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  1. Have we? Who are they?
  2. Here's five things I've made up Top journalism
  3. He's a belter I'd love him at Swinton Penalty count was 5 4😂
  4. I'll accept all of that. I'm sort of playing devil's advocate asking these questions but I do think they're valid given the Rosie outlook being portrayed. But I suppose it's got to be positive As for your moniker I remember Tex arriving from Crossfields as a raw amateur in Swinton a team What a star he became until he joined Salford of course
  5. Can't escape facts, it is traditionally a very poor area..ive worked there 24 years and still do and despite the fancy flats and destruction of social housing the majority are of low income. Sorry didn't mean to hurt your feelings and I do believe it's a valid point about who the local fan will be As for the season of goodwill I thought I'd rescued it with my final paragraph!
  6. I'm a big league fan having followed Swinton all my life. I also watch any other league that I can and I think I have my finger on the pulse for the game in general So this news comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Such is the wave of support and the huge media backing to this new club for league one that I heard about it here first on a forum! Most Swinton fans, most Salford fans and fans of Greater Manchester clubs like Oldham Rochdale and Leigh will I'm sure be equally surprised that a new giant is looming in the background to pinch the paltry hardcore remaining support we have as they at Eastlands can do it better It's disingenuous to try to split the city of Salford from the city of Manchester. In terms of almost everything apart from civic and local pride it's all on place yet Salford are backing the Rangers? How? What are they doing? They can barely cope backing themselves. Or is it perhaps the chairmen of both clubs have shared a drink one night and had the craic? For those unfamiliar with where the stadium is in Manchester it is next to the Etihad in one of Europe's poorest areas sandwiched between Miles Platting Clayton and Beswick. Are hoards of fans going to be drawn there to spend the twenty quid they don't have and if they did it'd be to watch City? I don't know. Are fans who love rugby league and live in Manchester suddenly going to decide to attend games because the club is called Manchester and for purely that reason they didn't watch Salford or Swinton or Oldham or Rochdale or Leigh? Lots of questions to be asked of this new club because they are doing what many amateur and much more established and better run amateur clubs could do by simply deciding to turn professional Having asked all these questions I have to say I would welcome a new team in this area It's exciting and challenging and a new local derby. I just think there needs to be some honesty in the marketing and views as a lot of what I've read on here is mis leading
  7. Great to read a proper rugby league thread with the high brow forum bullies notably absent. How refreshing. I was born into a family who had been watching Swinton from around the 1900s when my great grandad moved the family to Swinton from Westmoreland to work at Agecroft pit My grandad dad and then me followed the family tradition. Sadly only me left to follow us at Heywood Rd Sale and I'm proud to say I've stuck with the club through the Gigg Lane Moor Lane LSV years I've managed to brain wash my father in law and missus into following us and my daughter will be indoctrinated shortly. Tales like mine aren't uncommon at Swinton and are why this great club prevails I'm sure it's replicated throughout Rugby League
  8. It's a good and fair point if we agree with your prediction that super league is doomed Otherwise I'd suggest it's been doomed since 1895 Then I'd refer you to my original post that it's all about timing as regards who is big and who isn't in Rugby league. To which you unwittingly agreed whilst attempting to disagree
  9. Perhaps cos it's a thread about Bradford?
  10. But it's exactly not what I'm saying and people become entrenched in their own idea of us all helping Bradford and any contrary opinion being an affront to the fair play that they are suggesting we should afford Bradford with no questions asked I mean say for example you follow Workington who at the beginning of the year cut their cloth according to what they can afford and get relegated They lose a whole pile of funding and play in a poor league for a season Where are the protests for the injustice they're victim to?
  11. That's an answer that has nothing to do with anything I've written and to be honest I have no answers to the questions you pose as unlike most on here I don't pretend to have any idea how to run a clubI've neither suggested Bradford be hammered nor not helped But my point is if it's unfair on Bradford then it's just as unfair as the club's finishing below them who DID NOT cheat.
  12. If it's unfair on Bradford it's even more unfair on those clubs finishing below them in the league and therefore receiving less funding or worse relegation Those clubs who aren't cheating endlessly year after year But Bradford are a special case because they are the most recent big team in a host of big teams who can no longer compete at the highest level for a variety of reasons
  13. So you actually mean it is just timing and we agree on something!?
  14. Why is Bradfords plight different than Hunslet or Swinton? Surely it's just a matter of timing?