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  1. Can’t see us getting litten as you would think he will be in Hulls squad. If foster is injured I don’t think we have any back rowers fit, so think we will have langtree plus 1 or 2 more. Then Wynne and Miloudi if Howden is out injured.
  2. leaguefan13

    Female pundits

    Agree about Angela powers, her after game interviews are cringe worthy. She struggles to string a sentence together that makes sense
  3. West Wales Raiders 10-32 London Skolars Coventry Bears 12-42 Newcastle Thunder Doncaster 28 -14 Hunslet Oldham 28 - 8 Whitehaven  Workington Town 42-10 North Wales Crusaders
  4. Donny have today signed ex Warrington and Hull KR prop Jordan cox. Exactly what we needed, some size up front
  5. leaguefan13

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    Isn’t there salary cap around triple ours
  6. leaguefan13

    PNG players in the UK

    Jason tali at donny was very good in round 1.
  7. leaguefan13

    Luther Burrell (Merged Threads)

    There wages are exempt from the salary cap for the first year and only 50% count in the second. Idd imagine a few of the ritcher clubs could be tempted to try and sign the odd player or 2.
  8. leaguefan13

    SBW to Toronto??

    Yep and looks like these are the same people who will KO the New York bid.
  9. Hopefully he’s just rolled it then and it’s nothing serious. Him and beharrell are a brilliant half back pairing... I thought Chrimes was very shaky but improved as the game went on. Idd still like to see Owen on the wing... plenty of areas we need to work on. Deffo need more size and aggression up front. Boyle just isn’t good enough. I thought Dixon looked very raw but certainly got stuck in
  10. Buzzing to win that... 1st half we were awful just awful but great comeback in the 2nd half.. plenty of areas to work on but can’t fault the lads spirit... concerning that howden limped off with a knee injury. He’s missed a lot of games last few years with injuries, plus we only have 2 half’s in the squad.
  11. Our squad still isn’t bad but with Brad England, Frankie Mariano and Brad Wilkinson all out injured for the next 4-6 weeks our back row is an area of weakness. Last season we got bullied up front by the better teams and again we haven’t addressed this. We do have very good half backs and outside backs, plus good options at hooker. We’ve taken a big risk relying on Hull rather than sign our own players. We have paid then a sizeable fee to ensure they provide us with good quality DR players each week. Our coach says he has a list of 16 Hull players he can choose from each week so it does make you wonder why we only have 2 for this week. We could of done with another 2 or 3 decent forwards.
  12. They do have a reserve game vs Wakefield though kicking off at the same time... I’m shocked after this deal we supposedly agreed with Hull that we haven’t got 5, especially in such a tough game and our injury list.
  13. We’ve only got Danny langtree and a full back Connor Wynne on DR from Hull. That’s a surprise as we were led to believe we would be getting 5 good quality players from them each week. Not sure what’s going on to be honest. I Don’t think I could be any more less bothered about the season starting.
  14. leaguefan13

    Josh Hodgson

    They will miss Austin. I think they will play jack wighton in the half’s and move cotric to full back. Sam Williams isn’t good enough imo. They will be a lot more mobile this year. I hope Bateman goes well.
  15. I think our (donny) chances will depend who we get on DR from Hull. We only have 16 of our own players fit with our best 2 forwards Brad England and Frankie Mariano both out for another 4-6 weeks.. we haven’t got a Full back in our squad so hoping we might get Miloudi who can play there. We’re very light on back rowers so would expect 2 or 3 from Hull to boost our pack... a lot of the fans including myself arnt very optimistic for the season due to the reliance on DR after being let down by Hull last season. We have now paid Hull a sizeable fee to ensure they provide us with better quality DR players each week. How this will work remains to be seen... Our pre season has been a shambles too with the strange tactic of playing 3 super clubs despite having so many injuries. We had to draft a few players in from a local amateur team on trial to make the numbers up. We still have a decent enough team on paper despite the injuries and we should have 5 decent DR players from Hull. We could win but then again we could get hammered.