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  1. I would of course want Widnes crowds to be better, but back in the early 90s I recall we were sometimes doing well to get 3k in, and that was when Davies et al were still with us and we got to Wembley.
  2. Am getting the impression that Widnes' game management is improving.
  3. winter league

    Looking at that proposed winter league, is someone angling for a job on a pools panel as the latter would be doing overtime...
  4. scrumdown

    That Richard Madeley/Alex Murphy clip is indeed absolutely fantastic. My favourite moment is when Maurice 'Chairman Mo' Lindsay appears in the background wearing a big sheepskin coat looking very sinister and gives Murph a very withering look.
  5. Thanks everyone. I've thoughtfully compiled all the ideas from this thread and it looks like...
  6. Should Cas cash in?

    Saucer of milk for table 3 please
  7. Catalan v Widnes

    I holiday every year in Leigh. I have a dacha next to the Asda. Say what you like but at least the residents of Leigh or Widnes aren't planning potentially ruinous political turmoil. Maybe they should do for a bit of a laugh.
  8. Catalan v Widnes

    Paul Simon. Wrote a song about wanting to get the hell out of Widnes but at least he visited the place. Also: Jimmy Cauty. Who *really* should have performed 'Its Grim Up North' at half time at the GF. Typical RL missing a trick there.
  9. Widnes press conference

    'I'm going to Vancouver'. Hmm, I'm sure I saw something on the internet once that mentioned something like that.