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  1. The local area can’t cope with parking when BPA are at home, it won’t manage the bulls
  2. But they also lost to a Halifax side who haven’t exactly set the world on fire this year
  3. As someone’s already said, get along to your local referee’s society and take up the whistle. My wife said to me “you’re always slagging the refs off, here’s an advert in the paper to join em” so I did and 6 years later I’m running out to referee my first international match. Just go for it
  4. Poor lad, and his family and friends too
  5. I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle
  6. It was a great night, I don’t think any forumers were there but it was still great
  7. You’ll need some rubber gloves, do you own a pair of rubber gloves? No I rent them, I have a lease with an option to buy
  8. I think Siddal might well have something to say about that
  9. Every time I read stuff like this a little bit of my support for the professional side of the game dies a bit. Mind numbing stupidity
  10. Lack of consistency then, remember Liam Watts a couple of years ago? got walked for precisely that
  11. You can hear the touch judge saying Mamo has put his head into Tomkins face
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