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  1. I work for John Lewis, I have no idea or say to what next years business plan will be
  2. Why are players overpaid? They are paid by what the market dictates. To be honest when reading the autobiographies of some players of the past it seems players today are paid way below in real terms as what they were 20-30 years ago
  3. If I were him I'd be clamoring to get over here to SL for a year and let all the heat die down and get a bumper NRL deal next year when all is forgotten.
  4. Why? I buy mine at Leeds every year at the end of the season for a tenner.
  5. I do think to save next years Ashes series we need to play a few mid season tests and a couple of warm up tests before the Ashes series. If we rock up with a new coach and a new style team without playing at least few times beforehand we will get steamrolled.
  6. I'm not too downhearted. We still have a very talented potential squad of players we just need a coach who wants to pick a balanced squad and play players in the correct positions. We didn't get bad overnight. We need a refresh. I'm not a believer in sacking coaches, but this tour was unforgivable.
  7. People are going a bit over the top. We have a really good few years. But this tour has really set us back. We really need some mid season tests to get back on track for the Aussies next year.
  8. Find it crazy that the all blacks could fill out stadiums playing any old team but they can't half fill a small stadium for the Kiwis.
  9. At the end of the day Leeds is the biggest rugby league city with decent transport links and guarantees a 30k+ attendance. It's always good to have one in Yorks one in Lancs and a game in London
  10. I'm happy with the stadium selections. Great to have the new spurs stadium
  11. Wow what a surprise. Didn't see that one coming.
  12. The 10 million quoted is AUD I assume so circa 5.5 million GBP
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