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  1. Yes they do but I’m not going to name the coach or the official, I’m sure you’ll understand why
  2. Yeah ok, as someone already said I can’t put you on ignore but if I could...
  3. Ah but there’s the rub, through out my life I’ve looked at these “alternative points of view” most of which advocate the acceptance of a system where war, famine, poverty and racism are the norm. You seem to be saying that all beliefs are equally valid, a statement so preposterous that I’ll just leave it hanging there.
  4. The junior set up at Siddal is fantastic, they get top level coaching
  5. Spot on from law/sociology/political science professor Michael Yarbrough: I get the feeling that most people see that man's recent tweets as just a spontaneous expression of his racist id. That's not at all what they are. Read them again. They were written, probably for him by a staffer (probably Stephen Miller). Watch how the back and forth has played out since then. See how elected Republicans are responding. Connect it to the way they're handling the concentration camps. What we're seeing is the deliberate roll-out of his 2020 message. He's campaigning on open white supremacy. This is important because when white supremacy is one side's platform, there's no such thing as a middle ground. You either stand resolutely with multiracial democracy, or you support white supremacy. I'm terrified that a great many establishment Democrats, including the most powerful ones, don't get that. They think they can triangulate themselves between the Squad and the White House Occupant. But that's impossible. Every triangulation just gives The Occupant another opening, and he'll take it. Like no other election in many decades, the next one is an all-out war for the soul of the country, and the world.
  6. Years ago a female official was appointed by the RL to ref a reserve game with myself as one of the touch judges. The home coach, who I won’t name but was and is regarded as one of the game’s greats, stated his team would not play if “a bird” was refereeing, my self and the other officials told her to call his bluff see what happened, but in the end she deferred, wrongly imo to his wishes and I reffed while she carried out 4th official duties. it was scandalous and shameful and I lost the respect I’d had for the man as a player.
  7. Oh for god’s sake yes it it is, and if you can’t see that you need to take a long hard look at yourself
  8. After a brief hiatus Oil City are back on the road playing Rhythm and Blues, Rock And Roll and a smattering of punk A new venue for us Hogarths Westgate Wakefield Saturday August 10th Would be nice to see some forum members there https://m.facebook.com/477196982443450
  9. Give up, the pair of them are Jedi masters at making statements and then denying they were ever made. Obviously They’re on the dark side young padwan
  10. If only those pesky unions that destroyed the economy were still around
  11. According to my lad Courts martial and dishonourable discharge. Serving members of the armed forces are not allowed membership or association with any extremist parties.
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