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  1. Fine, but like I say I’m not bothered about the soccerball lot
  2. Meh, I’m not really all that bothered about them. I know they call Fax “lodgers” which is exactly what they also are.
  3. I’ve never given a job to anyone who lists yawnion in their interests, in fact a few years ago I deliberately let the captain of one of the local yawnion clubs get to the last interview stage whilst never intending to offer him a job.
  4. The arrogance of these Aussie tw*ts it’ll continue till we beat them in a series or two. I pray they don’t make the World Cup final.
  5. I ran the line for him when I first started officiating “I don’t care what you see, you don’t come on my pitch waving that effing flag” he said. 30 minutes into the first half and a player is taken out late and high right in front of the dug out. I went on and basically chased him all over the pitch until he finally stopped the game. I then said in a voice loud enough to be heard “number 12 took number 6 out late and high, it has to be a red” After the game he said to me “I’ll make sure you never do another professional match” ”Suits me fine” I replied “if it means I’m not party to that level of cheating” I carried on in the pro game but never ran a line for him again.
  6. Cornwall too far? This really shows how small time, small minded and parochial this game is.
  7. Can’t remember tbh, no one took to it so no one really noticed when it went
  8. Fax fans were asked to pick a name in the early super league era, irc they chose “bombers” by a fairly convincing margin. Nigel Wood put the kibosh on that and came up with the awful “blue sox” name
  9. And yet here you are, posting on a Rugby League forum
  10. Gotta be Odsal (Sarcasm alert)
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