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  1. yck2017

    Saints sniffing

    Hence the extended contract 2/3 years and by then there may be other interested party's
  2. yck2017

    Saints sniffing

    They could still aspire to their aspirations if they were under contract should anyone be approached then it would be down to the club to ask a fee
  3. yck2017

    Bradford Sunday

    Looks like Bradford will be without ex Cas prop James Green on Sunday, was sent of against Sheffield for punching and my mate tells me he's got a two match ban ? (every little helps as they say) come on mighty Kneets
  4. yck2017

    Saints sniffing

    Saints scout (our ex coach )Dave Woods has got his eye on yet another championship player he was the one that recommended Joe B. to the Saints, need to nail our lads down on long term contracts asap i.m o.
  5. yck2017


    Will be interesting league table next week all the top 8 play each other Leigh v Pack, Widnes v Sheffield, Bulls v York, Fev vFax
  6. yck2017


    Both their presenters tip us to beat Barrow in a close game, another two who got it wrong ?
  7. yck2017


    SUPERCALIFAGILISTICXPIALIDOIOUS it was as stunning a performance i have seen in years from a Knights team ,fast flowing rugby league with a humongous defence no matter how you butter it Barrow were totally out played in every department ,yes they had 4/5 players out the likes of Dallimore,and the controversial Hock,but had Barrow brought a fully fit side we would have still won we were on fire, score line might have been different but the result would have been the same, you were superb Knights and Benny C was outstanding with his mom display and congratulations on you 350th appearance, and what an appearance there were several candidates for the mom but Benny run the show from start to finish, excellent day for us supporters take a bow Mr Ford,similar next Sunday will do me fine against the Bulls well done Mighty Knees
  8. yck2017

    Hoorah for the press

    Hope this is a weekly event Peter as its good to know how player are progressing under treatment and who has become available for selection,( ie) nice to see Harry Carter is fit and pushing for a start on Sunday, hope the rest of the lads heal quickly and are back training soon ,some bruising game ahead will need every one fit to play. come on you mighty KNEETS
  9. yck2017

    Barrow home.

    I have to agree about Peterson Balbyknight his defensive quality's are a good as any and takes the ball up hard and strong could have done with him against the Rams come you mighty Kneets
  10. yck2017

    Crowd for barrow

    All wins will have to earned Haxbyknight we will need to start games as we finish them,Barrow have spent big this season they have signed Johnson and Walne from K.R. have 3 P.N.G. internationals on there books, they are a tough nut to crack at he best of time without these additions will be a real test for our pack no restpite in this league . come on mighty kneets
  11. yck2017

    Bookies corner

    (the narrow pitch could be our biggest obstacle ) I would think the narrow pitch will help us with our water tight defence may hinder our attack some what ? think Fordy will have taken the pitch into consideration, looks like he expects another forward battle and i agree with him another man of the match performance from Jack T. would not go amiss , and Horne is no stranger playing at loose has played for K.R. there more than once in his career could be a clever move by Fordy . come on you MIGHTY KNEETS
  12. yck2017

    Bookies corner

    I can't see the Rams living with us if we play as we did last week, as i said in my post had we played anybody else that day think we would have won,i am glad Fordy has stuck with the same squad as we need continuity with the side and any team who can hold a star studded Wolfpack to 14 points is a good place to start .(weather could be a game killer) come on you mighty KNEETS
  13. yck2017

    Perry Whiteley banned

    Thinking of size and experience S.K.
  14. yck2017

    Perry Whiteley banned

    Pity the lad has been going well so far ,at least we have Joe B. back till his ban is over great replacement . come on might KNEETS
  15. yck2017

    Joe Batchelor

    Back on loan for a month big boost to the side