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  1. hullkrjeff

    Malcolm Andrews

    RIP Malcolm your wit and dedication to the game will be missed. Condolences to the family.
  2. hullkrjeff

    2019 squad

    Squad shaping up nicely - I have withdrawal symptoms already. Thunder for promotion?
  3. hullkrjeff

    Shaun Lunt, awful news!!

    One of nature's gentlemen - get well soon Shaun, thinking of you and the family.
  4. hullkrjeff

    2019 squad

    Again good signing - welcome back Alex - exciting times.
  5. hullkrjeff

    2019 squad

    Roll on next season
  6. hullkrjeff

    Major town/city WC final meetups

    Newcastle (Kingston Park) showing game in the Tap and Tackle bar.
  7. hullkrjeff

    North East RL

    Just caught up on this thread, I was involved with Sunderland City and we were the oldest and longest running team in the North-East. Unfortunately we had to disband through lack of commitment from some players and having to rely on Union players to make up the numbers, plus due to the age of the people running the team it eventually ended up with one chap doing all of the organising. When the team was first formed and for many years after we played in the York Sunday league and although we struggled at times with player numbers we for-filled all fixtures and the players we had only played League. Unfortunately when that League disappeared we struggled for fixtures until a North-East league was formed. and games moved to the summer, then some of our players went to play Union during the Winter and because the seasons overlapped we ended with few players for the start of our season. The Rockets are doing a wonderful job, and by developing the sport at junior level (which in my opinion is the right way forward) hopefully Rugby League will become their first choice sport and maybe then proceed to play Open age rugby.
  8. Congratulations to all the winners at championship awards especially the NewcastleThunder foundation and Lewis Young on your achievements it's good to see Rugby League progressing in the North-East (Well done to everyone involved.) Also all at Hull KR your success is richly deserved.
  9. hullkrjeff


    Congratulations to the Thunder foundation and Lewis Young on your success at the championship awards. It's good to see Rugby League progressing in the North-East. Well done to everyone involved.
  10. hullkrjeff

    Jason Payne

    It's good to be a supporter - thanks to all boardroom, players, backroom staff and coaches now let's get promoted.
  11. hullkrjeff


    Good to get the win onward and upward (Rugby Leagues) the winner.
  12. hullkrjeff


    Agree mistakes and discipline. If we improve both we are a decent side. Good to see we are retaining some of our better players for next season.
  13. hullkrjeff

    Jason's Thunder

    Well done Thunder on you win at Oxford keep this up and you'll make the play offs, thanks for making us fans very happy. Good to see Jason coaching a true Thunder icon - good luck Jason hope you get all you desire.
  14. hullkrjeff

    Club statement

    Peter you are never negative, if Jason can cut out the errors and penalties given away we have a chance of advancing the one thing for sure is he will give 100% and that will do me. Hope the players respond.