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  1. leaguefan13

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    The owners don’t believe in just chucking money at things for the sake of it. Similar to the football team they want the clubs to be self sufficient in the future. That’s not to say they won’t provide the money to sign good players if the opportunity arises.
  2. leaguefan13

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Doncaster don’t rely on the 75k central funding to survive. Now part of club Doncaster who’s owners are worth close to 500 million pounds, long gone are the days of money problems.
  3. leaguefan13

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    I know around South Yorkshire people from Barnsley are known as Dingles
  4. leaguefan13

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Anyone know who the 8 teams are ?
  5. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Looks like there’s only around 1000 tickets left unsold of the ones that are available for sale. So looks around 29000 sold so far then. With over 4 days left till game day we should top the 30000 mark.
  6. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Just last week you was saying you wasn’t interested in watching England vs New Zealand and would be going to watch wales or Scotland instead... why the change of heart ??... i must say though Craig has done a great job in whipping up some excitement and enthusiasm for the game. The ticket sales have more than doubled in a couple of days.
  7. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Most of the available bays are close to full but Idd guess this is only around a third of stadium so Idd have a guess of around 15-17000 sold so far.... I’ve heard there is going to be some sort of big promo happening today regarding tickets
  8. leaguefan13

    Top tryscorer and MOS 2019

    Blake Austin at Warrington will go close if he settles
  9. leaguefan13

    Anfield parking

    I parked at Everton’s ground for the 4 nations final. Think it was £5 and just a 10 minute walk through Stanley park to Anfield
  10. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Olympic stadium is a awful stadium to watch live sport in. Here is 12 stadiums where it would be better to watch rugby at in my opinion 1. Wembley 2. Old Trafford 3. Anfield 4. Etihad Stadium 5. St James park 6. Villa park 7. Emirates stadium 8. Stadium of light 9. Amex stadium 10. KCOM stadium 11. Twickers 12. King power stadium
  11. I’m out watching football this afternoon. Anyone know if the game will be available on bbc I player so I can watch it on the way home
  12. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

  13. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Looks like there’s finally some promotion going on in Liverpool
  14. leaguefan13

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The Hull sales look a bit more promising but would say still only around 17-18000 sold. The Leeds game looks strong with still over 2 weeks till the game but the Anfield sales look awful. It looks no more than 10000 sold so far. It will look dreadful on tv unless they have a massive surge in sales in the next week
  15. leaguefan13

    Fev to run a reserve team in 2019

    Think hull are running one this season too