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  1. leaguefan13

    West Wales Raiders

    I’ll give them credit for still keeping going after all the heavy loses they have been on the end of but in all seriousness how bad are they to be getting beat over a 100 points every other week. They must be conceding a try every set... I think some merit league teams would put up a better fight... a team of any standard of rugby players should be able to defend a few sets of six without conceding. Their only playing against league 1 sides..I wonder what the score would be if they played a super league team... idd also be concerned about them raising a side for their next away game if their only getting 14 players at home.
  2. leaguefan13

    Saints sign Paulo

    Not overly impressed when I’ve seen him play.
  3. Good win for donny last week away at Hunslet to get our season back on track... having a proper half back pairing has improved us massively... we only have 2 fit props available Sunday vs Oldham so this is an area we could struggle in. Apart from that everyone is fit and we might have maloudi available after not bring named in Hulls squad. Must win for us again and will go Donny 28-10 Oldham
  4. Must win game for donny away at Hunslet... good news today that Jason tali has signed a new 3 year deal despite Interest from a few championship clubs. Frankie Mariano was back last week after missing nearly 2 months out injured which is a boost for our forwards... don’t think we will have many duel reg lads as Hull have big injury problems... Matty Beharrell went off injured last week but was told afterwards it was only precautionary so hoping he’s fit... I’ll go a donny win 28-24.
  5. leaguefan13

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    He will do very well in the NRL. Can see him spending a few seasons there before returning to the super league for his last year of two
  6. leaguefan13

    PNG Players currently in the English Game

    Jason tali at donny
  7. I’m sure there was a point last night where terry o Connor was saying that high tackles shouldn’t be penalised. He talks so much rubbish
  8. leaguefan13

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Anyone got an update of how many tickets have been sold
  9. Great defence by both sides but attacking wise both sides are awful. Turner for hudds and bird for cats offer zero creativity in the half’s.... Edwards looks like he’s going to be a great buy for Catalans though.
  10. leaguefan13

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Has there been any info released regarding the match being shown on TV.
  11. leaguefan13

    Catalans sign a NRL player

    I don’t think it will be hodkidson as he has now broke into the Cronulla side and with their lack of half backs looks likely to be needed.... Cornish is a realistic option as he doesn’t seem to be in the roosters plans.... could Robbie farrah be an option ??
  12. leaguefan13

    30 Mar: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Yeah the oystons still own them but not for much longer by all accounts. I was 50/50 which game to go to as I’ve only missed 2 rovers games home and away all season but opted for the dons game. Your right about the buzz being back at the dons. After 2 years of watching awful rugby under Thornton it’s so good to see attractive committed rugby being played under Horne. The transformation of some of our players under his coaching is great to see. It’s a shame Howden is injured and there’s no miloudi from hull available, so big pressure on Harris, who so far looks like the best halfback we’ve had since Luke Gale.
  13. leaguefan13

    30 Mar: Betfred League 1 Match Thread

    Should be a great game between two sides who like to play good attacking rugby. We (donny) have a few of our injured players back especially Owen, tali and cross which is a big plus. Hoping for a 1000+ crowd but with rovers taking around a 1000 to Blackpool at the same time, we could lose a few from the gate as I know a few fans including my self follow both the rugby and football sides.
  14. leaguefan13


    I've just subscribed for the year. I will buy the cromcast gadget ( £30 from Argos ) at the weekend. Hoping the picture quality isn't affected. Just well happy I can watch every Souths game plus lots of others and various shows every week still.
  15. leaguefan13

    NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Souths for me. Followed them for around 10 years now. Me and my brother both decided we needed a NRL team to follow. So we picked teams out of a hat. I picked Souths and he picked cronulla... I've been over to AUS 4 times to watch them play and see them play around 15 times.. I flew out when they won the grand final a few years ago too. I watch their games every week, although the last 2 seasons have been a tough watch... hoping we can at least challenge the top 8 this year.