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  1. Swinton Lions YouTube channel?

    Sorry wrong one Try this
  2. Swinton Lions YouTube channel? There you go mate A video every day for the last month
  3. Danny Ansell

    Danny has signed for Swinton Your views would be appreciated Thanks
  4. 2018 and possible new signings

  5. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Some great fans from Oldham today Unfortunately one team had to lose Hope you bounce back Good luck
  6. Swinton's Furtue Secured

    We have a vibrant Facebook page which covers most topics these days leaving the forum pretty redundant You are welcome to pm me your name and I can invite you as a member If you promise to behave les tonks
  7. Bradford bulls

    Yes it's all about me
  8. Bradford bulls

    I was making a point that we could have cried about those incidents at the time but chose to admit that a better team beat us on the day
  9. Bradford bulls

    You sound so bitter and childish it's really pitiful In the reverse fixture Bradford elbow smashed Forsyth in the first minute and then head tackled grant Gore a few minutes later leading to a season of missed games with concussion We can all go down the route of self pity but most clubs keep their dignity Swinton have been more backs to the wall then any other club in the RL Fortunately during that 25 years we've learnt a great deal of humility too
  10. against

    Players like Ormsby think they are too good to play for Oldham and previously Swinton Bad result for Oldham
  11. Great win for the Lions today over a subdued Fax team Well done to the Lions players Fantastic performance By the way Hull Kr are getting a great player in Chris Atkin
  12. Swinton game

    Fair enough Still not a good fixture for us cos it's always hard at your place Good luck in the cup
  13. Swinton game

    As a Swinton fan this fixture is totally inconvenient, comes before a big home game and we never play well at your place, apart from a couple of notable exceptions I'd love to know why Steve Slater is calling us cowardly. That's outrageous. Surely this fixture was ratified by the RFL and where Swinton are concerned we rarely get any favours Also can't see when playing anywhere else wouldn't be equally inconvenient
  14. Lack of discipline costs us again!

    So you've not heard any of these criticisms before? Only an idiot would carry on in denial in the face of anecdotal evidence to the contrary
  15. Lack of discipline costs us again!

    We all know it's not touch and pass. The old cliché response to denying the truth that your team week in week out are dishing out dirt. Funny how you left out Tairas elbow smash to a grounded player followed by an alleged gouging in your synopsis leading to his instant dismissal. How you had such a great view of Murphy injury is questionable as it occurred right in the middle of the pitch in front of the sticks. It looked like a cynical late blow with knees and swinging arms to Murphy head and neck to me I missed how Nicholson was laid out We at Swinton have decried our own discipline for two seasons. It's not been dirty play though. It's been niggling offences like ball stealing lying on pushing and shoving arguing with the ref Thuggery and a collective desire to hurt people from Rochdale in what seems to be a coached tactic to win games is something every fan should be looking to change If you continue to bury your head in the sand you will continue to see your players seeing red cards.