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  1. the one man supporters club called fev nut should be the next thing on the clubs banned list as well, spamming all the rovers social media sites up with utter rubbish that no one ever reads. He or she is about as welcome as the idiots banned
  2. were all looking forward to it and the chant of the day will be "fev is a shiteole we wana stay here"
  3. im not responsible for anyones behaviour other than my own as we all are and i wont be causing no bother, hope this helps
  4. whos was the biggest away support ? i reckon we will top 1k sun
  5. was a big q in the rovers shop today of fans buying tickets for next week, theres 3 coaches hoping to be dropped off at the punchbowl for 10 ish is there plenty of pubs from there 2 the ground
  6. agree, dont know what people expect of half backs especially on that postage stamp of a pitch that is always a forwards game, just look at the players on our bench. Chizzy produced a couple of bits of magic that won us the game, plus worth a thought hes playing with a totally new scrum half
  7. if you want to think im just a bottles ###### like monkeymagic22 who wouldnt dare put a pair of boots on well thats suits me just fine night, night
  8. ha, ha only around 500 times i usually met them in the middle of the scrum
  9. just about the only outlet your allowed on this isnt it old lad, your in good company. perfect for you though isnt it can hide your identity and be a keyboard warrior
  10. the only negatives to this iv seen is on this forum, but i suppose its not called the nearly deads forum for nothing and is only used by a dozen or so people
  11. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/centenary-squad-builder-launched-HjQMb Any one who can please sign upto this the signing yesterday of Joe Johnston proves no one will be sitting on the money. I know times can be hard when having to bring young children up, every penny counts, went through that stage myself when my brat was very young, but any who can get signed up lets take this famous old club to the next level
  12. old lad not been too well of late
  13. iv no prob with foreign teams playing in the English championship but they choose to join and in my opinion the final should always be played in ENGLAND, this is my opinion and as its MY opinion it is not open to debate
  14. there could be 20 countries it doesnt matter its the english championship and the final should be played in England
  15. every one who has supported the team all there lives i would imagine
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