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  1. All balony i agree, in 2024 we will have a totally new "strategy" that no one will follow. Reminds me of my workplace that trys brings in new ways of working every 12 months that everyone ignores.
  2. Leeds had a Union team couldn't fill a coach with the attendances.
  3. Bleeding eck I didn't know the Rugby League old boys worked for IMG Maybe they should be made to pay a bond to play in the CC Do KR and Wakey for example have to play a % of domestic players. The reason Catalans started dropping French players was because of the reintroduction of relegation.
  4. Its a grand final! Only thing that should be sin binned is a ben flower type thing. We don't want to become RU
  5. I couldn't go because of my work, but it has really put a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. To the original question. I have no idea not see either play a proper test in ages.
  7. Yeah don't worry, its just like paying with a credit card. As far as RLWC are concerned you have paid in full the date you made the agreement with Klarna.
  8. I tried shopping for clothes in Italy once, never again felt a right fat barsteward.
  9. 150 seats?! What about standing areas that is about half of the capacity.
  10. Super Bowl started in the late 1960's by that time we had play offs for about 60 years
  11. Exactly! it is our history, but because people like soccer aswell means we should do everything soccer does.
  12. Really!? Most sports fans have at least some knowledge of play-off structures from NFL, NBA etc... well really any sport which isn't soccer has play-offs to determine the winner. We as a sport have had play-offs to determine the championship for most of our history. Its only when we tried to emulate soccer in the 70's that we changed it.
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