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  1. Robin Evans is a regular at them meetings
  2. call me what you like its right what i said and you know it
  3. didnt do himself any favours by announcing he was off to leigh the day we played them in that final at headingley, but he used to chat to fans in the clubhouse and his family used to chat on social media so the right on brigade will still love him
  4. you are the big mistake in the swimming pool and i claim my £50
  5. never used DR have you ?????????? Yes but not as much as you, ow thats ok then
  6. Not yet but the old saying "you cant polish a Turdd" springs to mind
  7. my son and his cousin both said to me at HT in his 1st game at Bradford, hes not good enough,
  8. bang goes the keyboard warrior whos never laced up a boot in his life and is banned from every forum bar the nearly dead one
  9. nearly deads forum strikes again
  10. here we go cant think of anything to say so will pull the gramma card
  11. what planet are you on ??? seriously what planet maybe planet armley, your the cretin mentioning neanderthal if you had half a brain you would know that is probably a compliment, not everyone who goes in a pub gets smashed sonshine,
  12. ha, ha ye buses turned up late, not 1 leigh fan did i see all day in the headingley pubs, pathetic plastic fans thats why players only play there because of Beaumonts wallet period.....We all know how temperamental he is win or lose doesnt matter to us.
  13. lets hope we play each other in the grand final at headingley again then you can all go straight to the ground and avoid all the pubs like last time even Hunslet who played in the curtain raiser had more fans in the boozers , lightweight shandy drinkers
  14. i shouldnt worry too much about that id worry about players your getting that really dont want to be there and will go as far as to say dislike you, i know at least 3, are they going to put it in when it get tough????????
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