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  1. there is no conspiracy against us but all i will say is a ref if he wanted to could give a penalty nearly every bit of contact and play the ball in a game, some are just very poor refs and the bloke we had sun falls into that category he should go back to Afghanistan and leave us alone
  2. Davies will get more game time if he stops jumping the line and missing tackles, its debatable if hes our best forward or not
  3. 2 coach fulls from the Junction pub setting off at 9.30 so we will be in good voice, hope they dont run out of beer
  4. gingdong

    Noise Levels

    there trying to appeal to the youth robin bit of vibrancy, just like the t 20 at cricket
  5. gingdong

    Noise Levels

    because the silent majority love it thats why
  6. not drinking today m8 sorry saving myself for next sun
  7. yes thats what i wanted to say but you put it so much better, i wish i would of took more interest at school x
  8. gingdong

    If being born in Whitwood is a Cas fan

    despite the extra digit myth my friend in actual fact a clear sign of animal in-breeding is less toes so have a look if theres any missing its cas im afraid
  9. here we go again around 2010 rovers knocked a document up urging all 2nd tier clubs to sign up to not using DR, hardly any of you did you wouldnt stop using it. So we started using it dont you get it, you stop[ using it and we will. You can argue all day about the diff between using and abusing we follow the same rules as you do to my knowledge we havent had any fines using DR so that tells me we are within the rules. Youv got some real brass neck even mentioning DR when you use it yourselves are you really as simple as your coming across
  10. i find it very amusing when teams and there fans mention us with DR when in fact they use it thereselves. Think about what your saying people are you just narked that we use it better than you. Your embarrassing mate
  11. gingdong

    Batley promo video

    thats great but im afraid the real reason he got his nickname is because he is renowned for terminating contracts half way through
  12. i saw that m8 but i reckon that did Leicester a favour there defenders were defending a clear penalty area id prefer that than 1 full of snow
  13. gingdong

    Correct ticket reminder

    Uproar thats the joke, half a dozen on a forum and the same on a FB page, plus a 1 man supporter club. Jesus H all lads i go with are laughing there nads off at it. Just been waiting for the next moan as the squad is now looking good, well we didnt have to wait long but the speed of it amazed me, you really are a tiny minority just saying
  14. gingdong

    Correct ticket reminder

    I know this may sound a bit of a inovative idea but why not have a pastie and drink a pot of t int car before you go in then another an hour and a half later int car before you set off, but failing that i spent 100 sheets at the Hunslet Parkside game as my son forgot his wallet, so theres 4 games covered for you
  15. gingdong

    Correct ticket reminder

    just my opinion mr as its a public forum im allowed it just like you, and like i say had i loaned the club over a million interest free and just funded the refurb of 3 houses out of my own pocket to see a major fan group oppose me over what i see as a nothing issue, especially after all the stick id took over the squad last month id be done, gone, out of it but thats just me. Obviously he is used to it because to my knowledge he is still here