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  1. yck2017

    Tim Sheens

  2. yck2017

    Tim Sheens

    How sick would Fordy be if K.R. come down and who ever takes over the knight's get's us promoted to .S.L. ?
  3. yck2017

    Tim Sheens

    hope your right S.K.
  4. yck2017

    Tim Sheens

    Not looking good, big photo in the Hull daily mail of Fordy saying he is top of their wanted list and he has apparently a buy out clause in his contract should he be approached by a S.l. club ? think its time the club and J.F. made a statement of clarification can't be good for our player's wondering if they have a coach or not and not good for us supporters
  5. Not an easy game by any means Thunder always raise their game when they play us just hope we don't take them for granted? they have some pace and flair in their side so will need to treat them with full respect,and once again more changes to the squad a very much changed pack look's a little undersize for me but all the same will give it there all, Edward's will be a threat as we know so will need to police him well, and a couple of old boys Craig and Clarke who will no doubt want to put one over on us, looking forward to an entertaining game and a Knights win (i wonder who Harry Aldus will be cheering for) come ye Wembley chasing KNEETS
  6. I see Lee jewitt has left H.K.R. and is looking for interests out side rl but has not yet decided to hang up his boots ,strong ball handling prop ok he's 32 but can't see many S.L. teams looking to sign him
  7. Harris and Connor were excellent half's and had a good understanding if they can re-kindle their partnership wont go far wrong, i know nothing about young Dupree but looks a big strong lad had a loan spell at Fev so hope he give's them hell Sat.i remember Aldos playing for York never got a fair crack of the whip, very much improved player these's days, three realy good acquisitions welcome to the Kinghts crusade lads
  8. just watched some youtube footage of the lad clever little player with a class kicking game can well see why he's getting his review's
  9. Saints are in the running to sign highly rate Josh Jones their former player from Salford, play's second row and centre star performer for Salford at the moment ,will drop Joe B.down the pecking order if it happens
  10. No Joe Batch again in the Saints squad yesterday could do with him back for the Fev game if Saints a not playing him ? hope we don't play like we did yesterday on tv everyone will wonder how the hell we are third in the league if we do ?
  11. Big day today in more ways than one yet again we field a much change side for the Rochdale game and a win will consolidate our position in the top half of the league, but a quality performance is also essential (can't remember when we had a full strength side to pick from )as we then go into 2 really tough games in Fev and Widnes away so a good quality win would be a real confidence booster imo ,ahead of these two games ,and hopefully we might have a few more bodies back by then , the squad looks a good one, my one to watch Jason Bass at full back has been solid when switched there , Brad back at centre hope he find his form, and Marshy and Connor in the half's will be the key ,happy with the pack has size and pace and a good bench ,not easy at Rochdale and although they will want to impress there new coach Calland with a win have to say looking at the class in our side it should see us through.( Petterson omission ?) posted this before the game but did not get sent ?very poor performance did not expect this worst performance all season forward MIGHTY KNEETS
  12. It's actual wording say's team new's on the horizon could mean anything ?
  13. I see S.L.clubs are up in arms over the injury crisis caused by the Easter fixture schedule all 12 clubs have injured players but the most are Cas with 10,Wakey 10, K.R.10 and Hull 15 they are wanting the Easter format changed hope they do the same for the Championship
  14. Only thing i know is anyone carrying an injury Fordy will not risk playing ,as it looks like we are bring player's back who are not yet 100% fit and look to be having recurring injury problems ? guess we will be looking into the loanee department again for now.
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