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  1. If a club only gets 2-5 k attendances who cares what capacity stadium they play in. They could move to Old Trafford and only get 3k what difference does having 70k empty seats. I just don't get the argument for minimum capacity for SL. If Salford have a 5k stadium with 3k in it looks a whole lot better for the box and for the punter at the stadium. Cas games come across really well on TV and the atmosphere is great. Because the get near capacity in a small stadium. If they moved to a 30k stadium and still got the same 8k it would make it a worse spectacle. I get bored watching the NRL when the have a few thousand people rattling around in massive stadiums just like I do when I watch Salford or Huddersfield in a mostly empty stadium.
  2. Just the usual Brits aren't good enough for the NRL tosh. Thought the myth would have been totally squashed in recent times. But still people peddle it.
  3. We need to put a stop on the cheap late hits to the kickers and playmakers. Thankfully it has drastically dropped in the NRL this season. We need to get it out of the game.
  4. Pathetic strip/knock on ruling again. How can it be a loose carry if you're being wrestled by two tacklers.
  5. Should be one game Thurs and one game Fri rest on the weekend. But on the other hand some clubs feel that a Fri night game is much more lucrative especially my club Leeds who I'm lucky to see 2/3 home games on a weekend. I'm always a bit baffled because everytime we have a weekend game it's such a fantastic family atmosphere I'd love to see more.
  6. Amazing really isn't it. We have 3 top tier nations and we can't organise a game against one of them for 36 months. Won't have played on British soil for 4 years.
  7. Never said English refs are better, infact I believe the opposite. But the above is my only gripe with the Aussie officials. The way they ignore rules when it suits and change the inpretation from one week to the next.
  8. He is flat on the floor 5m infront of the line then gets on his knees and elbows and propels forward then lifts his arm. Sure there looked to be some momentum but without his movement you cant be sure it would have gone over. it was a text book double movement
  9. Watch again. He is crawling along on his knees and lifts his arm.
  10. Just caught up on demand. Glad the Blues got that in the end because that Qld try was a double movement all day long. Seemed to be given just cause it was Origin imo.
  11. That Qld try was a double movement all day long. My one complaint about the Aussie game is how they ignore rules or interpret them differently on a whim and sometimes chamge intereptation from one week to the next
  12. I get its hard for the refs. But as you say the inconsistentcy is the killer. We could have had a player sent in the bin when in another game we might have had a few penalties awarded to us.
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