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  1. In preparation for the challenges of the 2020 season, ORSA is hoping to gather some momentum on raising valuable funds, via https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/ - please remember, that you can help when doing your online Christmas shopping. If you haven't yet registered for making your purchases in this way, please check out the link above and find out how easy it is, to raise free donations from over 4000 shops and businesses.
  2. Scott Naylor was interviewed only at the end of last week and confirmed that he did not have another role as yet. He is interested in taking up another, but there are only a limited number of jobs for a rather large number of applicants. However as an Oldham fan, I hope that he does get something in the near future, as he certainly deserves to.
  3. Logic

    The Final

    Think that we have all learned to be on the calm side at times like these, after failing at the last hurdle over the years, when expectations were very high, so it's not a bad thing. However, I do detect an underlying sense of excitement about this Sunday's game and I believe that the players are quietly ready to do the business. COME ON THE 'YEDS!!
  4. There has been some great rugby on display this season and Sunday's game promises to be a real cracker. So, get down to the game and give the lads the support they deserve. Really looking forward to it - come on Oldham!
  5. Representing ORSA, I would like to express thanks to all who have contributed to raising funds, via their support of 'easyfundraising'. Since registering with the organisation, at the end of December 2018, over £300 has been raised, by virtue of the free donations from supporters' online purchases. This represents great commitment from a relatively small group of people and proves what can be achieved, merely by remembering to shop via 'easyfundraising', once you have registered with the website. Perhaps you have missed out on the subject of 'easyfundraising'? In which case, I refer you to the link, available both on the club website under the ORSA - Easyfundraising heading and below. If you are someone who makes purchases or travel arrangements etc. online, it is well worth exploring the link. There are around 4000 companies, registered with the website and they all offer free donations at no cost to the customer, other than the normal cost of the purchase. So, please do consider 'coming on board', as your support would be invaluable. Remember, every little REALLY does help. Thankyou. https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/orsa/
  6. Logic


    Thanks SB, misread my own writing! Have now corrected it, to avoid anyone picking up the wrong address.
  7. Logic


    Anyone making plans to go to the Coventry game in 3 weeks time, should note that the venue for their games for the rest of the season, is the home of Rugby Lions RFU, Webb Ellis Road, Rugby, CV22 7AU.
  8. When down in Llanelli with Oldham earlier this season, we were in conversation with some of your more mature fans and said 'your time will come' as we could see the progress being made. This was followed up by our home match against you and once again, we could see that with the tremendous effort and enthusiasm being made by all the players, you would soon reap the rewards. Well, the first win proves the progress made and is a big boost for the confidence of all concerned - congratulations and the best of luck for your continued development.
  9. I would just like to put the record straight, on behalf of those of us who were involved at the time Oldham RLFC took over the ground in 2010. The ground and club house were in a real mess prior to the takeover and there was a lot of time, hard work and goodwill put into making it fit for purpose by a number of volunteers, some of whom committed short term and others for a considerably longer time. Anyone who hadn't been around the ground, in the clubhouse or changing rooms prior to that work, would have had no idea what work was achieved. The ambition was there, but the problem was, there were no funds available for materials, hence no real obvious development and the grants that everyone assumed would be forthcoming, didn't materialise for various reasons. In clarifying the issue, I am not taking anything away from the Avro club. They have worked hard and there have been substantial improvements which I applaud them on, especially that done by their own volunteers. However the initial work was, I understand, funded by the transfer of their land on Broadway to Oldham Council and those funds were soon absorbed by the early improvements that were done with the pitch etc. The Avro club now, no doubt wishes that further funding was currently available to enable them to continue the upgrade, but as we all know, the money is just not there for clubs a the lower level of any sport and that is very sad. Long live Oldham R.L.F.C. and AVRO F.C. - good luck to both clubs.
  10. Looking forward to supporting the lads who play in the game, anyway. I'm still buzzing from the wins against Coventry and especially, Keighley and hope to see the spirit and commitment from those matches continuing week after week, whatever the competition. It's good for morale!
  11. What a great win! What a great team performance! What a wonderful Saturday night out! That result has been coming for a while and last night, everything came together - well done to all the lads. The only down side was Johnno, in what seemed to be an accidental collision with Danny Bridge, going off with a facial injury - hope he is okay.
  12. Strong squad for the game - looking forward to going over there this evening. COME ON OLDHAM
  13. ……….. and others.
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