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  1. lack of away fans ?? to be expected 18.30 ko on a Sunday you watch York this Sat for the true Rovers away support we will lift the roof
  2. his attempt at mcclelland second half was even worse, all time that twaaat as done us in the past n all
  3. the difference in them days we could draw crowds upto and over 10k for big cup games
  4. and that sentence in 1 tells the exact problem with Britain today. Your appalled by an alledged racist remark but not by the scuffle outside the changing room. Must be me but id sooner be called any name under the sun rather than punched in the face
  5. York deserved there win, i know Fordy very well as a lot of fev fans do many of them played with him in the Rovers junior teams, he even rang me before the game to tell me the best pubs to go in. He has done a fantastic job at york as we keep telling him, as for conspiracy theories by the RFL there must of been 2/300 of us in the city centre boozers yest and iv known many of them a lot of years and not once have i ever heard them mention conspiracy theories im not even sure they would know what conspiracy means and they are the true fans. Enjoy the victory and i hope your prop Dixon enjoyed him self sarcastically clapping us at the end because theres one thing i can guarantee we wont forget it. love and peace
  6. he doesnt need to review it what he said was spot on, on paper there isnt 1 player in the York team that you would replace any of the fev team ON PAPER and that will be backed up by there contracts that will be higher than any york players i would imagine but like he said the game isnt played ON PAPER
  7. dont worry sonshine that prop of your dixons sarcastic clap to us at the end will be remembered as well
  8. the one man supporters club called fev nut should be the next thing on the clubs banned list as well, spamming all the rovers social media sites up with utter rubbish that no one ever reads. He or she is about as welcome as the idiots banned
  9. were all looking forward to it and the chant of the day will be "fev is a shiteole we wana stay here"
  10. im not responsible for anyones behaviour other than my own as we all are and i wont be causing no bother, hope this helps
  11. whos was the biggest away support ? i reckon we will top 1k sun
  12. was a big q in the rovers shop today of fans buying tickets for next week, theres 3 coaches hoping to be dropped off at the punchbowl for 10 ish is there plenty of pubs from there 2 the ground
  13. agree, dont know what people expect of half backs especially on that postage stamp of a pitch that is always a forwards game, just look at the players on our bench. Chizzy produced a couple of bits of magic that won us the game, plus worth a thought hes playing with a totally new scrum half
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