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  1. Salford player had Olezdki in a chokehold for the "knock on" that led to thier try. Its all swings and roundabouts.
  2. Coral arm stickers falling off already, can't we find a someone who can stich em on for gawds sake.
  3. Yeah NFL have about 70 different angles plus super zoom for that type of call we had 3 angles available and one you couldn't see the line.
  4. Don't be too sure, I went to the four nations final at Anfield and was like sitting in a library for 80 mins NZ gave up after 15 mins.
  5. So no money, just free pizzas for players.
  6. I was a supporter of Toronto, but they now have to be relegated. They should not be allowed straight back into SL.
  7. I used to hate him while he was at Saints but as a Leeds fan loved beating him every year lol. I'm glad to have him back in the SL. I also doubt he will be on top dollar when he comes back.
  8. I'll save anyone from listening, it's Just 3 minutes of business speak jargon.
  9. Having lived in the New England area for 2 years of my life being a "New Englander" is a thing. They see them selves apart from the rest of the US. Although the US sporting landscape is funny, where I lived for a while in New London, CT it was a proud New England Town was a 50-50 split of Patriots and Giants fans and also Yankees and Red Sox. So much so the bars usually stocked both club colours of bottled beer when Budwieser and the like do promotional bottles with club crests on. Where as when I lived in Mass. You would have probably got thrown out of a bar if you turned up in Yankee colours.
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