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  1. saying we dont take the knee IS not a racist comment, taking the knee is a political gesture as said by the home secretary and objecting to that gesture IS NOT A RACIST COMMENT
  2. the police draw the line and thats the way it must be,
  3. there was no racist comments shouted that i heard all day and the club are been investigated for it, so if you heard it what was the comment
  4. I very much doubt anything done or chanted last Sunday broke any laws. If people want to complain about someones behaviour that DOESNT break the law thats upto them. But i would tread carefully because they may just remind you of something you do or have done that they dont approve of
  5. If you find me BREAKING the law i will donate my next month wage to the squad builder. I must of been living in an alternate reality in the 70s
  6. Because its full of old idiots who havent a clue about rugby so most now use the Rovers Banter page hope this helps #freespeachunion
  7. wonder if anyones got a list of dodgy labour councilors
  8. have you ever played a game you seem very opinionated about just asking plus im not my sisters type shes a leza
  9. you can bet your life it will be raised by the powers that be WONT IT ???
  10. joke all you like but it will prolong this madness and make it even more unlikely theyl pick another french team
  11. you dont see any problems there???? sorry i can see many potential problems would be foolhardy especially when theres a good chance they would get promoted year after when all this may of calmed down, dont forget we dont know how this virus is going to pan out, especially with the mink in denmark
  12. i must be dreaming theres is a pandemic going on
  13. Hello hello were in the middle of a pandemic here and France with no way of knowing how it will turn out, no way can they pick another team in France be madness
  14. whether you want it or not thaz getting it notr a chance in hellll will they pick another French team with this pandemic at the moment. Up the Rovers, and youd better get ready
  15. elstone will be on his bike soon sonshine dont worry about that
  16. ow yes very classy boy are they going to look forward to us rocking up down t lane
  17. did there best on very limited resources when i rang cas the answer i got was "sorry we need sponsoring"
  18. there was a damd sight more than 2 a few years ago
  19. The land rovers are getting turned from greenbelt for building is coming along nicely we will be self sufficient and probably in a better position than most in super league
  20. halelulia we agree trust me iv been at the thick end of local coaching and they do zero rovers are brilliant with junior clubs
  21. are you a real person????? fev averaged almost 5k before we were kicked out 96 for PSG we now average 2500, so theres at least 2500 that would come back, my dad hasnt been in the ground since that disgusting decision like many others if we finally get justice and are put back then he will come back as im sure will the others we are very stubborn people in these parts
  22. well do you really think all them drivers i load from down south give a flying shiiite about wigan v saints
  23. tell you somat id like to bet it would generate just as much interestd as wigan and saints
  24. ha, ha mopsey elite are you tigers in disguise the fev ultras are coming for you
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