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  1. Well if Widnes need bodies I'm here and I will die defending the line if need be.
  2. @widnesrlfc STOP HURTING US STOP HURTING US STOP HURTING US yours, the fans
  3. ChrisL2

    Video Replay

    People in Newcastle booing for a Toronto try that might not have been.
  4. ChrisL2

    The Mirror and the Peacock

    Fine with that provided someone will pay for me and everyone else to go.
  5. Not available on cable. A friend told me.
  6. Quite a few of us fans stayed over at the Durham Travelodge it seems. I had a pint, a Bailey's and a gin and tonic, and I brought my big plate for breakfast.
  7. Glad to be avoiding the Suits-Banter merger. Not that I'm a big republican, although I do think it would be better if the head of state and the cabinet was decided by a nines tournament.
  8. ChrisL2

    1800 at Widnes last night

    Less about CC in general, and more due to Betts' bad PR (blaming everyone - including Hudds players - for the defeat previous defeat - except himself). Us Widnes fans fed up with him and his one-dimensional rugby. Can be fixed.
  9. ChrisL2

    Weekend Events, will you be going?

    Magic Weekend, Saturday only. Only booked this week, and I got the impression a lot of seats have been taken, which is remarkable given I've seen hardly any advertising around Newcastle or the NE. Btw if anyone is stuck for accommodation, it might be worth giving Durham a try? Only 10 minutes away on a frequent train service, good for history buffs, and some cracking pubs - I recommend the Station House in particular. Looking forward to downing a few pints the night before, and if I'm lucky I'm hoping to be allowed to play my favourite pub game, which involves writing names of cities on torn-up beermats, throwing darts at them and then posting the results under various threads here under multiple accounts.
  10. I constantly ask myself the same question when I read most threads here, particularly the ones about re-structuring/expansion.
  11. I would of course want Widnes crowds to be better, but back in the early 90s I recall we were sometimes doing well to get 3k in, and that was when Davies et al were still with us and we got to Wembley.
  12. Am getting the impression that Widnes' game management is improving.
  13. ChrisL2

    winter league

    Looking at that proposed winter league, is someone angling for a job on a pools panel as the latter would be doing overtime...
  14. ChrisL2


    That Richard Madeley/Alex Murphy clip is indeed absolutely fantastic. My favourite moment is when Maurice 'Chairman Mo' Lindsay appears in the background wearing a big sheepskin coat looking very sinister and gives Murph a very withering look.