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  1. yck2017


    Without doubt the best new's of the season congratulations James, the only thing to top that is to see York beat Bull's this Sunday a great great move by the board onward's and very very much upward's come on you promotion chasing Kneet's.
  2. yck2017


    I was talking to a mate of mine at the weekend and he had heard Fordy's name had been linked with Leeds BIG BIG CARROT hope to god he got this wrong
  3. yck2017

    match day

    Yet another hard fought game in blistering conditions thought both sides gave their all but yet again another string off penalties kept Donny in the game and silly knock on's at the play the ball and error's in key area's of the field don,t help the cause,but as ever our super strong defence held firm, which has been a real key to our successful season so far,if only we could keep the penalties and errors to the minimum we could real hurt a few more side's in this league this season, on the game i thought Fody's masterstroke of naming Benny C.at full back only to play in the half's upset Horne's game plan quite a bit and had to readjust it some what, although we kept Donny in the game never felt we would lose it ,i thought Beharrell was a threat at time's on his debut but not enough to cause to many problem's as we handled him well enough, and the Donny pack worked hard but ran out of steam as our fitness level's looked to be better and this again helped us to two quick tries at the death, yet another two well earned points, well played lads come on ye promotion chasing Kneet's
  4. yck2017

    Bulls Thunder

    Bulls 24 thunder 4 looks like the Bulls didn't have it all there own way either
  5. yck2017

    Sundays team

    So i have just seen
  6. yck2017

    Sundays team

    Just been looking through the squad and i see Colton Roche is fit, not seen anything like what he is capable of in his second spell at the Knights so hope he's fit and rearing to go , should we conceded as many penalties as last week Harris will have a field day with the boot, cant keep giving teams any help with territory as we have been, we have been inviting too many teams to come and beat us, and as Donny are a good side they will take up our offer should we give them the chance, going to be a hot one again hard to control feeling and tempers in blistering heat will need a good firm ref.as i can see this been a full blooded encounter in more ways than one,good to see Connor in the squad along side Matty Marsh, Benny C. has played out of his skin in the half's but feel these two create more, overall the squad looks strong and pacy, if we keep out of trouble and home advantage should take the two. come on ye promotion chasing Kneet's
  7. yck2017

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    Lingard is a protege of Kear's and Kear always talks up game to gee up his player's and try to put dought into the opposition mind it's obviously rub off on Lingard only Kear does it a bit more diplomatically ,as for the game a stunning score line and 2 well earned points we could well have been drawn in but kept our nerve and the points flowed well played lads great win COME ON YOU PROMOTION CHASING KNEET'S n
  8. yck2017

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    no he's Thibault Franck ex Catalan young starlet very pacey good hands a quick of the mark.
  9. yck2017

    What's happened to

    Cheers for the info everyone ,one of our own top try score's sooner the better he's back for me
  10. yck2017

    What's happened to

    Mazive does anyone know ?
  11. yck2017

    Any team news

    Harry has become a real class act and its great to see him recover so quickly, hope Fordy does not over play him on his first game back, looking at Sundays Squad looks like Fordy expects a forward battle as the bench are all forwards and i see Walne is one of our D.R. players has yet to impress me not running his size and weight for me
  12. yck2017

    Dual reg

    Sheen has to bigger squad and a lot of fringe player not getting enough game time, as we will only play players when our own are unavailable etc he has had to seek other sources ie Coventry to give them chance to play in competitive games Joe Cator and Brad Clevering are the first two who will play for Coventry this Sunday
  13. yck2017

    Colin Forsyth

    Colin Forsyth has past away suddenly, remember him well powerful player my thoughts are with his family
  14. yck2017

    Haven sunday

    (i think this Knights squad is better than last season) I have to agree Haxbytyke our forwards are far better than last season and they are playing really well as a unit,and the fact we can change players in our pack like for like is huge testament to Fordy's recuritment and coaching ability, we have always lacked a sizeable pack for many a season where as Barrow, Workington, and Haven have always had larger packs than us and would out muscle us, not so now our pack can match any in this league and it shows our forward strength when we can move a quality player like Horne to stand off without weakening the side , Haven know how to play their ground well and that's why they are hard to beat on their own turf having said that i am going for a knights win thus breaking the Haven hoodoo with our strong go forward and strong defence come on ye promotion chasing Kneets
  15. yck2017

    James Ford

    I think you have stated what every one else is thinking