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  1. theres no wonder i have to correct you on what players are like and what goes off ON the pitch if thas counting the crowd jesus
  2. no mate you cant rely on away support i think club done a fantastic job of bigging every home game as an avent in its own right
  3. i wouldnt be so sure they wont of been expecting many widnes fans certainly 1 coach full wont make a difference there going on tickets sold
  4. you dont have to thats the point, you pay the same in as anyone else same as them you can sit or stand were you want
  5. i would suggest them lads and lasses pay the same entrance fee as everyone else so they can sit or stand where the hellll they like, thats the attitude the club are trying to get rid of same seat in ground every week, same seat in the clubhouse local rugby for local people, spending nothing in the ground
  6. sorry but i cant think of anything id rather not watch
  7. no it does not and as long as its not against the law then there is not a thing you can do about verbal abuse
  8. Never cease to amaze me people same after every incident out comes the outrage with not 1 sensible idea moving forward, lets try a grown up discussion heres my thoughts. The youth around the area will not change no chance, and a semi final us v Widnes with Wembley at stake is a powder keg just remember the 76 semi final and 81 1/4 final nothing has changed. So why did security allow all the Widnes coaches park right outside our exit into the car park and let all fans out at the same time. get rid of the myth its a family game all the widnes coaches could of parked far end couple of security there, no problems. I can tell the club every game there might be problems so im sure they can work it out for themselves, just segregate the crowd inside and outside. job done, no more fines, no one hurt, Verbal abuse never hospitalised anyone
  9. they did brilliant stealth work when they pinched selby warriors ladies team
  10. The other 2 do nothing they have neither the facilities or the will rovers through there foundation have got ackworth Jaguars up and running again that deserves a place on its own for me
  11. wider game a boost?? i dont think people realise the game is dead around the traditional areas, thats were any boost is desperately needed, no amateur teams in Knottingley, Pontefract, Airedale and Selby district there used to be over 50, the game is fkd Rovers are needed more than youl ever realise
  12. great prospect is Field mind he had a top coach when he was in an U8s team taught him his core skills
  13. and you still dont understand mine, your clueless to the reasoning behind dales non appearances
  14. like i said earlier you ant got a clue
  15. very good just dont think our coach likes him
  16. so if its a teenager your saying if he gets to be an 80 year old man he cant take his grandkids because of some words he uttered as a kid, do we really want to live in such an unforgiving society
  17. the problem with todays society is some people say words are violence so can be countered with actual violence then you do have problems
  18. saying we dont take the knee IS not a racist comment, taking the knee is a political gesture as said by the home secretary and objecting to that gesture IS NOT A RACIST COMMENT
  19. the police draw the line and thats the way it must be,
  20. there was no racist comments shouted that i heard all day and the club are been investigated for it, so if you heard it what was the comment
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