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  1. So you've not heard any of these criticisms before? Only an idiot would carry on in denial in the face of anecdotal evidence to the contrary
  2. We all know it's not touch and pass. The old cliché response to denying the truth that your team week in week out are dishing out dirt. Funny how you left out Tairas elbow smash to a grounded player followed by an alleged gouging in your synopsis leading to his instant dismissal. How you had such a great view of Murphy injury is questionable as it occurred right in the middle of the pitch in front of the sticks. It looked like a cynical late blow with knees and swinging arms to Murphy head and neck to me I missed how Nicholson was laid out We at Swinton have decried our own discipline for two seasons. It's not been dirty play though. It's been niggling offences like ball stealing lying on pushing and shoving arguing with the ref Thuggery and a collective desire to hurt people from Rochdale in what seems to be a coached tactic to win games is something every fan should be looking to change If you continue to bury your head in the sand you will continue to see your players seeing red cards.
  3. To be fair your worst offence,the absolute maiming of Jack Murphy,didn't even result in a penalty so you were pretty lucky Swinton should have put that game to bed a long time before you were even back in it Lever Murphy and Nicholson were so badly injured they couldn't return to the field of play due to ridiculous cynical dirty Hornets play and Lever apart probably won't feature for weeks It's not the first time your team has been given the label "dirty" this season
  4. London must have played bad at Swinton too Unfortunately they scrapped a victory in the dying minutes where the full time fitness just edged it I reckon the story was the same at Oldham It's about time our little clubs (ha ha I'm being ironic) got a bit more respect from these ex super league giants
  5. The stupidest kick off time for a big fixture is really tomorrow when those smaller clubs who are scratching around for every penny also have to compete with a televised big game Should have played both this evening I really enjoyed the 8pm Saturday ko
  6. Based on not seeing your own team ever commit an offence Hopefully tomorrow it'll be a good game on a firm pitch and you'll see who has the pace out wide
  7. Bradford fans have a really weird perception of how Swinton play
  8. Cheers Graham. Very sporting of you Hope your season gets better Some of the best fixtures are against Dewsbury
  9. Bradford fan I take it?
  10. Swinton are regularly being written off They will surprise plenty teams this year with their only likely weakness being their small squad. It'll be close but if London come along arrogant they might get a comeuppance
  11. Can't wait Riggy Missed the Wigan match with illness and desperately trying to get day off for London
  12. My labrador can replace Stevo Double the charisma and far more aware of the modern game Plus he is incapable of making words up. Being a former police drugs dog reefing to him is tooting on a long joint of cannabis not stealing a ball Woof woof below if you want Sam the black labrador to replace Stevo
  13. Have we? Who are they?
  14. Here's five things I've made up Top journalism
  15. He's a belter I'd love him at Swinton Penalty count was 5 4😂