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  1. Had the privilege of playing against him, alongside him and refereeing him. A true gent and RL through and through
  2. I can’t understand why he’d want to come back to the uk given the lifestyle available in Australia, he’s got a young family hasn’t he?
  3. Gormley jumped into the crowd at Thrum Hall
  4. Yeah just found out, in a bit of a cleft stick because as I said we’re pretty ###### of with sky but can get cable where we are
  5. Anyone got it? Any good?, massively peed off with sky at the moment
  6. Yes the timing is unfortunate but everything’s been booked for weeks
  7. Moving house this coming weekend, never really settled down the Calder Valley so we’re heading back to Halifax Not looking forward to the process of moving but excited about the new gaff
  8. Ah bless, your first comment a cheap insult, there can be an argument because that’s exactly what I put forward.
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