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  1. Jagger doesn’t have to carry PA systems up flights of stairs
  2. Thanks for that, we set out to be, so it’s good to hear we succeeded
  3. I’ll be far too old for those shenanigans by then
  4. Ghostlands by Edward Parnell, a journey through Britain entailing a mixture of visits to towns where celebrated writers of ghost/horror fiction, M R James, William Hope Hodgson etc lived, but also the writer searching for meaning in his own family history. Hypnotically beguiling
  5. Let’s just say there were certain ideological issues, but there was a sex scandal that was dealt with just as badly as the tories or the police have historically dealt with them so it was bye from me
  6. Bang on, I’ve been in bands playing variously, punk, ska/bluebeat, soul, indie, Irish I just love playing
  7. Banshees of Innisheeran just abso bloody lutely fantastic, what’s it about? The nature of male friendship? The claustrophobic life on a small island? The tragedy of unrequited love? All of the above and more I think it’s going to be a bit marmite but I loved it
  8. It had run it’s course for me, we’re all still mates which is the main thing. I’ll take a month or two out and then look to join/form another band
  9. …and so it has, told the guys this week that I’m quitting the band and that no, they couldn’t change my mind. Picked my gear up from the practice room last night. ”when the kids had killed the man I had to break up the band”
  10. A canvas hold all containing my training gear, a bodhran and a drone
  11. My daughter works in marketing, she gets substantially more than this and she’s not even the manager. Offer peanuts get monkeys
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