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  1. Yes one of the hardest men to play the game he was Roger Millwards minder but a great player in his own right. I had the pleasure of drinking out of the Yorkshire Cup with him in Rovers Supporters Club. A hard men but true gentleman off the pitch. RIP will never be forgotten.
  2. I was involved with Sunderland RL for 30 years or so and Knowing Mick from his early days in amateur RL in the north east and when he worked for Thunder Super league team there’s not a more qualified or genuine person to lead Rugby League. But being a season pass holder from day one of Thunder I hope he completes the job here in the North East and we become a true heartland for the game I love.
  3. As a Gateshead/Newcastle Thunder supporter since day one, we have been there and progressed - hope you can - well done on your first win?
  4. Just back from the Thunder -West Wales game. As a Thunder fan I want to give the west wales team a pat on the back- they never gave in and tried to the end. A few years a go we (Thunder) were in the same position, it takes time so all the best at keeping the Rugby League flag flying in South Wales dig in you’ll get there.
  5. From little acorns grow big trees, most teams start this way - so all the best going forward.
  6. Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year to all involved - Owner, Coaches, Players and Supporters. Hope 2019 brings us success.
  7. I'm actually a Newcastle Thunder supporter since Super league days, as I live here but from Hull and proud to be a Red and White b.....
  8. Further to my message earlier, isn't it time we all supported each other instead of criticising. I want to see this great game prosper at all levels and bickering among our selves is not a good image.
  9. Doing their best through trying circumstances, good luck with your future endeavours. As Thunder supporter (from day one) We have been where you are, keep your chins up - things will improve.
  10. Good squad let's hope they do the business.
  11. RIP Malcolm your wit and dedication to the game will be missed. Condolences to the family.
  12. Squad shaping up nicely - I have withdrawal symptoms already. Thunder for promotion?
  13. One of nature's gentlemen - get well soon Shaun, thinking of you and the family.
  14. Again good signing - welcome back Alex - exciting times.
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