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  1. Yes absolutely this, we all love the game and take it pretty seriously, but when all’s said and done it’s still only a game, death threats ffs!!!!
  2. Torn ACL so probably the end at the age of 34, heartbreaking scenes in the chooks shed at the end as his teammates and brother tried to console him
  3. Desperately upsetting scenes, I’ve followed the twins careers since the early days, terrible to see one of them end like this
  4. Did the drone footage at the beginning have to show “The home of Sale Sharks”?
  5. Massively pleased for her and her family, they’re lovely people and really sporty, her brother Jacob plays for Stoke City
  6. My friend’s granddaughter is making her debut for the Giants, Amelia Brown
  7. I was talking to a SL coach last week who said that hopefully the drinking culture at the club which he said is centred round Briers would now disappear
  8. Very poor from Fax, the bulls set out to niggle and we let them draw us in and off our game. Amateur stuff in lots of ways, we were there to win a game, let the ref deal with the bulls tactics and concentrate on winning the game
  9. Let Bradford draw us into a niggle game and lost our discipline, same old story Fax
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