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  1. your better off getting off the train in Ponte and get to the Golden Ball opposite the bus station we will all be in there from 12 bells
  2. do me a favour lol if Emmett can do him id have no bother what so ever
  3. Acton is one of the softest forwards to ever play the game
  4. does anyone think that when you over kill a joke that wasnt funny in the 1st place you make yourself look a complete knobber
  5. you dont have to kick the ball on the last tackle, 9 times out of 10 its a kick that either goes dead or is as good as a pass to the opposition, much better take the last tackle turn over and build pressure with some good defence
  6. it was the general strike if im not mistaken mate
  7. fans will be fine with him he is one of us after all, i can remember him at the last grand final we played in Warrington with his flat cap on
  8. The lad is a massive fev fan as are all his family so i reckon your right
  9. Ase boas did well on Sunday had a much better game than Murrell but i suppose if people keep saying hes not a stand off enough times people will believe it
  10. Is his contract up at the end of the season ? be careful what you wish for i think hes done a fantastic job at Fax
  11. who cares ? certainly not me and no other Rovers fan that iv spoke to, any compassion most of us had for the game and other clubs went around 1995
  12. there is no conspiracy against us but all i will say is a ref if he wanted to could give a penalty nearly every bit of contact and play the ball in a game, some are just very poor refs and the bloke we had sun falls into that category he should go back to Afghanistan and leave us alone
  13. Davies will get more game time if he stops jumping the line and missing tackles, its debatable if hes our best forward or not
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