nose off etc etc
  9. Yes in my opinion, it only happened once but in my reffing career someone was taken out late and high as play had moved on, it was behind my back, it ended up in Leeds Crown Court
  10. Definitely the worst thing that happened to our sport in Halifax
  11. Two gigs for us this month, Saturday 26th October at The Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls, Halifax, this one is a benefit for Overgate Hospice. We’re on at 9pm. The next day Sunday the 27th we’re on at The Cross Keys, Siddal, Halifax, starting at 3pm. As ever, all welcome. 3888164D-8A53-4633-957B-9EBBAFEDEE45.MP4
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