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  1. KPW

    New shirts

    Why have we lost the name roughyeds and now just called Oldham rugby league can monkey lover tell us anything
  2. KPW

    Dual Reg.

    We changed our name as well just Oldham rugby league now
  3. KPW

    New coach

    Lee Greenwood ex Gloucester manager and ex yed as well
  4. KPW


    The club pay the stewards and staylbridge get all the beer and food profit great stadium just one problem
  5. KPW

    Whitebank in the wet.

    We played Saint Helens in the challenge cup at Stalybridge 9000 fans there I think it was throwing it down and got soak so no change there
  6. KPW

    League fixtures

    We only play Coventry once ask the dogdy rugby league
  7. You can't knock the lads on the pitch the next month is very big in our quest for promotion see you all Sunday at whitebank be loud and pride for the 17 players in red and white
  8. KPW

    Limehurst Lions

    The chairman of Oldham rugby league was charging them a fortune doesn't give a damp about the future have you not realised in the last five years want he like there all the grants gone we will be getting kick out off the school next
  9. KPW

    Roughyeds on tour

    Kpw tours will go anywhere but the big question is which teams won't be in the league
  10. KPW

    Swinton Game

    Should be a great game just hope we turn up both on and off the field got space on minibus if anyone need it
  11. KPW

    Oldham 64-0 Oxford

    Gareth Owen could and should be playing all eighty minutes great win see you all at Swinton
  12. KPW

    Tag Rugby

    Just hope he not charging the parents to much should off done this at the start off the season when the less supported teams were here
  13. KPW

    Keighley 32-24 Oldham

    Couldn't defend in first ten minutes can't give teams 10/12 points start every week like last year sorry but what has Tom Dempsey and Richard Joy got to do to get in the team
  14. KPW

    CH Meeting 27th April - Detailed report

    He increase the price this year and he knows the ground is not upto standard even the die hards are not even bothering but I will be there see you behind the sticks
  15. KPW

    Meeting with CH