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  1. mark richardson

    2019 squad.

    Ha I think Swinton will be the lowest spenders again this year He's a local lad and best mates with an existing Swinton player ...I think that's the real reason
  2. Some pretty nasty opinions on here Maybe Swinton had loads of injuries and team problems and just decided not to make a meal of it ? Maybe Swinton have quietly been building up off field this season after years of mismanagement Maybe Swinton should have been relegated and Worky promoted? Why? That's just nonsense To me in reality if the rules hadn't been changed both teams would now be in Champ 1 I despair at the rl family and it's attitudes sometimes Its such a negative ugly place No wonder we are still a minority sport watched by old men
  3. mark richardson

    Absolutely appalling.

    Cry babies Think if you look at the stats for who was the dirty team Fev win!
  4. mark richardson


    Every time we play Fev win lose or draw we get idiots posting nonsense like this Grow up girls
  5. mark richardson

    Absolutely appalling.

    Funny you were saying the same things when your present coach was swinton coach Soft lot You won . Move on
  6. mark richardson

    fevnut's blog: Fev v Swinton

    Great lad Robbo Think the blog is a little mistaken regarding our " heavy reliance" on dual reg and loanees No more than Fevs to be fair
  7. mark richardson

    Gavin Bennion

    He is playing Are Hornets not dual reg this year?
  8. mark richardson

    Swinton Lions YouTube channel?

    Sorry wrong one Try this
  9. mark richardson

    Swinton Lions YouTube channel? There you go mate A video every day for the last month
  10. mark richardson

    Danny Ansell

    Danny has signed for Swinton Your views would be appreciated Thanks
  11. mark richardson

    2018 and possible new signings

  12. mark richardson

    Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Some great fans from Oldham today Unfortunately one team had to lose Hope you bounce back Good luck
  13. mark richardson

    Swinton's Furtue Secured

    We have a vibrant Facebook page which covers most topics these days leaving the forum pretty redundant You are welcome to pm me your name and I can invite you as a member If you promise to behave les tonks
  14. mark richardson

    Bradford bulls

    Yes it's all about me
  15. mark richardson

    Bradford bulls

    I was making a point that we could have cried about those incidents at the time but chose to admit that a better team beat us on the day